LPPKN – IUI Procedure

You can choose to take the fertility drugs and doing it naturally by having sex on a specified date as advised by your doctor. I’ve tried that two times but to no avail.

So, we decided to go for IUI (Intrauterine insemination).

So, what is IUI?

IUI is a fertility treatment that uses a catheter to place a number of washed sperm directly into the uterus. The goal of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance of fertilization.


Although IUI still requires the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg on its own, it is important to make sure that the sperm is healthy and mobile. IUI provides the sperm an advantage by giving it a head start, but it still has to seek out the egg on its own.

They said that IUI is a painless procedure but actually it depends on individual. For me, it hurts so much that I swore not to do it again after the 2nd attempt. Lucky enough, I got pregnant after the 2nd attempt.

How does IUI work?

The IUI procedure is simple and may be performed even if the woman is not receiving medication to improve her egg production. Many physicians will encourage women to take medications to stimulate the ovaries in order to increase egg production and, hopefully, the chance of achieving pregnancy.

An ultrasound will be used to monitor the size of the follicles (follicles develop into eggs). The hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), is administered to stimulate the release of eggs from the follicles within 34-40 hours.

To help rupture the eggs (release it from the follicles),  you need to be injected with the hcG dose. I was given Pregnyl and instructed to take the injection that night at 9pm.

Pregnyl Injection

There are 2 types of ultrasounds for women – abdominal and pelvic. Abdominal scan is usually done to monitor baby in the womb. In our case, pelvic or vaginal scan is carried out. You must empty your bladder before the ultrasound procedure (the nurse will inform this to the first timer).

During ultrasound, the nurse will ask you to take off your pant and panty. And, climbed to lay down on a special chair with both legs rested on the purple foot rest. Your legs will be wide open and covered with a white sheet.

The doctor then put a little blue gel on the ultrasound tranducer which is protected with a protective cover (looked like condom to me). Then she will probe the tranducer inside your vagina.

The ultrasound image is immediately visible on a nearby screen that looks much like a computer or television monitor.

The doctor will move the tranducer to the left and right to see the size of eggs in both your ovaries. Sometimes the movement hurt but not much.

And, you can actually see your eggs in the monitor! The doctor will record the size of each egg and determine its maturity. Sometimes the doctor can see an ovarian cyst (if any) during the ultrasound.

A semen sample will be processed by the lab in order to separate the semen from the seminal fluid. A catheter is used to inject the processed sperm directly into the uterus. This process maximizes the number of sperm cells that are placed in the uterus and thus increases the possibility of conception.

The IUI procedure is short and involves minimal discomfort. The next step is to watch for signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Before the IUI procedure, your husband need to produce his sperms in a small container with your name on it.

There are two rooms provided on the 7th floor. Both rooms are equipped with a single bed, a toilet, a sofa, a television and a cd player with x-rated videos.

If the husband think it’s hard to do it alone by masturbating, you can actually get into the room with him. You know how to help him, right?

The sperms will then be washed in the lab to separate unwanted residues from the active sperms. Only the washed sperms will be inserted into your womb during IUI procedure.

How successful is IUI?

Younger women usually have higher rates of success compared to women over age 35, but the average success rate for IUI ranges from 10-20% in one cycle. With IUI, as with other methods of artificial insemination, the success is dependent on the health of the sperm and the woman’s body.

The success rate varies. A friend got pregnant after 4th attempt while another one never succeed. As for me, I’m now pregnant after the 2nd attempt. So, please don’t give up!

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  • shidah says:

    well, little’s mama, i love yer blog. it’s really inspire me.i did a same procedure like u (IUI) but, unluckly, i failed…this is my 1st trying, but it’s seems like i felt so sad and fed up…i need help.what i mean is kata-kata perangsang or somebody that understand me more…and give my support….arhggh, stressnya

  • littlemama says:

    shidah, it’s ok to be sad..but don’t let the failure hold your from trying again… gagal sekali bukan gagal selamanya..i also failed my 1st IUI..only in the second attempt i’m blessed with izzah..

    jangan stress sangat coz boleh cause hormon imbalance.. not good if you’re trying to conceive.. if anything email me at naimsofea(at)yahoo.com

    • rina says:


      -sy dh buat iui di lppkn pd 11/6/12. On 20/6/12 i’m try check urine test. but…result is negative… usual period on 28hb… it’s the result urine test, right? pls help me….

  • Jane says:

    Little mama,
    I started reading your blog since izzah was 3 months old.
    I actually printed the older version of the entry about lppkn and kept
    it in my drawer for quite sometime..eheh..
    Finally I managed to go to LPPKN Jalan Raja Laut last week.
    All i’m trying to say is Thank You for sharing your experience. I learned alot from all of the writings !

    • littlemama says:

      Jane, o ye ke? Glad that it help..and good luck to you! Yang penting jangan putus asa ya!

  • one2ask says:

    Tq, little Mama for the info it helps a lot.

    I and my wife have been trying to conceive for past few years but to no avail. We’ve been married for 7 years now, I think the mistake was that we were on family planning for the first few years of our marriage. Well, that is what others told us anyway, especially my mom :(.

    My wife has been to doctor and was on fertility treatment like u describe above but still it didn’t work for us. I went for sperm check and was told that it was low. So, on my part I’m looking for advice on medication to improve sperm quality. Unfortunately, my wife doctor only treat women. May be your hubby had been to male specialist that you can recommend.

    Now, my wife ask me to check with LPPKN about the IUI as well and to set appointment date. So, your info was very helpful but now i need to get a contact number for LPPKN Jln Raja Laut.

    PS: Congratulation on little Izzah.

    • littlemama says:

      one2ask, infertility could be cause by women or men ya, it’s good that you know about the sperm count and finding ways to improve it.

      there is one specialist doctor at LPPKN that treat man for problems like yours.. i forgot his name though.

      i advise u to go to LPPKN for treatment (both of you).. if u do the sperm analysis at LPPKN, they will recommend the specialist for u.

      LPPKN Jalan Raja Laut no is 603-2693 7555 . I already put all the details at this post:


      please don’t give up okey

    • Arni says:


      We’re in the same boat. Memang ramai akan kutuk kita pasal planning the family first, but don’t you think it’s worth it? I never regret all those time and adventures I had with my husband. We have time to enjoy sakan and to save some money and have good career. Compare to my friends yg terus ada anak dan asyik mengeluh tak cukup duit/tak pernah honeymoon and such.

      For those ppl yg cakap “ha, itulah, kan dah susah nk dpt baby sekarang”, pernah tak diaorg terfikir yg maybe we were never fertile in the first place? Maybe the problem exists all these while..

      Unless it’s the doctor yg cakap macam tu, pay no attention to them lah! 😀

  • myn says:


    need info for thiz IUI. mana nak refer? nak pg mana dulu. dah risau ni.. plz respon n email me…

  • emily says:

    can i know how much is the IUI procedure?

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Littlemama,

    good day!
    I had gone for IUI on 28/10/2009.
    At the moment im requested to take duphaston and folic acid
    After how long can I check for pregnancy?

    Thanks in advance

    • Little Mama™ says:

      hi amanda, good to hear from u again.. the duphaston is given to strenghten the womb preparing for a baby to grow.

      you must wait until 3 weeks or if you do not get your next period.. then you can check using any pregnancy test (can buy at guardian etc)..

      i think the nurse ask you to go back to LPKKN to do UPT (urine pregnancy test) if you do not period after 1 month, right?

      i did my own test and know i was pregnant before went for UPT at LPPKN. It’s important to go back to LPPKN for the pregnancy test because if you’re pregnant you need to see your doktor again.

      The doctor will check your pregancy progress until it’s 5 months before let you go to your choice of hospital.. she will continue giving dusphaston and folic acid as well.

