Publisiti Media | Besarnya Gambar Terpampang Dalam Suratkhabar NST!

Rasanya baru minggu lepas wartawan Rozana Sani dan photographer suratkhabar dari New Straits Time (NST) datang rumah – buat interview dan photo session I dan Izzah.

Little Mama in NST

Semalam story pasal I and my online ventures dah keluar dalam segmen NST Life & Times – It’s Tech on Monday!!

Little Mama in NST

Terkejut sebab bila belek suratkhabar NST ternampak gambar muka I yang ‘youthful-looking‘ tu besar tahap gaban yang amat dalam cover page Life & Times.

Little Mama in NST

Semua sekali ada 3 pages dalam NST tu cerita pasal I lah (termasuk cover page muka I yang muda jelita tu.. I tak kata ye.. wartawan Rozana Sani yang kata dalam story tu.. aha..ha). Oh ya.. I pakai tudung Radiusite tau 😉

Little Mama in NST

Hari tu masa photo session bukan main penat lagi I posing ambik gambar macam-macam posisi. Yang keluar NST tiga keping yang paling cun je lah kot. Peluh-peluh tau posing hari tu.. he..he

Little Mama in NST

Izzah bukan main seronok tengok gambar mamanya dalam suratkhabar NST tu.

Little Mama in NST

Of course, bila nampak gambar dia pun ada lagilah dia seronok.

Little Mama in NST

Dia layan je bila I suruh posing dengan suratkhabar NST tu.

Little Mama in NST

Kalau you all nak baca online story I dalam NST tu – KLIK SINI.

Little Mama in NST

I copy paste the story kat sini sebagai kenangan.

Meet Dynamo Mum!

ROZANA SANI talks to NRI and goes away feeling that nothing is impossible for working mothers, with technology at hand.

AS one approaches an unassuming semi-detached house in the outskirts of Meru in Klang, one can actually feel life slowing down to a leisurely pace. But this is no sleepy hollow. Contrary to the calmness and serenity of the surroundings, there is a buzz of activity inside the abode, as the mistress skillfully manoeuvres the busy lanes of the information superhighway.

With her daughter playing by her side in the living room, Nor Rosmini Ibrahim — better known as Little Mama on the Net — taps away furiously on the keyboard of her computer. An accountant by day, the industrious 37-year-old mother of one is the creator of Mom Bloggers Planet (, a networking platform created for Malaysian moms to share, learn and discuss all things related to blogs and life as a parent.

Mom Bloggers Planet was initiated in 2007 by Rosmini when she found that, as an expectant mother, there was no centralised site on the Net where she could find all the information she needed for her impending motherhood. Having learnt how to create blogs from scratch, Rosmini decided to fix the situation. Becoming Little Mama “I started learning to create blogs using HTML codes out of curiosity, back in 2004. Blogs were still new then and I thought the existing free blog-publishing services were not challenging enough.

As I learnt, I created several blogs for various purposes, some of which are still running today. “Mom Bloggers Planet is special to me as I wanted to create an online place to convene with like-minded people who want to share and discuss the things that I was interested in,” the youthful-looking Rosmini explains. With about 100 mums, mums-to-be and future mums onboard in its first few months, Mum Bloggers Planet was positioned as a platform for those who already had a blog or were thinking of getting one.

“Members can list their blogs in a blog directory which I divided according to area so that they can find a free and easy way to find and connect with other mums. They can also learn how to make money blogging as there is a feature where we share the tips and tricks of moms already making money from Google Adsense, Nuffnang and other such channels.” The Universiti Malaysa graduate added, enthusiastically, that there is a treasure chest of free blogging ideas and resources on Mom Bloggers Planet with blog reviews, tutorials and tools.

There is also a marketplace which is a hotspot for handmade crafts and bags, photography services, used toys and clothes, among others.

“This is a space to promote Malaysian online home business and blog shops. Featured blogshops are manually selected and are all reviewed on the Malaysia Online Shopping Guide ( It is an opportunity for mom bloggers to test out their entrepreneur skills. It is also a place to find things for members and their families,” Rosmini points out.

Other than that, Mom Bloggers Planet features forums to discuss issues like parenting, childcare, pregnancy, breastfeeding, marriage and more.

“Members can share their passion with someone with the same interest — shopping, fashion, cloth diapering and much more. They can also ask questions and get help by tapping into each other’s professional knowledge in accounting, laws, taxation, banking etc,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

To date, the place where Malaysian mums unite has 1,882 registered members, 4,202 Twitter followers, 1,768 Google friends and 2,307 Facebook fans.

“We’ve been holding contests like the Cutest Baby of the Month annually, which ends with the title of Cutest Baby on the Planet. Mom Bloggers Planet has also held numerous member get-togethers.” Rosmini says that these are pretty much like family affairs.

New ventures Beyond Mom Bloggers Planet, Rosmini continues to experiment with what can be done on the Net with her three-year old Izzah Nabihah Sazahly as her muse.

About a year ago Rosmini set up Little Mama’s Love Baby Boutique ( that offers unique clothes for both babies and children including arty crafty aprons, soft hankies and easy-fold travel changing mats, all at affordable prices.

“During my childhood in Jertih, Terengganu I learnt how to sew at an early age from my mother, who was a tailor. By 10, I could sew my own baju raya. So, naturally, I sew some of Izzah’s clothes and I am extending my skills through my in-house brand clothing, IzzahKids and Little Mama’s LOVE.

“I use quality cotton fabrics (both imported and local) in each of my creations. As I don’t have a physical shop and only sew on a part-time basis, I pick and choose custom orders. I also sell branded kidswear, new and used with care by my daughter,” she relates.

Rosmini is also dabbling in photography, kid photography as seen in her website Little Kids Photography (

“Photography is an interest I have had for so long. Now with digital cameras things are getting easier and I’m continuing to go for classes to learn from the best in the industry. I find photographing babies and young children very satisfying. It’s a blessing to see and capture the little angels.

“Everything about babies is fascinating. The silky skin, the bright eyes, the smiles and, of course, their little antics. Every picture has a story,” Rosmini says. And it’s no surprise many of the photographs she uses for promotion purposes are of little Izzah.


So, when does she find time to do all these and also be a loving and attentive mother and wife? It’s all a matter of willpower and strategic planning, says Rosmini. And, contrary to popular perception, there are enough hours in a day for commitments and personal activities.

“On a work day, I get up to cook breakfast and get Izzah ready for school. I drop her off at her preschool and then I go off to work in Kelana Jaya. I make sure everything is finished and I can get off at 5pm. I then fetch Izzah, get her bathed, cook and sit down with her and talk about what she did for the day. After dinner, as she watches TV, I check my email.

“Izzah also has her fair share of gadgets and like my husband and I, she loves to use them. I go to sleep when she does, which is around 9pm, but I wake up much earlier than her to attend to my online ventures,” Rosmini says.

“Many people often say there isn’t enough time to do this or that, especially when you have a family. I believe that you need to have a plan, multi-skill and be able to stick to it. If you are passionate about something, you’ll be willing to do anything to make things work.”

Little Mama in NST

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