Confinement Meals 1

Baby Izzah was born on 31st March 2008, at 34 weeks gestational age (pregnancy).

Due to my amniotic fluid/water leaking (air ketuban pecah) with traces of meconium (greenish brown baby’s stool) @ najis baby, at 6 weeks early than the due date and Placenta Previa Major Stage II – I was rushed to the operation room for emergency cesarean-section.

I was immobilised (unable to move) for more than 18 hours post-operation. And, was hooked on an IV drip (containing sodium lactate/magnesium sulfate) and was catherized so I didn’t have to get up for any reason.

Water and food were not allowed for the first 6 hours. After the 6 hours fasting, I was permitted to drink a small amount of water. Only God knows how dry my throat felt.

Due to the IV drip, I didn’t feel hungry at all for the first 2 days!

On the second day afternoon post-operation, the IV was no longer hooked on me. And, I was starving like crazy that I ate whatever was given to me for dinner.

I remember eating some rice with vegie and chicken soup as my first meal!

On the third day, I ate some bread with butter. And, had rice with fish ball soup, ikan cencaru pindang and some fried vegie. I even ate some slices of guava.

Only later I was told by concern relatives that I’m not supposed to eat vegetables, chicken, meat, egg, oily food (including butter), fruits and almost all type of fish. Why? Because they said these foods can cause my incision wound (luka pembedahan) to itch!

Eh really? But, those were the meals that the hospital gave to both post-operation and normal delivery moms in the ward. The nurses and doctors didn’t mention anything about prohibited food.

Nevertheless, I obliged to the confinement rules (pantang). I’m eating lots and lots of ikan haruan!

Ikan Haruan Bakar

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