      • Amanda says:

        hi Littlemama,

        Just manage to read your reply.
        I was sick. My legs and face swollen…
        today is my 20th day…. can I do pregnancy test?

        • Little Mama™ says:

          amanda, i think better wait for another 10 days before do any test.. please don’t think much about it, have a good rest and take good care of yourself

  • lin says:


    lemme gv some intro on my bground. m married for 2 years plus now. got pregnant after 4 mnths of our marriage but unfortunately got miscarriage after 2mnths of pregnancy & until then you have no idea how difficult for me to conceive unlike the first time.have been through all the fertility treatments for 2 yrs now, was on clomid, hsg bla bla bla & even traditionally. just did my iui around 2 weeks ago which my upt result was supposed 2 be done yesterday, which we did it. result showed only thin red line appear on the pregnancy tester, that means i’m already pregnant but unfortunately my womb condition is weak. so sad but at the same time so happy that i managed to get pregnant on my first attempt (i sooo do nt want to undergo the iui procedure anymore coz its kinda pain femme)so now i hafta rest for at least 10days as advised by the doc & in between this period if there is no bleeding that means my baby is in good shape and next step is i have to go for the scanning.

    please please please do pray femme, this situation is making me stressed and full of depression, i cn feel dat! i’ve been praying to god as i haven’t asked much frm him l8ly except to have diz baby as it wl definitely change me & my hubby’s life.

    dats all for now, wl upd8 my result 10 days frm now. tqvm..

    • Little Mama™ says:

      lin, thanks for sharing 😉 and congrats!!

      i’ll pray that everything will goes well.. take care!

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Littlemama,

    How are u doing?
    My 1st attempt on IUI last Oct 2009 was unsuccessful.
    I had period exactly after 2 weeks. I was very sad.
    I will be going again for IUI this March.
    Im praying that I will get pregnant this time.

  • Mysha says:

    Salam lil mama,

    I think my 1st attempt 4 IUI on 20/1/2010 failed. i really dont know whether its period or not..but on 1/2/2010 ive got stain..actually i wanna ask u…mmg ada stain..ada tak after 2 weeks u buat IUI lil mama?..then 2/2 i cek takde plak stain…i actually konfius..today..its like pinkish n brown..i need ur advice little mama…i also ate duphaston..until today…maknanye bile i berenti mkn duphaston barulah period tu normal ker?n dr also advice me if im not getting preagnant for this time..theres 2 alternative to get pregant whether to try again IUI for 2nd time or need 2 do laparoscopy (ovarian drilling)to get more chances 4 pregnant…its sound so scaring me…did u know anyting bout this??need ur opinion…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      mysha, if stain tu sangat sikit dan pinkish in color.. it could be the ‘implantation bleeding’.. iaitu bleeding masa the blastoplast (sel telur yg bercantum dgn sperma) menanamkan diri kat dinding rahim

      i rasa dulu lepas iui pun i ada slight bleeding like that

      timing wise macam betul dah coz within 10 days after percantuman telur dan sperma it happened.

      my advise, take good care of yourself.. kita belum tahu adakah ia betul implantation bleeding or a sign of period.. duphaston teruskan makan until you’re sure it is a period.

      apa pun, i pray that it is a sign that a baby is in the making

      • sue says:

        salam… just to share my experiance of difficulty to get pragnant. bulan 3 ni genap perkahwinan saya 3 tahun, tapi sekali pun xpernah rasa preggy. rasa pelik sangat…urut merata2 tempat dah…tp masih sama..semua pun ckp xde masalah…makan clomid utk 3 cycle, pun xde sign juga…dulu every month kalau period je, nagis…dah lebih 1 tahu setengah saya cuba mcm2 utk prangnant, tp xpernah rasa lagi…makan biodex, bidadari, susu anmum… ubat2 subur dr dok…so, last sekali ada doc suruh proceed dengan IUI..tp bukan senang nak sampai ke tahap IUI…banyak syarat… kena cukup 30 bulan kawin…kena buat sperm test, HSG (yg sangat menyakitkan). kalau ok semua tu, baru boleh proceed..

        mcm saya, terlalu banyak dugaan utk proceed buat IUI…sepatutnya saya start buat bulan oct..tp cuti raya haji..terpaksa blk rumah mertua…nak jaga hati… bulan 11, pulak, stok ubat utk IUI habis… maklumlah…bila tinggal di sabah ni, semuanya limited… bulan 1 baru boleh proceed…

        masa doc nak masukkan sperm tu, tersekat2 di saluran rahim…saya dah mula tak sedap hati…doc potong sikit bahagian rahim supaya boleh masuk…hubby ckp darah banyak sangat…dekat 30 min jugak la…

        bila dah masuk, dok suruh rest dulu 20 min…tp…11 feb…dah period…awal juga..

        so, dok bg fillitropin alfa..kena cucuk sendiri di rumah…day 2-day 8..utk bg telur matang…cukup besar… smlm dh cek telur..ada seb kiri dan kanan..dua2 19mm ukurannya…hari ni kena g hospital lagi..nak cucuk supaya telur pecah…IUI procedur will be on this monday morning…hmm, hope kali ni

      • umminafeesa says:

        hi little mama,
        i’ve been reading ur blog from yesterday and i read it again this morning. Congrats to u as there are so much of info been posted here. Also want to congrats u in developing this blog as for me it was the way for us (who ever been dealing with lppkn b4) – as a way of our appreciation to lppkn which support us much in trying to get conceive, doesn’t matter it was for 1st timer, etc…..

        fyi – last friday we did for 2nd iui test at lppkn, for 2nd child…our 1st child (nafeesa) did also through iui….and we were very lucky that it successed for the 1st trial. and we do hope again for the 2nd attempt.

        however, for 2nd trial, we got so much of worries as we were so scared that it wouldn’t work as the 1st time. After IUI done, a nurse advised me to try to having a sex for the 2-3 days, as it seem “waktu subur” for us.

        but we was wonder that this will affect the result of IUI (as we know got some movement on ____)….its contradict from advise by the nurse, which also dont want me to do any big2 task which would affect the IUI test. Both advised were received from the different nurse. (got no time to see doc after the IUI).

        so, little, i need ur opinion on this…..as “penantian is satu penyiksaan”…..to know the result need 2-3 weeks (whether period or not)……and this really makes me sicks…..hope others can also shared ur opinion too… 🙁

        • Little Mama™ says:

          umminafeesa, i think it’s good to have sex after the IUI itself because it increase the chances.

          you see, IUI is only a procedure to get the sperms closer to the eggs.. it doesn’t guarantee that egg will fertilise with the sperms, so it’s okay to have sex as usual..

          lain lah kalau u buat IVF.. since embryo hidup dimasukkan dalam rahim so kena bed rest lah.

          • umminafeesa says:

            Thanks for ur reply. This makes me more calm…..thanks a lot…

          • sofia says:

            assalamualaikum litle mama, how are you doing? juat wanna ask you a few question little mama, i’ve been married 5 years allready and still having no kids. so both us are doing so many treament at lppkn. sofia ader masalah dgn ovary sofia sebelah kanan dimana have been dijangkiti sofia terkejut apabila diberitahu ada jangkitan. tapi doktor kata jgn risau cause ader sebelah lagi. soalan nyer baru nih sebelum pose sofia der menjalani iui treament tapi failed 1 trying. so tommorow sofia akan bertemu dn doktor buat kali ke . tapi nurse to cakap kali nih dos nyer lebih sikit ker?? kalau kita fikir sgat yg kita akan hamil ader kah akan menggangu hormon kita?? help me really badly get pregnant… 😥

  • shaz says:

    Hi Little Mama,

    I skrg preparing nak buat iui. Today pegi scan ada telur besar 5 biji. For iui case, doctor said nak at least 4 biji je. Afraid of multiple pregnancies. They suggest IVF. (Tak de budget la pulak). Rabu ni nak scan lagi. If besar gak, kena postpone buat iui. I dah kawin 4 years.

