I'm Resigning from My Day Job

The title says it all. I have made a decision. A decision that would change my life, hubby, Izzah and my future children for the better.

I’m going to quit my job. I want to become a WAHM (work at home mom).

I have done with thinking. And, more and more thinking.


But, NOT now lah…ha..ha..ha.  saspen je kan… jangan marah ah… nanti berkedut!

Obviously, now is way too soon to do a major decision like that. Ha ah… rushing thing without proper planning is not good anyway..ahaks.

I just want to make a note in this blog that I’m going to quit my 8-5 job as a Chartered Accountant within ONE year from now.

I hate coming to work and face the traffic jam every morning (I wasted minimum 30-60 minutes in traffic jams on my way to work).

I hate doing jobs without being recognised (no bonus maah!)

I hate been given more and more workloads without salary increment!

I hate my brain been squeezed and used for nothing.

And, of course…. I hate leaving Izzah at the nursery for someone else to take care of her!

I just don’t want to go through all this until I am 55. Enough is enough, okey.

I believe, you as a mom would sooner or later come to this same thinking as mine. Especially, when things get tough. But, you’re not tough enough to get going.

For example, if your baby constantly getting ill or the scary spreading of life-threatening infectious disease like HFMD and H1N1.

Let’s face it. Not all of us is born under a lucky star. We’re not a prominent person’s daughter, are not married to a wealthy guy and are not SAHM living in luxury.

We have to work to support our hubby. There are tons of debt to settle each month – the car loan, housing loan, study loan etc. Being a money-less stay-at-home-mom is not an option.

We have to leave our precious angels at the baby sitter/nursery so that we can make our family’s life comfortable. So that we can afford buying that little things that we want for our childs or ourself.

I think I can make this dream (of quitting my job and become a successful WAHM) comes true. But, theory without practical is just a bull-shit, right?

No…no..no, I’m not talking about joining MLM okeh. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it?

That’s why I’m making myself a case-study.

Let’s see how far I can go and how much can I make a month. The target is of course more or at least the same income as my current monthly salary. So, I can quit happily ever after…muahh..ha..ha!

Yes, I’m making quite a good side income already. But, it’s not enough to let me quit my job. I need to do more to earn more.

Follow me if you want. Perhaps, you can learn something here for free – from making a business plan, budgeting, financial forecasting to proven ways of making money online. Being an accountant is an advantage for me because business, finance and budgeting is at my finger tips.

Insyaallah, I will updating it all here under My WAHM Journey category. Snippet of updates will also be published on MomBloggersPlanet.

You might even have a chance to peek on my current salary and how much I make a month from blogs/websites…ha..ha..ha tengok lah…kalau me rasa nak tunjuk.

So, stay tune!!

p/s This is absolutely not an easy thing to do. Success is not guaranteed without passion and dedication.

p/s If you really love working and don’t want to quit your job, you also can learn something here. Okey, how about getting side income from Google Adsense of RM500 to RM2,000 per month sounds to you? Walla!

p/s Insyaallah, if I do achieve my target, I would consider organising mini seminars to teach and coach you on how to do the same… wink..wink For now, you’re invited to subscribe to my feeds.

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This way, you could get recent updates of my jouney towards WAHMihood and learn something for free. And, also enjoy some privilleges in the future… yeay!

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  • unlisted_one says:

    yeah, i dah lama try nak make money online, tapi takde idea mcm mane. Good luck on becoming a WAHM ok? 🙂
    .-= unlisted_one´s last blog post..Mom Bloggers Planet =-.

  • nadnye says:

    ohh.. I like this …very very much… :>
    and good luck to you too
    .-= nadnye´s last blog post..Makan2 Berhari Raya di Pejabat.. =-.

  • mama emma® says:

    ros, ada beza ke follow thru feedburner nie? sbb i jarang giler la bukak email.. kalau bukak pun just glance thru je utk tgk kot2 ada email penting…

    x sama ek check everyday kat ur blog nie?
    .-= mama emma®´s last blog post..– DEEPBLUE LENSE – =-.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      mama emma, kalau yg selalu terjah sini takde beza sangat pun.. feedburner tu cuma akan send email kalau ada posting terbaru once a day.. bagus kalau readers jarang terjah blog la.. maklum la ramai bizi kan..he..he

  • ida.z says:

    Wah bagusnya K Ros..I pun nak jugak WAHM..alala dah tepu tahap bosan dah pi keje nih…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      ida, dah la tepu, dapat bad news pasal bonus/increment lak tu..terlebih tepu dah ni..ha..a

  • JIji says:

    Saspen la kak ros neh!

    I pon tgh in process of becoming a WAHM. Wooot!!@!~
    .-= JIji´s last blog post..ONLINE CONTEST~SENYUMAN CERIA SI COMEL =-.

  • Hanz says:

    A-ahlah Ros..me slalu terjah by just glance my blogroll I know saper slalu ade new posting…I dah banyak subscribe feed burner, so slalu I terus delete but I know-lah blog tu ader post baru..

    Looking forward your WAHM tips..my plan too but tak tahu lagi bila..all the best!
    .-= Hanz´s last blog post..[STICKY MODE] Chatterbox 1st Anniversary Giveaway =-.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      hanz, tu sebab me tulis invited je.. takde paksa-paksa..ha..ha

      marilah beramai-ramai jadi wahm..ahaks!

  • hi little mama,
    first of all i would like to say all the bet to u in your journey of becoming a SAHM..
    me my self is a fulltime housewife.. 🙂
    frankly speaking, u ll feel good staying at home..

