Malay Traditional Massage 2

After massaging my back, nenek massaged both my arms especially my veins (urat tangan) where the doctor inserted needles for the IV drip, general anesthesia (bius), blood transfusion and morphine. It hurts but was bearable.

Nenek The Bidan

Then, I was asked to lay down. She continue massaging both my legs and thighs.

After that, she started to massage my breast to increase my milk supply. And, also massaged my protruding belly and part of my uterus (rahim).

Nenek was very gentle not to touch my incision wound.

According to her, since I gave birth through operation, she will not “sengkak” my uterus. And, she also advised to take the herbs (jamu) only after the wound heals.

Next, nenek helped me to sit up again. She massaged my neck and my forehead. And, also my head. It felt good when she pick a few hairs and snapped it up.

Finally, nenek asked for a comb and started combing my hair. She made a bun, tightly tied it with a few rubber bands and secured it with 4 big nails!

She said the nails are good to protect me from the unseen creatures. And, the tight bun was to avoid the “batu/angin meroyan” from getting to my head. Meaning, protecting me from getting the post-natal depression.

Nenek also recommended Minyak Tapil cap Wanita Sejati from Kelantan to warm my feet and stomach.

Minyak Tapil

The first day massage ended after 3 hours. And, that three hours include a great massage and lots of stories (and advises) from the chatty bidan!

The next day (Sunday), my hubby picked up nenek at 7.30 am. The massage for second day lasted for 4 hours.

And, for the final day massage, my hubby picked her up at 7.45 pm. Yes, she is also available at night.

You see, after the three consecutive days massage, my body felt so light and much (much) better. No more back pain and headache. The water retention slowly gone and I got my pre-pregnancy limbs back.

Nenek does not impose a fixed fee. She accepted whatever amount you sincerely give her.

“Seikhlas hati.” She said.

I think my hubby paid her about RM40 per day of massage which amounting to RM120 for the three days service. My mom thought that was a lot (compared to a massage in Terengganu). But, hey… we were sincere mom!

And, oh! As a traditional Malay bidan, she has a closure condition (syarat penutup).

The closure items are needle and rice (jarum dan beras). If we do not give these items to her, she will get sick.

My hubby forgot about this and promised to give her the items the next day. When he brought the items to nenek, she said she was already having a fever. Hmm… got fever because hubby delayed giving the closure items?? Hard to believe right?

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