    If i continue buat naturally pun, tak semestinya semua telur tu jd kan?

    • Little Mama™ says:

      shaz, yup.. tak semestinya semua jadi.. i dulu got 4 big eggs.. we thought dapat twin dah..tapi one baby only

      if not iui, cuba naturally, it gives higher chances … try after sex jangan terus bangun dalam 10 minutes gitu.. good luck..

  • Weina says:

    Littlemama… remember me… now I’m going for IUI treatment. Now in midst of taking clomid and injection – folliova.

    Need to go back to LPPKN on 2/3 to check qty of legs and whether it is enough to do IUI.

    Just would like to ask, can we do natural sex before IUI? After IUI as you said above, it is ok to do it. Pls advise

    • umminafeesa says:


      U buat kat mana? klu kat lppkn – mininum is 3 biji….IVF only recommended for those who failed IUI multiples times….

      For Weina,

      As advised by doctor, better not to do sex for at least 2 days before IUI – to ensure quantity n quality sperm. After IUI then OK….

      • Little Mama™ says:

        weina, i think doktor tak bagi buat sex before 2 days before iui… sebab nak simpan sperm husband supaya banyak yang berkualiti

  • Debra says:

    Hi Little Mama,
    Like others, me n my husband too have problems in conceiving. We’ve been married for almost two years now and have tried to conceive all these while but to no avail. After a few months of trying naturally, and failed, we tried ovulation induction. That too, failed. Then my husband was prescribed with Tribestan for 1 month. and guess what, I ha my period yesterday. FYI, my husband’s sperm count is low which was why the doctor prescribed him with Tribestan.

    Right now, we are contemplating to do IUI with the same doctor. But after reading much about IUI, it seems to us that the success rate is not high. The doctor also told us the same thing. I have a friend who did IUI and she had a miscarriage 2nd month into her pregnancy. And we all knew how devastated she was about it.

    Little Mama, the don’t-be-stressed thingy..I don’t know how to not be stressed in my working environment. I am teaching in a school where the students are super noisy, super naughty, super lazy, super rude…bla…bla…bla…I transfered here from a totally different school environment and culture in 2009 to be close to my husband. I had trouble in adjusting to this new environment and at the same time me and my husband were trying to conceive. The stress I felt, combined with the sadness I felt everytime I had my period was so intense. I hope this year the things will be better.

    So, Little Mama, should we proceed with the IUI treatment? If so, should we do it during the school holidays where I can rest peacefully at home after the treatment?

    Thank you.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      debra, yes, sometimes our job and people around us make things worst and so stressfull.. i think it would be good if you can arrange for IUI to be done during long school holiday.. i will pray for you.. good luck

  • Wan says:

    Hai Little Mama,

    I already married 3 years. i have done iui at lppkn 2 times. dua-dua gagal…. sedih giler…. first time telur ade 5 tapi besar di 17-18 mm. at second time, telur ade 6 n saiz up to 20mm. masa second time dr ckp rahim dlm keadaan baik…. but sadly x menjadi jugak. this month i stop going to lppkn. try another alternatives first…. but if not pregnant yet, i will go to lppkn again to doing my third iui…. wish me all the best

  • shaz says:

    Hi, Little Mama.

    Hari tu (13hb) doc proceed gak dgn iui. Today, I dah buat urine test and blood test. Alhamdulillah. Ada.

    Next week kena pegi scan pulak. Nak confirm ada berapa. Hari tu doc ckap kalau lebih 2, dia nak keluarkan takut effect kat kita and baby.

    Before this i pernah miscarriage 6 weeks. Risau jugakla. Hopefully kali ni ada rezeki.

    Hi Ummi,

    I buat kat Damai Service Hospital.

  • shaz says:

    Silap date la. Buat IUI 27/02/2010.

  • mrs Jon says:

    saya baru nak buat entry pasal IUI nih…saya baru try (2nd attempt)…skrg tgh tunggu jadi ke tak…

    thanks for the info 🙂

  • Arni says:

    Hi all,

    Pagi tadi saya baru buat IUI di LPPKN. It’s not painful. Cuma uncomfortable sikit saja. Lebih kurang 10 minit jer prosedurnya. Tapi lepas tu kena rehat dlm 20 minit, so ladies, my advise is bawak lah masuk buku ker.. magazine ker pasal mmg bosan menunggu. Just you on the bed.

  • Aldisha says:

    Askm..and hi all.. any idea whether HSG is painful??

    • Arni says:

      Depends on the person. For me HSG is painful a bit, but bearable, macam senggugut. Some friends I know tak rasa sakit pun.

    • Ina says:

      The nurse told me that you should feel some slight pain and this is normal. If tak sakit means something is wrong. For me I rasa mcm sengugut and masa procedur tu i mmg mengerang sikit la.

      • Shasha says:

        I buat hsg mmg sakit sangat…tapi keadaan lebih teruk selepas hsg tu…seluruh perut i xboleh angkat dan bergerak langsung..rasa mcm ada luka…tp alhamdulillah sehari je sakit…esoknya dah baik…

  • Ina says:

    Salam Little Mama,

    I wished that i had found your blog much earlier, since i was researching about TTC for quite sometime now. I’ve been married for almost one year and a half, but since age is catching up (me: 32, hubby: 35) thats why I’m getting more serious in reading about this. I also thank you for creating this blog. 🙂

    I have not been successful cara biasa despite doctor had scanned (abdomen) and said that my womb looks ok. I’ve taken clomid and now on my second cycle (100mg), but this was given by clinic biasa. At the same time, I’ve decided to see a specialist and was reffered to DEMC (Dr Zamri).

    On my first appointment, Dr Zamri gave a thorough briefing on ovulation, conception. Some of the things I already know and also learned new things. Hubby was happy too with the briefing. At least he got better understanding. Anyway, doc said he would put treat me until IUI stage.

    Oh….another thing that he mentioned that I need to lose weight since i am already categorized as obese…(in my head i was like…what?????). But maybe la BMI cam obese althoh i don’t look like one. My height is 165cm and weight 68kg. Before kawin i was 55kg….see how much i’ve gained…hehe. My fat byk kat area peha and perut, lain nye part not so dahsyat. Anyway, he gave me diet pills (sibutramine) and another drug to reduce glucose. He said that being overweight with lots of glucose will produce male hormones in our body, therefore resulting to susah nak preggy, or kill sperm yg enter the womb, and even miscarriage.

    So since 14 April (the 1st appmnt date), i’ve been taking diet pills. My next appointment is to do HSG which was yesterday (21 april). I know that the doc need to insert some sort of dye so it sounded painless. But actually, it was painful!! Huhu!. Mcm nak nangis pon ada, tu pon the doc was very gentle. It felt like a very bad sengugut althoh i’ve never felt like that. Sakit giler pinggang….ni masa procedure tu la. After that dah tak sakit, but i was a bit shocked. Ada bleeding a bit. Color mcm light orange sbb the blood mixed with dye putih tu. Doc kasi antibiotic and pain killer. I tak makan pain killer as i’m not in pain. Cuma ada la rasa semacam sket but not so bad. Today still ada light brown discharge.

    My next appointment with Dr Zamri is tomorrow. I’m kinda worried if I need to do the IUI straight away? Is this the usual case?

    What do you think he’ll do tomorow?

    • Ina says:

      In addition to my post, I also did blood test during my first appointment. Results will be discussed tmrow.

      • Little Mama™ says:


        usually IUI will only be done a few days after your period habis

        cheer up and always think positive.. good luck to you

        • Ina says:

          Thanks for your reply.

          I went to see Dr Zamri today. Alhamdullilah no blockage, however my stress hormone is a bit high. He wanted to do IUI tomorrow but I said i want to do it next month, and would like to try to conceive naturally. So he just gave a me a shot for my egg to be released and then a pill to reduce my stress hormone.

