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I had a surgical birth, but that did not stop me from getting a traditional massage for toning up my body. I believe I deserved to be treated with a good massage because my whole body was aching all over like an old woman!

You see, for a few days after the operation, it was hard for me to stand up straight as my back-bone hurts so much. Guess that was the side-effect of the general anesthesia (bius) and morphine pain-killer.

My legs and foot were still swelling due to water retention. Both my arms were puffy from needle insertions.

My stomach was also bloated with gases. I also can felt the uterus strongly contracting in the process of returning to its pre-pregnancy shape.

And, of course, the incision wound hurts like crazy!

I was in need of a good massage instantly.

My hubby need to find someone who has experience in massaging women post-operation birth. And, someone who does not imposed a certain fixed fee for her massaging service.

Luckily, I know an old mak bidan who is also the mother of my friend, kak Nina. They also live nearby to my new little cottage.

Nenek Mak Bidan

We call the bidan as nenek. Nenek has been a bidan for more than 40 years!

And, she has lots and lots of experiences attending births, massage for correcting position of breech babies (bayi songsang), post-natal massage as well as massage for various type of body ailments. Even Indians and Chineses use her services. Yes, really!

I called kak Nina to book her mother for three days starting from Saturday (5th March) to Monday (7th March).

My hubby picked up nenek at kak Nina’s house somewhere along Jalan Kapar at 8.00am on that Saturday. I was asked to sit on the carpet with both my feet straight.

Nenek started massaging my back paying close attention to the spine.

According to nenek, it’s not encourage to use warm medicated oil for a massage. Something about bad effect to the body?

Luckily, my mother brought a bottle of cold medicated oil from home. The oil is called Minyak Wan Muda Kelantan (Wan Muda Medicated Oil). The oil has a brand of cross green umbrella (cap payung bersilang).

Minyak Wan Muda

The maker is Haji Wan Taib Bin Wan Muda from Pasir Mas, Kelantan. And, its claimed that the medicated oil has been proved effective for more than 100 years.

These are written on the label.

Untuk menyembuhkan penyakit: patah, tergeliat, lenguh, lumpuh, luka, lebam, sakit perut, kembung, kena api, air panas, disengat serangga. buat mengurut bagi perempuan lepas bersalin, ahli sukan, buruh kasar, ahli pelayaran,  pengembara, dll

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Info eczema:
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  • Naliha says:

    Serious i tgh cari Minyak Wan Muda stay kat Sha Alam jarang2 balik Kelantan.nk dapatkan stock mmg susah. Dah 27years my family and i pakai minyak ni esp kalau kna gigitan serangga.Boleh suggestkan mana nk dapat kat Klang Valley area tak?

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