Phlegm II – Nasty

I told you that I hate phlegm so much.

Nasty phlegm caused discomfort to my baby. And, given me sleepless night (taking care of the little princess).

Izzah’s paed was on long leave when we went to SMC. So, we were referred to see another paed, Dr Hoe.

According to Dr Hoe, my baby vomitted to clear the phlegm in her chest.

Babies don’t have the lung capacity to actually cough out the phlegm so they either vomit or they swallow it. Most of the time, they vomit it.

But continuous vomitting could cause dehydration. It’s dangerous for babies.

Dr Hoe said most probably little Izzah had an early Bronchitis. So, Izzah was immediately put on nebuliser every 4 hours.

Izzah Using a Nebuliser

Nebuliser is an equipment using a face mask to inhale a liquid medicine that has been turned into a fine mist. The nebuliser helps loosen and dislodge the phlegm that is in the lungs and passageways.

Baby Izzah has no problem using the nebuliser. She even hold the nebuliser herself!

This amazed the nurses because most babies will cry when put on a nebuliser. Perhaps because it’s noisy and misty?

And, every morning I need to take her to the Physiotherapist. To suck the phlegm out. Using a Phlegm Suction unit.

Before that, a Physiotherapist will pat her back for a few minutes.

Izzah In SMC Physio

Izzah still enjoy the back-patting session. It’s like a massage for her.

But, when the suction session began, she cried her lungs out. Her face almost became blue. And, making my heart wrecked.

All babies who undergo a physio for phlegm sucking were wailing like crazy.

Who will not? They put a tiny tube inside their nostrils and throat to suck the mucous.

Nasty phlegm. Making babies suffer.

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  • cheaka says:

    My daughter is also facing this problem. But only when taking her porridge..she would vomit…she is still drinking her milk. I also worried.

  • shuhada says:

    salam little mama.
    my son baru detect ada bronchitis. Bila search, kitorang sampai ke this blog. Very useful n informative for us. So, what’s the time it took for izzah to recover -how many days.. n how much do it cost for the treatment?

    • Little Mama™ says:

      shuhada, sorry to hear that.. hope your son cepat-cepat recover.

      well, izzah hari tu doktor kata early broncitis.. tapi kahak hijau memang pekat dan banyak kat paru-paru..sebab tu muntah je memanjang.

      masuk wad about 5 days… ubat bagi 3 jam sekali.. gas nebuliser pun 3 jam sekali.. (time kita tido nurse datang kejut suruh bagi ubat) dan sedut kahak once a day every morning..

      kos masuk SMC tu aroung RM4,000 rasanya.. nasib insurance cover.. kalau takde insurance better go to government hospital yang baru mcm Sg Buloh, Serdang, Ampang.. servis bagus and cheap (i bersalin kat Sg Buloh).

      yang penting, you kena sabar dan kena make sure ubat, nebuliser dan sedut kahak di buat on time… memang baby akan menangis meraung tapi bab ni tak leh belas kasihan.. you have to be tegas.. if not lambat la baik budaknya.

      • shuhada says:

        huhu.. scary! bab menangis meraung tu yang tak tahan.
        So far afiQ xdela sampai muntah memanjang. About kahak, xsure pula macam mana tapi mmg doc cakap quite banyak n ada bronchitis. Tu yang cepat2 search pasal bronchitis..
        Anyway thanx so much about the info n fill free to jengok2 my blog. 😉
        Insya-Allah i’ll update about afiQ’s health..
        .-= shuhada´s last blog post..1st Birthday Moment Give Away =-.

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