          Lepas ni semua ditangan Allah. We can only pray.


          • mira says:

            hai ina, tq for ur info..sy nk tya skit bleh tak?berapa ye cost treatment kat DEMC tu..maksud sy cost mula appointment ngan Dr. zamri tu sampai la ina treatment skrg..sbb sy mmg bercadang nak g private hosp untuk terus ngan iui treatment..sbb sblm ni sy treatment kt LPPKN tp appointmnt yg ke3 tu x g sbb mcm dh give up je lama sgt la nk tunggu..doktor asyik suruh suami makan ubt tongkat ali tu je.suami sy ada masalah dengan sperma (slps wt sperm test),tp result sy normal..sy dh 2 thn kawin tp tk ngandung2 pn lg..sedih..

            tq ye..gud luck to u:)i’ll pray kita cpt2 preggy..ameen..

          • Ina says:

            Hi Mira, sorry lambat bcoz i tak tau you msg i. anyway, msa mula2 jumpa doc, kena rm340+ sbb tu termasuk diet pill. HSG tu dalam rm260, and last sekali doc buat scan, inject kasi telur keluar and ubat tu sumer dlm rm180. Dia suruh buat IUI but i takut la…so i told him yg i nak buat sendiri 2-3 bulan ni dulu. tapi lom ada rezeki. Skrg i makan balik clomid smbil makan ubat2 herba. Hubby pulak makan speman (product himalaya) tapi dia belom penah buat test. Maybe next month kalau perlu (hopefully ada rezeki…)

            Dr zamri ok sbb dia explain kat kita very detail. So mira, i wish you all the best!

  • faz says:

    Hi Little Mama,
    Thanks for providing so much info on the IUI. I had my 1st IUI with Dr. Hamid on the 21/5, tapi skrg mcm tak sabar2 nak buat UPT test. Tapikan right after IUI tu I ada brown stain..kenapa ye?

    Hopefully my first attempt ni successful.We’ve been married for 6 yrs now, sedih je bile tgk org senang je nak pregnant..Anyway keep on updating….

  • Juli says:


    Saya baru terbaca pasal blog nih…and i find it really interesting.

    I’ve been married for 3 1/2 years. Sy start buat treatment on fertility masa usia perkahwinan saya 1 tahun lebih. Masa tu pegi ke pusat rawatan islam private di Bangi. Both my husband and I were diagnosed as normal.

    I’ve gone through 2 cycle of clomid, tapi takde rezeki jugak. Buat HSG and all that…HSG yang sangat menyakitkan…alhamdulillah tiada blockage..

    Genap tahun ke-3, sy pregnant naturally…Sebelum tu I ada pegi berurut 3 consequence day in July and got pregnant in September..alhamdulillah..syukur tak terhingga masa tuh…everybody is happy for me…parents, cousins, friends…semua caring sgt kt saya…tapi Allah kata belum rezeki lagi..i miscarried on the 11th week…Doctor said that my baby is not growth as it supposed to be…saiz kurang 3 minggu dari umur sebenar…maybe sebab hormon kurang…Masa pregnant tu pun I selalu risau…fikir macam2..so, my advise…if you’re pregnant, just enjoy your pregnancy journey…jgn risau2..jgn fikir yg bukan2…

    After that, on Mei 2010 I went to LPPKN attached with Dr. H. Alhamdulillah semuanya ok..Ambil Clomid 5 hari, Puregon 3 kali, one injection utk pecahkan telur and IUI was done on the 20th Mei 2010. Bg sy, IUI tu sakit juga…tapi sikit jer..

    Now I’m waiting for the result…Appointment dgn LPPKN will be on the 14th June 2010…Harap2 saya pregnant…littlemama tolong doakan yer…i’ll update u then…

    • salam juli, i know how you feel with the miscarriage..mine was 11th week as week.. hormon problem also

      but it’s good you teruskan berusaha with IUI.. i will pray for you dear.. amin!

    • salam juli, i know how you feel with the miscarriage..mine was 11th week as well.. hormon problem also

      but it’s good you teruskan berusaha with IUI.. i will pray for you dear.. amin!

  • Ida says:

    Salam lil mama,
    Alhamdulillah my 2nd attempt of iui berjaya, MasyaALLAH, la hau lawala quatailla billah…. cuma nak tanya berapa dosage duphastone kalau dah confirm pregnancy ye?

  • Juli says:

    Salam Littlemama…

    I got my period today…in fact last night…
    3 days before, I got a thin stain like blood mixed with my discharge…so, i thought that it was implantation bleeding…I did heard from my friend that she was having the same sign for her first baby..the next day, my discharge was like normal in color…so, i did my pregnancy test…it shows 2 lines but the tester line was very blurr…so, i thought of doing the UPT again after 2 days…

    Tapi again Allah kata belum rezeki lagi..tiba2 ada stain yg banyak mlm tadi…is it because of the stopped duphaston? i just don’t know how to tell my husband as he is so excited when he saw my blurred UPT test the day before…

    Ya Allah…sedihnya hati nih…tiada daya dan upaya kami melainkan dengan izin Allah s.w.t….

    I got my period on my 20th day after IUI… …ya Allah pls give me and my husband strength..

    • juli, oh *hugs*

      stains tu kaler apa..is it bright red like fresh blood or dark brown (old blood)..it could be sebab period or just infection

      kalau UPT positive walaupun faint line..you could be pregnant..tapi since your hcg level sangat low your uterus could still shed some blood..

      kalau in doubt, please do another UPT test now.. or go to clinic to check paras hcg dalam darah..

      i know some people still bleeding macam period (tapi actually bukan period) masa pregnant..so please check and be strong ye

      *duphastone actually help to kuatkan rahim sebab tu doctor give me sampai i was 5 months pregnant*

  • Juli says:

    the stain color is like old blood…thanks littlemama for your info…if my period is not as much as usual, i’ll do another UPT again…

    thank u so much *hugs*

  • aidaz says:

    Assalamualaikum.. Saya dh buat appoinment n plan to do IUI at PPUM on Sept but now i’m thinking to do it at LPPKN. Which one is better, PPUM or LPPKN? PLs help me to dcide.

    • Mrs Devan says:

      Hi there.

      My suggestion is LPPKN. The reason is I went to PPUM and it took so long and they prefer to do IVF and not IUI. And not everybody afford to do IVF. I just started my treatment with LPPKN last August. It’s much more faster and it’s very specifically for fertility treatment only. Even the people there very friendly and helpfull. Good luck

  • miss tasha says:

    i’ve been married almost 9month.. after doing HSG, my left-tube is blocked. and my righht hydrosalpinx with minimal peritoneal spillage of contrast. Dr H. ask me to conceive naturally..But after 2 month,if xberjaya,we’r going to lap,tubal repair and other surgery(not remember) to unblock tube..

    Sape yg ade experienced mcm ni..if i nak operate awal2 boleh ke?..xlarat la nak tgu smpi bulan 9. coz hati asyik terpk je..ade harapn lg ke i boleh preggie?..i’m so worried..
    because i’m google-ing,the best way, is doing IVF… 🙁

  • syahnaz says:

    Hi Aidaz, talking from experience, I think LPPKN is a good place to seek treatment. The staff and DRs are very helpful and understanding. The queue pun not so long..tolerable. I dont have experience with PPUM, but to compare with privates that I have been, LPPKN is more focused in terms of infertility treatment. Kita akan rasa lebih beresemangat sebab keperihatinan yang diberi!Harap dapat membantu dengan komen ini yer.Apa pun, teruskan usaha!

  • belle says:

    hi littlemama
    wish me luck ..kali ni nk try iui lak..

  • syahnaz says:

    Little Mama and all, hi..

