Safer Sleep with Grobag?

Izzah sleeps in her cot at night. We have sold the buaian some months back.

But, sometimes she woke up at night (feeling cold, I guess) because the blanket that I swaddled on her has loosen. Her legs and tummy were exposed to the cold air-conditioned room.

Tu la mama, B-ha sejuuuk la.. ada ke bukak aircond 25’c… sejuk lar…..

So, to solve this problem, I bought her a Grobag. A pink stripes Apple a day Grobag.


Grobag is a type of sleeping sack (yeah, like guni) with zipper. I don’t know how to explain, so I copied this from the website.

A grobag® baby sleeping bag is a wearable blanket that will keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long. A safe and sound night’s sleep for your baby means peace of mind and more sleep for you! Until quite recently baby sleeping bags were a little known form of bedding in the UK. Convinced of the inherent safety benefits and the related improvement in sleep for both child and parent, in 2000, Rob and Ouvrielle Holmes, working in close partnership with the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death (FSID), introduced grobag® baby sleeping bags to the UK. As a result of grobag’s continued work with FSID and dedication to safety, grobag® are now the only baby sleeping bags to be recommended by FSID, our official partner in promoting safer sleeping for babies.

Grobag works like magic. It has been one week since Izzah started sleeping in her Grobag. And, she didn’t wake up (and yell) in the middle of night/early morning anymore.

At last, I can sleep with peace!

Yeay.. yeah…B-ha pun suker itu Grobag… sangat cantik dan selesa juga!

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  • anasfadilah says:

    i need grobag too for Ziyyad…pasal dia tido sangat lasak!

  • suryatis says:

    erm micah plak mmg tak suka selimut or anything cover his feet plus the room temp plak mmg kena sejuk (aircond 20 – 23 degrees), entah terkenan mat salleh mana agak nya

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