Bumbo Play Tray

I bought a Bumbo baby seat for the little princess a few of months ago. But, it was rarely used until she was about 5-6 months – when she started on semi-solid food.

Yes. I’m using the Bumbo seater while feeding her. It was brilliant!

I used to feed her in her walker. But, the mess was too much to handle.

The walker’s play tray and the cloth seat would always be splattered with sticky cereals. Oeeww.

Oh yes. Same goes to the Bumbo seater. But, the mess is easier to handle. I just wipe it with a damp cloth. And, it’s clean as new.

Feeding time is fun. Both for me and Izzah.

And, Izzah loves to play with her toes while eating – which is quite a challenge to me.

How to finish her food if she keeps reaching for her feet?

So, I found a solution. The Bumbo play tray!

Bumbo Play Tray

The play tray keeps the little princess sits straight up. No more toes-playing while eating…he..he..he

Easy for mama. And, fun for baby too.

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