Pengalaman Pantang | Berpantang Selepas Bersalin Pertama Kali

The first week of confinement, my mother took care of me and my baby. Umm, actually more to the caring of the baby.

She bathed the lil’ baby, “tungku/tuam/demah” her tummy, dress her up and even wash her little clothings. Lil’ Izzah is her 28th grandchildren and as this is my first baby, my mom felt she needed to help over.

My mom also help with the cooking, both for me (the confinement meals) and for my hubby. I really appreciate her of been there when I was still in great pain due to the cesarean birth.

She also sewed two stomach binders for me and eight binders for my lil’ baby. The binders are perfect!

Before binding my baby’s stomach, my mom “tungku” her little belly. Some sands were heated in a sardine can and wrapped in few layers of hankies. Lil’ Izzah seems so content when the warm tungku touched her tummy.

According to my mom, the “tungku” could help to get rid of gases (angin) in baby’s stomach. Thus, preventing my baby from getting a colic.

There is not much confinement restrictions forced by my mom. She only asked me to sit properly with buttocks firmly on the chair/floor/bed. I shouldn’t “duduk bersimpuh or bersila”, bend down or even sit on my favorite blue birth ball.

And, I was also not allowed to go out for lining-up laundries on the cloth lines. She volunteered to do that. Fine with me mom!

There was no timing set for bathing the baby. As long as the baby is bathed once in the morning and once in the evening, it was fine to my mom.

During the second week, my baby was admitted to Selangor Medical Center for 10 days due to jaundice and intestine infections.

Since my baby was not home, my mother went back to my hometown and I was left alone to take care of myself. Sob! Sob! Sob!

I cooked for myself the “ikan haruan bakar” and my husband helped with household chores such as cooking rice, washing dishes, doing the laundries etc. Thanks honey!

I took the opportunity to have a very good rest.

During the forth week of confinement (when my baby is back home), my hubby decided to ask his mom to come over.

My mother-in-law cooked a lot of delicious meals for her son and herself. For me, it was just the plain ikan haruan soup! Huwaa…..

And, my hubby was the happiest person that week. Who will not be happy to taste one’s own mom’s cooking every day?

That made me thinking, he got his mom here to help me or to help him? Ha..ha..ha.. just a wild thought!

My mother-in-law bathed lil’ Izzah and also “demah” her. She used some type of leaves (daun sireh and daun turi) which were heated using a hot iron. My baby seemed to enjoy the warm massage.

For bathing, my mother-in-law didn’t want to bath the baby before 9 am in the morning. She said it is not good for little baby. Ummm..

I on the other hand, would like to give the morning bath possibly by 7 – 8 am, so that I can do whatever I like knowing the baby is already freshly bath and change.

My mother-in-law also told me not to wash the baby’s clothing too long using the washing machine. She wants me to hand-wash those cloths because washing machine could ruin the clothing easily.

I was like, oh?

But, my hubby said, “Ala mak. Kalau rosak baju/kain baby tu, kita beli lain je la...”. Ha..ha..ha!

My confinement has not so much restrictions or ‘pantang larang’. So, I was happy with that.

The only thing that I did not favor during my confinement was my kitchen in a great mess!

You see, I will always wipe clean the kitchen top, the sinks and the stove after cooking. And, wash all the used utensils and put back all the /tupperwares/spices/salt etc at the designated cabinets.

But both my mom and my mother-in-law didn’t!

I needed to literally closed my eyes whenever I went to the kitchen. It was sore to my eyes, really!

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