Chicken Pox Vaccine

I had a team building session yesterday which full with games to emphasis the importance of team works. Yeah, right. Let’s see whether the fake happiness and friendliness still applicable in the office environment.

My body is still aching all over from all the energy sucker games. I was extremely exhausted…ha..ha..ha

Oh.. I’m writing this to note that Izzah already had her Chicken Pox vaccine (Varicella).

We went to see Dr Ling at SMC this morning. Before her turns, I went to weigh her. Alamak… her weight seems to be stagnant at 8.2 kilos!

Seems she’s not gaining weight at all in last two months. Is this normal? I mean, I know babies have the so called growth-spurt period where they get hungry so much and gain weight so easily.

Is there such thing like no-growth period?


Izzah is on the smaller side (slimmer side like her mama…ha..ha) as told by Dr Ling. She can drink milk the most at 6 oz in one go. Usually lesser than that – 4 to 5 oz in 3 to 4 hours.

And, she also has three main meals a day (rice porridge with carrot, spinach, ikan tenggiri or salmon), biscuit, fruits, bread and sometimes McD nuggets.

Oh yes! She loves to drink plenty of plain water too. Sometimes she prefer plain water more than her milk.

I know, it’s good to have plenty of water especially during the dry and hot season like now. But, milk is more important than plain water, right?

Milk (she drinks Enfagrow A+) contains stuff not found in plain water like 4 times DHA, FOS, inuline, iron, vitamins etc, am I right? One brand of milk even claims to provide much more DHA than Enfagrow (8 to 10 times!)…

Huh! Is too much DHA really good for babies? They said DHA is important for brain cells to connect with each other so learning will be easier and faster. Translated = more DHA more intelligent babies….

But, I don’t think I drink milk with DHA thingy when I was a baby…do you? I think only a normal Dumex milk (or maybe just Susu Cap Teko?)…but then, I’m still intelligent what? Close to being a genius like Albert Einstein… ka…ka..ka

Anyway, Izzah is a very active baby in sense that she loves to play, crawl and cruise whenever she’s not sleeping. Perhaps, that explain why she’s not gaining any weight despite eating like normal.

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  • Mommy Lyna says:

    Oh, i tak amik lg cikenpox jab for Hafiy. JE jab 3rd dos pn belum lg. Hadoi.

    Berat Hafiy after 1year br naik sket2. Since dia 4 month old 8kg until 12month! Tp tanye paed dia ckp n0 poblem.

    I penah baca, too much DHA can efect physical&m0t0r devel0pment. My aunt, an ortho surgeon ckp DHA kena ikut berat badan bb. Overdose bole efek benda lain plak.

  • eliss says:

    tu psl saya bagi minum dumex jer..hihihihi

  • littlemama says:

    mommy lyna… wah… lama tu hafiy tak naik berat.. dr kata ok ye.. ni izzah dr suruh tambah makan.. start telur, cheese etc

    eliss… dumex pun ok… janji dia mau minum.

  • Just stopping by to say hi……five of my six babies were/are small. Despite the pediatrician’s attempts to make them gain weight by putting them on very high calorie milk. I think some babies just don’t gain weight as fast as others, actually your little one will be thrilled if she is able to maintain that gift into adulthood! 😆

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