10 things of baby (+parents!) essentials

I got tagged by Shmontel.  Nice list that you have there, dear…he..he.

Here goes my top 10:

  1. Modern cloth diaper – I never thought cloth diaper could be so easy and safe to use on babies (though I’m not a cloth diaper addict yet.. experiment still in progress..ha..ha).. p/s: I’m a good mama trying to minimise chemical contact with baby’s delicate butt & *pom-pom*… kha..kha.)
  2. Avent steam sterilizer – can sterilize 6 bottles in 8 minutes whoa! useful for sterilising breast pump kit too.
  3. Disposable diapers – good stuff loads with chemical thingy, so shall use ocassionally only (consider opting for cloth).. essential especially for the first few weeks of birth..when the baby’s poo is the initial sticky tar-like, black substance (meconium). And, if you give birth through cesarean, you surely don’t want to deal with washing cloth diapers when you tummy feel like exploding..he..he..he
  4. Baby car seat – the only safe way to transport your baby on car (after birth trips from/to hospital, travel to nursery/sighseeing/shopping/balik kampung)… if don’t want to buy one, DO rent or borrow.. you don’t want another freak accident whereby the car door got unbolted (opened) and the poor baby was thrown out to the road and get hit by a car (reported in the news months ago).
  5. Diaper bag – great for stuffing-in all baby items while going out.. I love my Chubby Gubby Backpack diaper bag that comes complete with a changing mat and a bottle warmer…generous compartments too (Beware! There are lots of cute, fancy and *expensive* diaper bags out there…you might become a diaper bag addict..)
  6. Munchkin 3-section serve formula dispenser (not for BF mom LOL) – perfect to bring to the nursery/baby sitter as you can ensure the correct measurement of milk for a baby’s feeding.. great for powdered milk or rice cereal (snap-tight lid and easy-pour spout)
  7. Baby oil (Yuyee oil / Tenon oil) – great for massaging baby’s belly to prevent colic (angin)…I love the Yuyee oil scent.. so lovely. But, I stopped using Yuyee oil as it caused some red rashes on my baby’s belly. Now, I’m using Mustika Ratu or Nyonya Meneer Tenon oil.
  8. Bumbo baby seater – brilliant invention! Uniquely designed according to the baby’s posture and enables a baby to sit upright all by herself! Love it..love it!
  9. Latex baby pillow – great to prevent flat head syndrom.. I’m using a BabySafe: Newborn Pillow (specially moulded in the middle) and a Lollipop: Latex Pillow.. latex is a really good support for baby’s head & shoulder.
  10. Sterimar Nasal Hygiene sea water spray – great product to loosen dried mucus in baby’s nostrils before you clean them.. better get one if your baby is making snorting sound from her nose.. works great for baby Izzah (recommended by her paed).

I’m tagging these fabulous mamas!


  • how bout share wats inside diaper bag? hehehehe bukan apa, i takut inside Lil’Micah diaper bag less or so many things 😉

    little mama:
    what inside a diaper bag? emm.. a good topic ni.. later I’ll try making a post on that ya..

  • 1. nasal spray tu berkesan eh? aiseh, dulu mcm takut nak guna la. i resorted sucking her nose instead (please don’t imagine it hahahaha)

    2. munchkin 3-serve dispenser pun best i agree! i have yg mcm mangkuk sia tu juga (stack style)(not from munchkin) , horror! tak reti guna. messy!:P

    3. so,about CD (hehe…), how’s your outing like? lets say a long outing….u mean u carry soiled CDs in a ‘special bag’ spjg masa till u get back to home sweet home?hmm….

    little mama:
    yeap.. nasal spray tu cuma air laut yg diletakkan dalam bottle.. but it’s very good to lembutkan the dried mucus@tahi hidung baby.. sometime my baby just sneeze it out.. oh ya.. sucking the baby’s nose.. I was told that is especially useful if the baby got selsema with thick hingus right.

    if a long outing means going out to jalan-jalan/shopping/pegi park/ that took only 1 day.. the answer is yes.. I put soiled diaper in a special bag called a “wetbag” which is waterproof bag.. The wetbag is tucked inside the diaper bag. But then, a pocket diaper can hold pee (if baby doesn’t poo) for 4-6 hours, so diaper change is only 1-2 time only, so no big deal eh.

    p/s: not only cloth diaper makes a come back in this modern time, do you believe that cloth pad is also becoming very popular in the west…wait til’ I make an entry on that (I’m using cloth pad too)… he..he..he

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