3-Month Milestones

Happy 3 months birthday Izzah Nabihah! You’re such a super wonderful baby. Hugs and kisses from Babah and Mama. Muah! We love you so much!

Let’s see baby Izzah’s milestones at 3 months old.

  • Social smile (checked!)
  • Track a slow moving object (checked!)
  • Coos (oohs, ah, ee) (checked!)
  • Roll part way when lying on back (checked!)
  • Coos back and forth (conversation) with parent (checked!)
  • Lifts head from prone position (checked!)
  • Hold head steady (checked!)
  • Open & close his hand (checked!)
  • Putting hand into mouth & suck them (checked!)
  • Babbles (checked!)
  • Gurgle (checked!)
  • Laugh (while sleeping only… ha..ha..ha)
  • Bring hand together (checked!)
  • Attempt to reach for toy (she’s more interested in mama & babah than toys..hu..hu)
  • Sticking out his tongue (checked!)

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