Special Infant Formula

My little princess, Izzah Nabihah is two months old already.

When we went to see her paed, Dr Ling at Selangor Medical Center a month ago, my baby’s weight showed a very little increase. From 2.25kg (birth weight 2.47kg) to only 2.38kg in two weeks time. Poor baby!

What has happened? I exclusively breastfeeded her every half to one hour, or whenever she wanted. I feeded her on demand. But still no significant increase in weight?

Dr Ling suspected that my breastmilk was not enough for my little baby (grrrr…). And, he asked me to pump to determine the quantity.

According to Dr Ling, my baby should now consume 60ml of milk in each feeding. That’s why he asked me to give the special infant formula (Enfalac A+) in addition to breastmilk.

The special formula contain high calorie that is needed by my fast growing baby.

Enfalac A+

Back at home, I expressed my breastmilk and true enough, it was not adequate for little Izzah. I only managed to pumped 40ml from both breast in 15 minutes.

So, we have no choice but to change the strategy of feeding her.

It is now primarily 60ml – 90ml of the special infant formula and top up with my breastmilk in between. And, we continue giving her every day these vitamins.

1) Folid Acid Syrup
2) Enersos MCT (medium chain triglycerides) Oil
3) Appeton Multivitamin Plus Infant Drops

Multi Vitamins for Lil' Izzah
Sorry, my lil’baby. Mama could no longer exclusively breastfeed you honey. But, as long as you’re growing well and healthy, I’ll follow your paed’s advises.

I started to drink the Milkmaid Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby to increase my milk production. The tea works!

My breastmilk really has increased from 40ml to 85ml in a 10-minute pumping session.

Milkmaid Tea

Two days ago, we went to see Dr Ling again. Alhamdulillah, little Izzah has gained weight from 2.38kg to 3.65kg!

And, she got her 3-chained vaccine for Hepatitis B, DTP and OPV.

Lil' Izzah after the vaccine injection

Forever Living Malaysia

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  • zuhaini says:

    erm.. alhamdulillah that tea works for u! so, r u still giving her the Enfalac or just bf…?
    my words of advice : pls continue exclusive bf… erm.. nice blog! i stumbled upon it while browsing Hafiy’s blog.. hihi..

    little mama:
    hi zuhaini.. u have a nice blog too! pasal breastfeeding, unfortunately, i have to give both breastmilk + formula to lil’ izzah.. as advised by her paed because her weight is still low compared to other babies of same age.. sebab kena tahan NICU 10 days ari tu.. berat dia turun banyak..so kena catch up la ni..

    lagipun dia cam tak puas breastfeeding je.. masih tak cukup la tu.. anyway.. i’ll keep breastfeeding her as long as I can… thanks for your advise.

  • Dot says:

    Don’t feel bad if you can’t bf him exclusively. It is not easy esp for first time mommy and for someone who had to go thru all that. And furthermore there is nothing we can do if our body doesn’t produce enuff milkkan. Its good that you are doing something to increase your milk production (i too take drink those tea, my boys always hungry every hour!). So keep up your good work. She is lucky to have you as a mother.

    I was horrified when i read that someone advice you to give your baby goat’s milk. Choose a paed that you trust and always consult that paed before doing anything. I know some orang tua have their ways of doing things, but i prefer to listen to my paed. Another thing buy a good and reliable steriliser. Yg boleh microwave pun good enuff.

    little mama:
    thanks dot! tu la.. i was like surprised that some mommies can express sampai 9oz and more per session..oh wow.. guess..they’re lucky & blessed.. hu..hu.. anyway..i bought already the steriliser (avent express steam steriliser).. a very good one!

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