    Went for ova scan 10th CD today,alhamdulillah lining dah 6mm, ada about 4 potential eggs but need to give more time for development. Taking another injection tonight and sunday night before repeating scan on Monday 13thCD. Doakan semuanya memuaskan hati ye supaya boleh proceed IUI Rabu ni..15thCD.Bersemangat nak terus berusaha tapi deep down kecut perut je..mcm seriau gagal lagi..uhh mesti YAKIN ni.. LET US ALL KEEP TRYING! Doakan saya ye..TQ

  • belle says:

    hi syahnaz,same la kite dua ek..sy pun kne scan telur ari selasa,iui insyaallah ari khamis,takut,risau,semua ade..best of luck to us

  • syahnaz says:

    Belle, IUI @ LPPKN too? All the Best ye..

    • belle says:

      syahnaz,a’ah kt lppkn…tp sedihnye..ingat dpt iui bln ni,tp xbole,telur ade 1 je yg matang..
      lg tensen ble dpt tahu yg my sis yg br kawin bln 6 aritu da pregnt..
      dah la thn ni je akn dpt 3 ank buah,tmbh thn dpn lak 2 org lg..

      • syahnaz says:

        Hi Belle..so how masa scan tu? Did you get shot untuk pecahkan telur yg satu tu? That happened to me first attempted cycle..ada satu je so DR bagi shot and ask to try naturally within specific time frame.Saya dah selamat jalani 3rd IUI last week Wed, alhamdulillah prosedur less pain n faster..hopefully petanda yang baik, Amiinn..Belle jangan putus asa k..teruskan lagi IUI sampai berjaya..after few tries DR @ LPPKN sure can advise further for IVF or ICSI pulak..as long as kita willing to keep up with the challenge..huu memang sangat menguji hati dan perasaan tapi pasti ada hikmah di sebalik..TC

  • siti says:

    hai…just to share..sy dh wt iui on 22july..rsnye sehari slps shahnaz, kan?tp sy tk wt kt lppkn..sbb sy rs lmbt sgt (erm, klu lppkn, KL mybe tak kot..ntahla..)..actually sy pernh treatment kt lppkn,s.alam ngan dr Ismail thamby..tp spnjg bln 6 thn lps hingga mac 2010..dr tak pernah suruh utk wt iui or ape2 la..dia suh bersama secara natural je..bosan asyik pk nk anak je..at last decide go to Demc…dn wt iui kt sne..berdebar menunggu result ade tak rezeki ni..risau btul la…actually, ni 1st iui yg sy wt..hopefully ade rezeki untuk kita..aminnn…mg sinar ramadhan menjelang bersama gud news untuk kita..

    • Ina says:

      Salam Siti,

      Awak buat dgn sapa? Saya ingat nak buat kali ni dgn Dr Zamri (DEMC) tp bulan puasa diorg tak buat. (Betul jugak…). Bulan ni saya cuma makan clomid dgn ubat kurangkan hormon stress. (Stress keje kot…).

      Hopefully puasa awak penuh bulan ni sbb dah preggy. Aminn.

      • siti says:

        kwn2, sedih la..sy dh period dh hari yg ke 15 lps wt iui..huhu..hanya tuhan sje yg tau hati ni:(..sebelum period perut skit sgt2, hrp2 skit preggy tp kuar jg period..
        ina..,mmg kt demc specialist dia dr zamri…byrn treatment pun ok..tk mhl sgt la utk procedure iui..depend ubt yg kita ambil jg la..sy amik clomid je ari tu..hrp awak pn cpt2 preggy jg..

  • syahnaz says:

    Hi Siti, yup mine was day before yours.
    LPPKN KL memang cekap..kalau telur ok terus je
    boleh proceed IUI, and after 4th attempt proceed IVF if necessary.
    Maybe focus for fertility issue more kat HQ kot.
    Good luck with your TWW.
    Semoga ada rezeki kurniaan Ilahi buat kita semua dan usaha yang tak
    mengenal lelah ini diberkati..TC

  • belle says:

    tq syahnaz..ya..mmg kita harus trs berusaha..

  • Dia says:

    assalamualaikum..rasa sedih sgt hari ni..xtau nape,mgkin sbb jeles tgk anak my bestfriend kt fb td..comel sgt..senangnya jln hidup dia..terukkan saya ni..sometimes dah xblh nk tipu perasaan sndri ;( sbb tu my hubby kdg2 marah klau kerap sgt bukak fb,sbb at the end..akan sedih sorg2..Hanya Allah sahaja yg tahu betapa saya terlalu mendambakan buah cinta hati kami..sy tahu semua kwn2 yg kt sini pn have the same feeling kan..
    after 4x unsuccessful iui at HTAR,last attemt mac 2010..mcm dh fed up nk pg hosp..smpai jd bingung,asyik up dose ubat je..xtau apa cite..bosann..
    hr tu dh daftar kt LPPKN..thanks to little mama..tgk rmai yg berjaya through iui..jd bersemangat blk nk cuba lg..since my age still below 30..klau blh xnak lg proceed utk buat ivf..so skrg btul2 xsabar nk start treatment under doc. G,after hr raya.. Sebut psl raya..seriauuu je rasa..after almost 4 years usia perkahwinan ni..dh bengkak hati ni..sabar ajela..Allah bersama org yg sabar,kan..

    ada sesiapa antara kawan2 kt sini yg pernak buat rawatan under doc G kt LPPKN??dia ok tak…

    • salam dia, hugs! i do understand your feeling..but please do your best to cheer up and keep on trying.

      i dgn doctor K 😉

    • syahnaz says:

      Hi Dia..
      My treatment is with dr G..he is nice, soft spoken and understanding..explanation pun clear..you will feel comfortable to ask anything tak sure..dont worry k..all the best!

  • Nicha says:

    teringin nak buat IUI..sakit sgt kah k.ros?

  • emmiey says:


    im new here..my fren told me about this blog..
    my God, i thought i je yg blum ada rezeki after 4 years married tp ada jugak yg senasib…
    hai litte mama, actualy im so stress cause all my frend and family have their own child..tp saya blum lagi..
    last years i dh pernah preggy tp blum ada rezeki miscarige on 8 weeks pregnancy..paling x sangka n sedih..i preggy twin, 1 dalam rahim and 1 lagi luar rahim but syg sgt 2 2 gone..
    until now i still trying to get pregant…pegi traditional nyer treatment jugak…tp this first time i tau pasal lppkn..
    please advise me on the first step?
    FYI, sebelah salur falapio i dh kene buang mase preggy luar rahim ari tu? masih ada pluang x utk i preggy..
    pray for my strength and rezeki..

  • ein says:

    Salam lil mama and all..

    My first IUI failed..sedih sgt.Allah jer tau.abis jer Duphaston terus Cik P datang..tambah sedih bile dgr cousin and friend yg kawin sama ngan ein dah mengandung..tapi Alhamdulillah husband byk bagi support and motivation..now baru laa ader semangat balik nak wat aper2.Insyaallah after raya nak proceed with 2nd IUI…Syahnaz how yours?ein doakan syahnaz berjaya..walau aper pun yg penting ein akan terus berusaha..doakan semoga kita semua berjaya mengharungi dalam TTC nie..Aminn..Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..

    • syahnaz says:

      Ein..welcome to the club..
      Hmm I also got my P after duphaston habis which was on Friday.
      Dont be so upset k cause this is your first time..saya dah third time..terasa nak buat ivf lepas ni tapi dont think financial mengizinkan..terasa nak buat acupuncture pun ada..terasa nak lupakan sekejap hasrat pun ada..too much option hehh
      Anyway, nak rehat dua bulan..puasa & raya..if going back to lppkn will be in Oct insya Allah..semoga ada rezeki nak dapat naturally in between that
      Rezeki di tangan Tuhan..Dia tahu kita berusaha..dan mungkin nak tengok sejauh mana kesabaran dan keredhaan kita sebelum nak turunkan rezeki…insya Allah..All the Best to all!

