Modern Cloth Diaper

Yes! I’m talking about CLOTH diapering @ lampin KAIN, guys!

Ooh no.. it’s not the traditional type of flat cotton diaper @ lampin that my mother used on me a very long time ago. I’m really talking about the modern version of cloth diapering.

Surprise? Don’t be.

Is there such thing better than disposables? YES!!!

You see, I have so many nieces and nephews. And, most of them used disposable diapers because they’re easy to use, can hold pee for hours and can just throw away after been used. It makes life easy, right?

When all of my siblings (and their little kids) gathered for Hari Raya at my parents’ house, just imagine how many of the used disposables thrown in the thrash bin? A very huge pile!

And, where all those smelly diapers go? The landfills – polluting our poor earth.

So, when I got pregnant, I read a lot about cloth diapering babies in a modern way. And, actually been collecting/buying the cloth diaper items since I was 2 months pregnant. My mission was to use cloth diaper on my baby after she was born (and save the earth in the process… he..he).

But, things didn’t go as planned. Sad to say, but I already polluted the earth with roughly 800 pieces of disposable diapers in two months time!

Finally, little Izzah started using the cloth diaper last weekend! So very cute… he..he..he


I have bought a few different set of cloth diapering systems because I want to see which one works for my baby and me. So, I’m still experimenting with:

  • chinese prefolds with PUL diaper covers (Bummies etc)
  • one size pocket diapers (BumGenius, HappyHeiny’s & Drybees)
  • one size fitted with wool / PUL diaper covers

And, I might pick up my favorite type (and brand) and stick with it. Most likely, I will let go (sell) some of the diapers for second hand use. I’m giving myself a month to try, so the diapers are still new. Just watch out for my updates (if you’re interested).

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  • Intan says:

    boleh tak tunjuk camna nak pakai? tqss

    little mama:

    sure boleh.. nanti I akan write a blog post on how to use the various type of modern cloth diapers.

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