Little Artist at Work

Perhaps you still remember when I excitedly wrote that Izzah already know how to use pencil to draw. Well, not a really perfect drawing. But, it was a good start.

Since then, every time she sees a pen, she would grab it and immediately looking for a book or paper to draw. Sampai buku babahnya pun jadik mangsa..ha..ha

So, when I was in my hometown for Hari Raya, I searched for my arts material and found some drawing papers, Buncho Oil Pastel, Buncho Water Colors, some paint brushes and sponge, and a Water Color Guide Book – still in great condition!

Seeing those arts material triggered back my interest in drawing…ha..ha

Well, I did took the materials back with me. Not really for myself… but for Izzah.

Let’s see her first ‘real art’ in pretty colors. This one is absolutely worth keeping!

Little artist at work….


Using both hands for more artistic drawing…ha..ha




I found something interesting about Drawing Development in Children by Betty Edwards. It defines the drawing abilities in children from 2 to 6 years old.


The scribbling stage (2 years)

Random scribbles begin at age one-and-a-half, but quite quickly take on definite shapes. Circular movement is first because it is most natural anatomically.

The stage of symbols (3 years)

After weeks of scribbling, children make the discovery of art: a drawn symbol can stand for a real thing in the environment. Circular form becomes a universal symbol for almost anything. Later symbols become more complex, reflecting child’s observations on the world around him.

Pictures that tell stories (4 years)

At four or five, the child begins to tell stories or work out problems with her drawings, changing basic forms as needed to express meaning. Often once the problem is expressed, the child feels better able to cope with it.

The Landscape (5-6 years)

By five or six, children develop a set of symbols to create a landscape that eventually becomes a single variation repeated endlessly. A blue line and sun at the top of the page and a green line at the bottom become symbolic representations of the sky and ground. Landscapes are compose carefully, giving the impression that removing any single form would throw off the balance of the whole picture.

Looks like Izzah is at the scribbling stage… yeha!

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