  • Dia says:

    Assalamualaikum…thanks to little mama n syahnaz for those “magic words”.. really appreciate it..syahnaz keep it up ur efforrt, ok dear..after gagal 4x iui..sy sgt2 memahami apa yg syahnaz rasa.. tabahkan hati kita semua ye..insyaAllah hari bahagia itu akan tiba jua..klau pn bkn di dunia ini mgkin di akhirat sana..

    • syahnaz says:

      Salam Dia..thanks for the encourage words..after 3rd failure, I have made my mind to slowly let go although it is so hard to do…it is time to learn to accept my share of life..I went to see dr G early this week to get his opinion. Seems that kali ni prosedur berjalan baik (tak seperti 2 kali sebelumnya agak sukar), both sperm and ovum pun ok..just that belum rezeki katanya.BUT..after 3 times katanya the question mark of the problem has become bigger..it is time to consider IVF.
      So far my condition and husband memang as if no problem at all but Allah lebih mengetahui.
      So I ask a lot about the IVF and the costs..It will take 2 cycle to prepare for IVF..
      1-Period, make appointment. DR will scan to measure the womb length. Injections will be given to be taken only from day 21.
      This medicine is to stop the normal hormone that instruct ovary to produce only one egg during next cycle.
      2-Day 21-Injections taken I think for 2 weeks.
      3-During 2nd cycle,husband should come for sperm survival test..they will observe the life span and the activeness of it (this will determine the need for ICSI-direct injection of sperm into nucleus of ovum).
      ICSI alone will cost RM2,500, so if no need for this, can save lot.The test will cost about RM300.
      4-We can come along with husband during the test (make appointment when next period arrives) for our blood test. They will check for hormone level. Injections of hormone will be supplied too to support for numerous egg development.
      5-Later the process is about the same as IUI where we need to come mid cycle for ova scan. This will be done repeatedly until we reach the right amount and size of ova.Additional injections will be given in the process and can costs more.
      6-Then we will come for OPU (ovum pick up)when the eggs are ready, this will costs RM1,500. It is a procedure with GA, unconscious.Needle will suck the liquid of ova through vagina and sperm will be mixed with the ova culture for fertilization.(Husband must already produce). If ICSI required, one sperm will be injected directly into the ova.
      7- 2 to 3 days is the fertilizing window. Right after it has become 4 cells embryo, they will evaluate the quality and call us for ET (embryo transfer).I heard that if the embryo is with quality, the chances to implant is higher, but then ini kerja Tuhan.
      8- Medication for uterus support given for the womb.
      The transfer is just like IUI but the different is the embryo will be put inside uterine cavity instead of sperm.The costs will be RM500.
      I heard from other source that the transfer is along with abdominal scan to ensure the embryo will be placed at very end towards tube.
      DR said that the percentage of success is slightly higher than IUI since the only Q left is whether or not the implantation will happen successfully????? This is still up to natural reaction.
      However, compared to IUI..these questions have been tackled; whether the eggs hatched..sometimes they just stop growing and disappear, whether there is seed inside the egg shell..sometimes it is empty shell, whether the sperm swims to the right direction..they could be going towards the tube with no good eggs.. whether the sperm able to fertilize, whether the egg allows the sperm to penetrate..??? A LOT HUHHH
      SO the only Q left whether IUI or IVF is can the IMPLANTATION be SUCCESSFUL?
      I feel that it is worth a try..maybe I do have one of the problems that fail my IUIs. DR cakap boleh kalau nak cuba lagi IUI..some minority able to conceive after 5th attempt..sbb setiap bulan kondisi kita berbeza-beza..tak boleh nak jangka..but then the % of success has become smaller after each attempt.
      Summary of Costs..if IVF without ICSI, about 7K..the unclaimable procedure costs will be RM2000 and the balance is estimation of drug supplies (depends on individual needs).
      If ICSI is required additional unclaimable costs of RM2,500.
      Total will be about 10K. The tests for blood and sperm will cost about RM300-400.
      I suppose about 5K will be unclaimable..can get back the other half..if you or your spouse is govt staff…thanx to my hubby.Still cheap..coz private will take above 20K.
      Has anyone heard about Fertility Centre of UIA in Kuantan?
      Can Google and find out. The costs is about LPPKN and also claimable for GOVT.New and has quite good records.
      Just to share..Hope anyone can advise me what to decide.
      Financially,I can only start IVF somewhere in April 2011..in the mean time really need to let go..get a grip and just enjoy life..

      • dear syahnaz, thank u dear for the detailed explanantion on IVF. Very useful!

        pasal the greatness of enjoying life without a kid, of course banyak!! ramai yang dah ada anak terkenang zaman tak de anak tau.

        1. boleh bercinta dengan suami tanpa gangguan

        2. boleh travel ke mana saja tanpa excess baggage yang menangis, meronta, merajuk *macam-macam*

        3. boleh dating tengok wayang midnite dgn suami anytime you like

        4. boleh kemas rumah tanpa terkejut tengok rumah disepahkan semula dalam masa 5 saat!

        he..he.. banyak tau nikmatnya kalau Allah belum bagi rezeki ni.. sementara tak de anak ni.. enjoy!

        harapnya bila enjoy, tak fikir sgt pasal dapat anak so otak relak.. later nanti tup-tup melekat.. amin!

        • oh satu lagi nikmat yang i dah tak enjoy.. boleh tidur bila-bila masa i suka.. rindunya time tidur siang straight 2-3 jam.. sekarang ni tak dapat..he..he

          p/s bila Tuhan bagi sesuatu, Dia akan pelan-pelan tarik benda lain dari kita.. tinggal kita nak bersyukur atau tidak aje

          • syahnaz says:

            Thanx Little Mama..betul tu..I selalu dengar org dah ada anak kadang kadang bersungut mcm tu..ada yang kalau boleh tak nak lagi sebab alasan2 di atas hehe…but sebagai manusia yang nak mencuba semua benda..memangla rasa nak buat benda yang belum rasa kan..hehe..although dah tahu nikmat sedia ada yang akan kena compensate..everything got price..sampai tak dapat nak fokus menikmati nikmat yang ada..mungkin dugaan ini mahu mengukur tahap kesyukuran kita…”apa-apa sajalah bahagian aku yang Allah nak bagi..aku terima dengan lapang dada..semoga Tuhan membalas dengan mengurniakan hasrat yang tersimpan dalam hati selamanya..amiinnn”

  • mimi says:

    Assalamualaikum Little mama,

    Akak nak tanya sikit lah… Duphaston tu boleh diambil untuk kuat kan womb kita ke? Kalu kita nak prepare for pregnant boleh tak kita makan?

    • mimi, waalaikumussalam.. duphaston tu doctor yg akan bagi..terutama kalau kita buat treatment IUI/IVF..atau untuk treatment yang ada masalah period

      rasanya kalau untuk prepare diri for pregnant, ambik folic acid dan evening primrose oil dah mencukupi

  • Dia says:

    syahnaz..thanks dear..bnyk sgt info yg sy dpt..sy pn xsabar2 n bersemngat sgt nk start treatment after hari raya..mana tau bila dh proceed ivf syahnaz dpt twins..bestnya insyaAllah, yakin dgn janji Allah, Allah xkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum selain kaum itu sendiri yg mengubahnya..amin..kita sama2 n banyak2kan berdoa di bulan yg penuh barakah ini ye..to little mama, kami sayang k.ros hehe.
    Dia nk share satu kejadian yg berlaku pd diri Dia semalam..ada seorg akak tu, selama ni dia jenis pdiam je..tp semalam, angin apa tah tetiba je dia tnya..”awak ni tak nak beranak ke..asyik belajar je..sperm suami dh xsubur, yg awak pn xsubur sbb stress blajar”..pelikla kan sbb sy xrasa pn stress blajar..sy cuba ckp baik2 tp nak jgk paksa2 suh beranak cpt2..nnti kata dia dekat nk pencen anak br sek rendah..jgn nk tggu smpai 10th br nk sibuk2 nk usaha..sy apa lg hangin la..xkirala wpun pgkat n usia lbh dr kita pn tp bak kata org sbb mulut badan binasa..mmg nasib dia la smlm sy yg dh lama memendam rasa ni,Dia sound direct blk..sedih sgt..sampai hati sesedap rasa je bercakap..dia xtahu kita ni berusaha separuh mati..3 th bergenang air mata..x kan semua tu nk bagtau kt org..Dia dh maafkan dia..xmarah pn sbnrnya tp kecik hati sgt dgn org yg mengaku Islam dan berpelajaran tp still xblh faham konsep rezeki..bg dia yg 10 th kawin tu xdapat anak sbb xnak berusaha..sabar ajela wahai hati.. Sy skrg cuba menyelami konsep redha..dan hidup kita di dunia yg sementara ini pn hanya mengharapkan keredhaan Allah..

