Jaundice @ Sakit Kuning 2

I was still very tired from the operation and not fully recover – body and soul. Therefore, I couldn’t control myself and cried while packing our stuff.

It was 4 pm and the guests were supposed to come by 4.30 pm. My hubby made a quick call to all of them and told about our situation. Except for my brother who was already approaching our house, all the others made a u-turn back upon hearing the news.

We headed to the emergency section of Hospital Sungai Buloh. I held my baby and was pushed on a wheel chair because I still couldn’t walk far (and fast enough).

Izzah Under Phototheraphy Session

By 6 pm, me and my baby were admitted into the NICU. I almost cry again when we passed through the critical unit of the NICU. Some babies in incubators were crying so intensely while some monitoring machines were beeping non-stop.

All these made me so very heart-broken.

My baby’s blood was taken again for testing the bilirubin level. Oh.. poor little baby.

I needed to be admitted together with my baby in a mother’s room (bilik ibu) whereby there was a bed for me to sleep. My baby was put in a wheel bassinet under a blue photo lamp just next to my bed.

Hospital Sungai Buloh

I was taught how to do the phototheraphy session and was told to breastfeed often. Babies undergoing phototheraphy are easily dehydrate so mothers must breastfeed them at least once in 2 hours.

This is my first baby so I was still not confident in breastfeeding. Furthermore, my baby couldn’t latch properly and my milk was so little.

My Poor Little Baby

So, I was so afraid that I couldn’t go through the night alone taking care of my baby. That made my heart sunk.

There were other mothers with babies there. They also were required to take care of their babies themselves too. And, many babies that were put under the blue phototheraphy lamp were mostly crying.

My husband left and I tried to control myself but couldn’t help but cried my heart out.

Anyway, I undressed my lil’ baby and put her under the lamp. Her whole body especially the feet and hands shivered from cold. Argh… that made my heart sunk further.

After a few minutes under the lamp, a nurse came over. Guess what?

The latest blood test showed the jaundice of my baby was only 213 instead of 296. According to her, below 240 is not required to undergo the phototheraphy session. So, we were allowed to go back that night at 9.30 pm!

However, I was required to bring my baby to Klinik Kesihatan Sungai Buloh for bilirubin level test again the next monday (7th April 2008).

Kena Pakai Spec Mata

note: a paper cover is put on the eyes to protect from the blue light

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  • wah..very bf-friendly la hospital sg buloh…baby stays with the mother during phototherapy. Cuma the dad tak boleh masuk eh?
    btw, i think every new mom went through that phase… crying out loud when left alone with the baby! uhuk.. ;P

    little mama:
    ye.. hospital sungai buloh very bf-friendly.. one day lepas operation pun dah suruh i breastfeed.. yg phototheraphy pun sama… siap ada Bilik Ibu for mother to stay with baby yg kena masuk NICU.. the dad boleh datang masuk anytime dari pagi sampai pkl 9 malam untuk hantar barang tapi boleh stay 10 minutes camtu je.. tapi ramai yg stay lama2.. gak.. beds are separated by large curtains… ada la privasi gak

  • nannoor says:

    kalu baby kena jaundice mmg kesian sgt.
    1. kena prick dgn needle fir the bloodtest.
    2. kena bugil n jemur bwh lampu.
    alhamdulillah, tasneem x kena jaundice sbb my mum awal2 lagi dah bersiap sedia dgn segala macam petua nak hilangkan jaundice. i.e: jemur pagi2, mandi dgn air rebusan daun inai.

    little mama:
    sebut pasal petua org2 tua ni… my next blog post bertajuk Jaundice @ Sakit Kuning 4 ada mention pasal ni… untuk bakal2 ibu terutama 1st timer.. better read my blog post… tak semesti what’s works for other baby will works for u… in our case… hmm.. sebab ikut sangat petua my baby kena warded sampai 10 days.

  • Dot says:

    I had the same experience with my 2nd preterm boy. With my first boy, he is full term baby, his jaundice only minimal so jemur every morning jer.

    After one week, we were supposed to go for check up. His reading was really high. Immediately both of us were admitted (again). Since he had (very high) jaundice, baby became sleepy and to tired to even cry for milk and too tired to suckle. So i had to feed him using cup. So every two hours i had to wake him up and force him to drink. Before that i had to pump my milk. I have a lil diary where i wrote when baby had his milk how much, when did he poo/ pee.. Its important since the dr wants to know the details. I hardly sleep for a week while we were in the hospital. I had to monitor baby while under those lights. I had to make sure his eyemask were properly cover his eyes. And his eyemask pulak slalu berpusing everytime baby move. I had to put him underthose for every two hours then rest for 30 minutes/1 hour then put him again. And one of the nurses wasn’t exactly helping me by telling me my baby has the highest reading.. bla bla buat i lagi worry. Huhuhu!!!