  • Mommy Lyna says:

    i really want to resign but recently i found that i fall in love with my job


    weng la saya nih
    .-= Mommy Lyna´s last blog post..Bila Bayi Kena Thrush/Candidiasis, Ibunya Pun Kena Sama =-.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      mommy lyna, waaa..ha..ha.. mana ada weng.. kalo cinta kerja pun okey.. me dah hilang cinta la..ha..ha

  • su@mamasyaza says:

    daku pun teringin gak nak jadi WAHM…selama ni mak n ayah daku yg jaga anak2..kesian diaorg dah tua pun kena jaga bebudak lgi…bila masala diaorg nak rehat…tapi bila tu..????
    .-= su@mamasyaza´s last blog post..JaMuAn RaYa TaMaN =-.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      su, tak cuba tak tau.. nak jadi wahm bukan ari ni resign terus boleh jadi.. kena plan nak buat apa.. takes time jugak tu

  • mama ida says:

    hi lil mama, suspen betul bila baca u punya opening. kita serupa, jd accountant,keje mcm nak gila but never being appreciated and rewarded… kenangkan our lil ones yg kena tinggal hari2 tu, rasa mmg mcm nak quit skrg gak.. tp apakan daya, dgn keadaan kewangan yg tak seberapa nih, nak settlekan all the bills and hutang, ku lupakan shj impian tu, tunggula, will follow your journey and make it as my aspiration to be a wahm one day… insyaallah..

  • nannoor says:

    dah lama teringin nak jadi WAHM.
    give us tipsss plsss..
    mari kita sama2 jadik WAHM. (dgn income more than salary skang) 😉
    .-= nannoor´s last blog post..SMILEYKIDZ Online Contest~ Senyuman Ceria Si Comel =-.

    • Little Mama™ says:


      mari lah mari.. kita jadi wahmies..yea! mesti mau lebih dari income makan gaji… baru rasa confident nak berenti kan

  • Effa says:

    Kak Ros,

    Been through that kind of experience before. Mmg susah nak buat that kind of decision. I’ll update by blog very soon to share my own story on how and why I decided to be a WAHM. But trust me..berbaloi..:D 😉
    .-= Effa´s last blog post..Nape senyap?? =-.

  • Nina says:

    wahhh…i loike this entry!!!!! hehe
    tak sangka eh, your MBP is a success.
    my hubby does the same as side income, using his engineering expertise. but i nak buat mcm dia rasa mcm boring lah. takkan lah nak fikir bende technical 24 jam kan. love something like urs, non-technical stuff. tp belum ada idea haha. do share wt us ya….mmg dah lama berangan nak jadi WAHM ni.

  • sya says:

    kak ros,
    ada masanya, terdetik juga..
    tapi, tu lah, tak tau nak buat income macam mana..
    kalau tak, sorang je nak tanggung, memang tak mampu…

    penat bekerja memang penat..
    tapi, cuba bertahan dulu.. huhu..
    cepat2 lah share..
    siapa tahu, bakal WAHM jugak.. hehehe
    .-= sya´s last blog post..ratuhati @ tasik shah alam =-.

  • Hanim says:

    I nak update blog pun tak sempat, apatah lagik nak dpt side income from my blog LOL. so no choice kena la cinta my day job (urgh sometimes nights, weekends too)

    • Little Mama™ says:

      Hanim, me dulu kecik cita2 nak jadi doktor gak.. tapi ntah macam mana masuk asrama penuh dimasukkan kelas bukan pure science..last2 jadik la tukang kira duit je..

      takpe la.. apa pun.. itu rezeki kita kan.. kena cinta juga

  • sitisifir10 says:

    Uhh….saspen aje…ingat tadi dah nak melompat2 setempat bila ada geng…me pun consider as WAHM kan skang ni….? Anyway, welkam to this real mother’s world Ros!!!

  • mamibizi says:

    wahhhhhh excitednya nak jadik cam ros… aritu br terpk nak amik unpaid leave 5tahun nak jaga baby husin sampai besar.. huhuhu… br skarang ann bukak mata sket dgn side income dr blogging nih.. tgk ros punya attached statement lagik buat rasa teruja sgt.. nuffnang br nak nampak cam bley wat duit.. cuma adsense je punya kes xsetel² lg.. nak kena hubby setelkan nih… huhuhu 😛
    .-= mamibizi´s last blog post..Edible Image Cake =-.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      ann, waaah.. 5 years unpaid leave.. bagus ye company bagi unpaid lama-lama..

      yg adsense tu, kalau tak leh settle.. apa kata create akaun baru guna email address lain?

      • Ann says:

        gomen kan leh ambik unpaid leave up to 5 years….

        ann pun sakit ati sebab ann kena pinjam dek Kem Sumber asalnya dari Kem Pelajaran

        dah le pinjam org…elaun kritikal yg patutnya dpt kat kem lama kat sini dorang tanak bayar. alasannya dlm kem sumber tadak bajet utk itu…

        kdg2 pikir unfair tul…penilaian prestasi tinggi, sanggup dipinjamkan tapi dorang ni tak reti2 nak bayar elaun org…
        .-= Ann´s last blog post..Edible Image Cake =-.

  • ada antara kita yang suka menjadi working mom, career woman, n tak kurang jugak career woman yg kepingin nak jadi housewife.. sapa tak nak duk rumah n uruskan rumahtangga sdiri kan.. niat yg baik tu..tapi dont worry working mom out there, now you sacrifice everything nak berganding bahu dengan husband masing2 untuk masa depa family jugak kan..
    when the time has come, insyaAllah akan merasa jadi surirumah..

    • Little Mama™ says:

      lady of leisure, yep.. semua depends on the person herself la kan.. pokoknya if wanna do something.. kena plan, budget and go for it!

  • laila says:

    saya suke nk ikot2…. insyaallah i punye target 5tahun lagik… tp still takde planning yg teguh… sy mau join ros yee….
    .-= laila´s last blog post..Ceritera Raya-Part 4 =-.

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