    • dia, i sayang you all semua jugak

      • oh ya, orang macam tu memang tak fikir perasaan orang lain..tak pe lah.. memang akan ada ramai makhluk macam tu yang akan guris perasaan kita.. kena belajar bersabar.. lama-lama akan kebal dengan semua cakap-cakap mulut tu

        ps..kalau rasa nak nangis, nangis je..jangan pendam..you akan rasa lebih tenang lepas nangis.. i dulu pernah nangis sampai penat.. lepas tu tidur.. bila bangun dah ok

    • syahnaz says:

      Salam Dia & Little Mama..it feels great to share knowledge especially yg dpt bagi harapan untuk kite terus mencuba..nanti share the journey of IVF at LPPKN yer…Bagus jugak Dia sound direct supaya dia sedar..ramai yg tak faham2 life is not always as according to schedule..apa pun kita kena terus usaha..enjoy.tenangkan hati k

  • belle says:

    smoga bln ramadhan yg berkat ini akn memberi apa yg kita semua hajati..amin

  • aidaaliya says:

    salam kak little mama..
    sy nak tau camne prosedur kalo baru pertama kali nak pi LPPKN. pastu bole ke jumpa doktor kalo blm period?


  • Shasha says:

    saya nak tanya…bilakah tahap yang kita perlu cucuk diri sendiri??saya ada dengar ada satu tahap yang kita perlu cucuk sendiri..saya takut jarum…huhuhu…saya dah cek di LPPKN dan baru ambil clomid…1 Okt ni kena pergi LPPKN untuk scan telur..doakan saya ye…dan saya nka tahu…brape percent kemungkinan kita akan dapat kembar?bukan ape…saya teringin sangat anak kembar…heheheh

    • shasha,

      kalau just ambik clomid, kena inject sendiri masa nak release telur (nurse kata pecahkan telur ;))..

      kalau kena ambik clomid + ubat subur lain macam (inject) pun kena inject sendiri pada waktu malam.

      kalau takut jarum @ takut cucuk sendiri (macam i..he..he) mintak je husband tolong cucuk 😉

      • alleya says:

        salam semua..
        sy nak berty, seblm ini sy dh buat rawatan di LPPKN,telh bt rawatan suntikan sendiri byk kali melalui IUI..namum tidak mejadi, kadg2x sy rasa amat kecewa dan puts asa..tp sy th ini adlh dugaan, adakh cara lain selain melalui IUI? adakah kos perubatan nye terlalu mahal?

    • zaza says:

      sasha…biasenya…yg kena cucuk tue…ade masalah dgn pembesaran telur….saiz telor tak membesar…biasenye diambil 5 hari berturut2…yang HCG injection tue utk pecahkan telor…tp sakit dan perit…la..kena cucuk utk pecahkan telor nie…biasenya IUI akan dijalankan bila mana saiz telur dlm range 18-22mm…

  • shiZa says:

    Salam P’kenalan lil mama,I Dah 4 tahun kawen lum da anak gi..
    I baru jer g LPPKN..baru 1st step check hubby nyer sperm.,
    Syukur..tak da masalah.nw tunggu period untuk check darah I n gi HSG @ Hosp.Tawakkal.Takut dgn HSG Result jer..i tinggi baru 156..tapi berat dah 84kg..kategori obes jugak..dulu time kawen 57kg jer.dah stress + x dapat rezeki anak + internal problem..mendadak2 naik nyer berat badan.. I with Dr K…I tak pernah jumpa g pun Dr K..Doakan i yer..

    * Selalu gembira n d sudut hati sedih n duka

    salam Ikhlas,
    shiZa1010 😆

  • zaza says:

    Salam perkenalan…
    wt utk semua mama2…sya dh 5 tahun berkhwin…3 kali gugur…yg last April…tue melalui..IUI..first IUI…pregnant tp tak lama 3 bln gugur…nie baru buat IUI yg ke-2…8hb oktober baru nie…hrp2 ok la…dah lama sgt tunggu permata hati…hrp semua tlg doakan yea moga sya berjaya IUI kali nie..em yg penting kita jgn berputus asa…bg yg blm dpt…sya cadangkan buatla pemeriksaan…procedure die mudah…mula2…h,pital akan ambil test darah utk ujian hormon,biochemical test…bg yg ade sejarah kerap gugur…HCG dan lastly..samaada amik clomid atau tidak…pastu…wt IUI…

  • norarliza says:

    saya ada pcos. dan pernah sekali gugur kata doctor, utk org yang ada pcos, ada tak peluang utk kita dapat baby

  • kem says:

    hi mama,

    thanks for your info. it helps a lot.

    This 21/9/2010 i akan buat IUI for my 2nd attempt at DEMC (with dr zamri). 1st IUI dah buat back in 2008 but failed. i was so frustrated, and we decided to try on our own. but still tak berjaya.

    hopefully, this time boleh berjaya. since i’ve been married for 4 years now, i cannot wait any longer.

    harap2 kali ni tuhan makbulkan permintaan saya. dan kiranya masih belum rezeki saya, saya redha. hanya dia yang tahu apa yang terbaik utk kita. wish me luck!

  • kem says:

    hi all,
    just want to update that i’ve undergone my 2nd IUI yesterday. all i can say it’s more painful than the 1st one. hopefully this will be the last one. good luck to me!!

  • Sangeeta Ballikar says:

    Dear Mama,

    i have 1 Child from IUI aged 5yrs & I want Another child so i want to ask which specified time we should have sex after M.Period on 14th day & time(28 days m.cycle)
    so Kindly advice

  • kem says:

    hi mama,

    my doc give me both clomid and dexamethasone before IUI and continue with dex until 5days after IUI.

    pernah tak ada sesiapa yg pernah makan clomid and dex? kalau ada boleh share tak. because after IUI i rasa tak selesa nak continue with dex. it makes my perut cramp and i boleh nampak kesan my tiub, ovari and rahim (bentuk 3 segi) kat perut and boleh rasa timbul2.

    i’m not sure is it bcoz of the IUI or the dex.
    hope somebody can help.