    I was advice by the paed and the nurses there that the by drinking mommy’s milk, it will help baby to speed up the recovery. Paed adviced not to give plain water to any baby at least for a year.

    After a week we went home. Home sweet home. At home i still gave him milk by cups. This is to monitor his milk intake. He needs at least (alamak lupalaa how much ml) per session. So i continued doing that until he was strong enuff to suckle from my breast. When he was admitted his weight was 2.1kg. A month after that we went for medical check up he gained double i think almost 5kg. The paed was surprised that he gained so much. So i believed its due to my hard work of making sure he drinks the required amount. I’m so happy. After that incident he never fell ill, fever ker flu ker until he is 6 months old tuu pun because we just came back from jakarta. The wheather there very dry.

    So don’t worry InsyaAllah everything will be fine. Only dat you need a lot of moral supports from your family. Do check the baby’s milk intake.

    Hope my story helps you in any way.

    little mama:
    Thanks dot for the story. I hope it could help other future-to-be mom. I ari tu dah la 1st time baby, pulak tu masih sakit2 from operation — rasa nak ‘meroyan’ dibuatnya.. he..he.. Alhamdulillah.. now dah ok tak de sakit2 dah.. berat pun dah naik..

  • NT JAUNDICE (Sakit Kuning)
    ECPI Boleh Mengubati ? BAYI SAKIT KUNING
    Neonatal jaundice adalah keadaan yang sangat kerap berlaku pada bayi yang baru lahir. Dianggarkan lebih daripada 50% bayi mengalami keadaan ini. Jaune’ dalam bahasa Perancis bermakna kuning.

    Tanda-tanda. Sakit kuning ini dapat dilihat tanda-tandanya dengan melihat warna kulit bayi yang menjadi kuning. Selain daripada itu, mata putih bayi kelihatan agak kuning juga. Selalunya ia bermula pada hari kedua dan ketiga dan menjadi paling buruk pada hari keempat. Kebanyakannya hilang dalam masa 10 hari.

    Kenapa ini berlaku . Sakit kuning ini disebabkan oleh bahan kumuhan sel darah merah yang dinamakan bilirubin. Bilirubin berwarna kuning. Semasa dalam kandungan, bahan kumuhan bayi dibuang melalui placenta (tali perut) ibu. Setelah seseorang bayi itu dilahirkan, fungsi-fungi badannya bergantung kepada hati (liver) bayi tersebut. Hati penting untuk membuang bahan-bahan toksik, kumuhan dsb. Hati bayi yang baru lahir tidak sempurna sepenuhnya. Oleh itu, pembuangan bilirubin tidak secekap orang yang sudah besar. Hasilnya, bilirubin ini berkumpul di dalam badan bayi dan inilah yang menyebabkan sakit kuning ini.

    Adakah ia merbahaya. Selalunya keadaan ini tidak merbahaya dan ia akan sembuh. Bagaimanapun sekiranya ia semakin teruk atau tidak sembuh, rawatan lanjut adalah diperlukan segera. Ia dapat dikenalpasti sekiranya warna kuning kulit tidak baik selepas beberapa hari atau paling lama dua minggu. Antara tanda lain ialah bila sakit kuning ini semakin merebak dari bahagian kepala ke bahagian-bahagian badan yang lain. Ini mungkin terjadi bila bilirubin semakin banyak dihasilkan dan pembuangannya dari sistem badan lambat. Sekiranya ini terjadi, paras bilirubin di dalam badan akan meningkat ke tahap toksik dan boleh menyebabkan kerosakan pada sel otak.

    Rawatan penyembuhan. Dengan mengunakan PERUBATAN ELEKTRONIK (NT JAUNDICE)dan ECPI dapat mencepatkan pemulihan hati dan seterusnya Bilirubin berwarna kuning iaitu bahan kumuhan bayi dibuang melalui pembuangan najis (kencing, pembuangan air besar, dan tahi mata)

    • kiti says:

      anak sya lahir tak cukup bulan dan berat lahirnya hanya 1.9kg.sekarang usianya da 17 hari,tapi kuningnya masih tinggi bagi saya iaitu atas 150 sedangkan paras lampunya 200.saya jga memberi susu ibu sepenuhnya kpda bayi saya.adakah faktor pemakanan saya sekarang jga penyebab kuning bayi lambat turun?betul ke ada susu ibu jga menyebabkan kuning bayi naik?

  • fiza says:

    nak share sikit….kalo ada sape2 x sanggup ank tgal hospital….nak sewa lampu untuk bayi yg kuning boleh hubungi saya di 0103600544…..rm300 untuk 3 hari

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