Cesarean Birth 2

Before starting the Cesarean, a surgeon asked me to extend both hands for administering blood, IV, general anasthesia, oxytoxin etc.

An oxygen mask was put on my mouth and I was asked to breath in and out. Another doctor gave the general anasthesia –  one big picagari of white fluid injected through blood vein of my right hand.

And, I passed out after just three seconds!

The operation lasted for 3 hours.

I could felt the pain at my incision (bikini line cut) seconds after I woke up. And, more pain when they moved me from the operation table to a trolley bed.

Before the operation, the doctor said general anasthesia could last for 24 hours. But, why I can still felt a little pain?

And, the catherer also made me feel so uncomfortable. I didn’t like the feeling of a tube been hooked to my urine tract.

I was immobilised for 8 hours. No food and liquid intake was allowed for 6 hours after operation. My throat felt so dry!

My stomach feel so bloated with gases and my head felt so heavy.

They gave me morphine injection pain-killer once in 4 hours. And, two tablets of paracetamol and a tablet of an orange colored pain-killer in between.

However, I could still feel the pain especially when I moved.

The morphine caused me to sleep so heavily.

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