  • Joanne says:

    can i know how i register with LPPKN… from Ipoh…

  • eyza says:

    eyza pun nak share jgk pengalaman…
    eyza dah kawin 3 tahun lebih. dah pg daftar pun kat lppkn.husband dah buat sperm test n eyza dah buat hsg, tapi still x dapat jumpa dr sbb macam2 hal… eyza ni period x regular… 2 bulan sekali baru period. bila nak buat appoinment ngan dr kadang2 dr cuti la…appointment dah penuh la… dekat setahun x dpt jgk jumpa dr….. at last, eyza dah fedup…. pujuk hubby minta tukar nak pg gov hospital plak.. mula2 hubby x nak. sbb dia x nak mula dr awal…. tapi nasib baik result hsg ada kat eyza n eyza terus bawak (actually adik eyza keja kat klinik o&g hospital tu yang dapat jumpa dr cepat sikit).. bila dr tgk result…ok.. n dia terus bagi ubat utk turun period n clomid… alhamdulillah bila scan hari yang ke 9 & 11 telur membesar dgn cantik…. pastu kena cucuk pecahkan telur… 11/10 hari tu buat iui… tapi mgkn belum rezeki, 27/10 hari tu eyza period..ingatkan darah tu turun sikit jer..sbb membe eyza kata dia dulu peknen turun darah…. tapi hari ni darah banyak… cornfirm period… belum rezeki….. pasni dr nak cuti bersalin nmgkn dalam bulan 2/2011 eyza akan buat 2nd iui..doakan eyza yer…..

    • kem says:

      hye eyza,

      i pon sama mcm u, 1st iui failed and last 2 weeks buat 2nd iui. skg ni tengah berdebar2 tunggu menjadi ke tak. harap2 ni kali terakhir la i buat iui. huhuhu.
      dah 2x buat iui tp doc xpernah pon suruh inject pecahkan telur. kenapa yer? sbb bila tgk org lain kena inject sendiri i pon jadi pelik kenapa i xde macam tu.
      ape2 pun, gud luck for u. harap2 u pregnant secara normal xpayah buat iui dah…

    • shima says:

      salam eyza boleh kita borak panjang tntg iui x, byk yg sy nak tau please reply sy

  • alkasha says:

    Salam little mama,

    Pada 29 Okt 2010, saya ada buat IUI kali ke-2.
    Doc scan ada 13 biji telo n 4 biji yg matang elok. Selepas IUI sampai sekarang, perot saya kembung
    sesangat sampe nmpk cam pregnant, senak, sakit2, tegang, kejang, pening…IUI kali-1 xmcm nie..

    1)Knapa jadi mcm tue? Adakah factor telo yg terlalu banyak?
    2)Adakah telor yg banyak, pluang IUI utk hamil tinggi?

    Harap doc dapat membantu.

    Yg buntu,

  • Aara says:

    Hai littlemama,

    i gain so much info reading ur blog..
    Usaha littlemama beri info & semangat pada semua org disini pasti akan mendapat keberkatanNYA.
    bulan november genap 4 tahun saya berkahwin. dah amik clomid 3 cycle-x berjaya.
    Berurut, makan herba-pun tak percaya.
    Baru daftar lppkn dan buat pap smear..stlah baca semua info kat sini sy rasa x sanggup nak go for HSG. Buat pap smear pun menggeletar..adoi..
    saya ada juga duk cari jika rawatan Laparoscopy di LPPKN how much it cost kalau little mama tau ye?

    • kem says:

      hi aara,

      saya pon sdg fikir nak buat laporoskopy sbb 2 iui tak berjaya. tapi sy cadang nak buat di hosp swasta di shah alam bulan depan. kosnya sekitar 4-5k. kalo thn lepas i tanya kos baru 3-4k. dah meningkat every year. tp sebab malas nak tunggu turn di lppkn n jauh pulak tu dari rumah, terpaksalah buat di swasta je. dengar kata, lppkn di KL amik apoinment tahun depan saja sbb bangunan tengah renovate.

      di lppkn saya tak sure berapa. mungkin harga lebih murah. nervous jugak nak buat lapo ni. sbb doktor kata xtau apa masalah saya.so berdebar2 lah nak tunggu jawapan doktor lepas lapo tu nanti. huhu…

  • syahnaz says:

    Aara, boleh saya tahu, buat pap smear di LPPKN ke?
    Berapa kos? At our request ke?
    Saya pernah buat di Pusrawi tahun lepas, tahun ni belum lagi, tak pasti where to do..

    • naj says:

      untuk makluman syahnaz ,
      caj yang dikenakan adalah RM 30
      kalu tak silap termasuk pemeriksaan kesihatan
      spt BMI, BP, Cholesterol dan glucose serta pap smear..

  • TONG WAI SAN says:

    hello littlemama,
    my problem is my husbund the sperm count is zero.
    so i need to buy the sperm from other people.
    i want to try IUI treatment.Can i know the price of this

    • wai san, the price depends on the medicines precscribe.. could range from 100+ per injection (usually need 3-5 injection per treatment)

      can be around 400-1000 per treatment

  • Enoi says:

    saya akan buat 2nd iui jumaat ni…harap2 penantian 5 tahun ni akan berakhir.saya ada PCOS dan suami low count sperm.utk suami doktor bg zink.utk saya lak,hari ke 2-6 amik clomid.hari ke7-10 suntik menopur150iu,hari ke11 suntik ubat pecah telor,jumaat ni wat iui.mudah2an usaha kali ni berhasil…

  • nuril says:

    i br lps buat IUI hr Isnin 22/11/10, my first attempt..skrg tgh rehat Doc bg MC 2 hari.Harap2 menjadilah…tapi bila dengar cerita sucessful rate juas 30% je….adusss…berusaha sudah- bertawakal dan pasrah….will update lg nnt….tolong doa-doakan ye semua…

  • Enoi says:

    just nak share,sape2 yg duduk d pantai timur blh buat iui/ivf d uia Kuantan.LPPKN d kuantn rasanye(sorry kalau silap)x menyediakn p’khidmatan ni.
    Saya start buat treatment d HTAA Kuantan masa setahun kawen.lepas check semua(rahim,tiub,hormon& sebagainya),dr bagitau saya ada PCOS dan refer saya ke UIA.Masuk tahun ke-3 kawen saya buat iui p’cubaan pertama d uia.saiz telor &rahim ok.tapi Allah nk uji,masa hari yg sepatutnya buat iui tu,tetiba jek sperm suami langsung x ade.2 kali sperm diambil tapi still x de jgk,sdgkan sebelum tu ade(w/pun bil.agak sedikit kalau x slh ada 18 juta)
    Masa dr bagitau sperm x de,air mata terus jatuh..rase frust yg septteramat sgt.

    Lepas 2 tahun iaitu thn ni,2010 bln 9(lepas raya).Baru ada kekuatan utk smbung treatment.Suami buat test sperm skali lg.Alhmdulillah,ada 22 juta &Dr kata blh proceed iui.

    Saya pilih bln 11 sebab cuti sekolh utk buat iui.jadi,pd 26/11/2010 ari tu iui dpt d jlnkan dengan bil sperm yg byk(76 juta sblm washing).Alhmdulillah suami pun lega sgt sbb Dr kata kalu jd kes mcm sblm ni(sperm x de),Dr nk buat TESA/PESA(Ambil sperm dr Testis kalau x slh)

    Skrg ni tgh tgu result iui tu.20/12 nk scan.Mudah2an ada la rezeki kami kali ni…tlg doakan kami ye,little mama….!

    • enoi, thanks for sharing! i doakan you berjaya dapat anak yang diidamkan.. amin

    • nuriman says:

      nur from kuantn.dh 2years kawen n msih blun ader rzki utk dpt bb.nk tnya brpa kos enoi buat rwtn kt uia.sbb nur bru buat appoimnt kt uia bln 2/2011..nur doakn enoi bjaya…insyaallah

      • enoi says:

        sorry nuriman,lmbat reply.dah lama x online sebenarnya:) sebelum respon pasal kos tu,enoi nk bgtau IUI ari tu x berjaya.period dtg dgn lancarnya pd 13/12.ngam2 hari ke 15 slps IUI.
        Kos utk IUI bergantug pada hormon kita.kalau hormon ok,kosnye rendah je.tapi utk enoi,semua kos lebih kurang berikut:

        prosedur IUI:rm 35o
        duphaston rm50x3:rm 150
        menopur rm90x10:rm900
        asid folic(utk saya),zink(utk asben):rm50
        ovidrel(utk pecah telor):rm90

        kira2 kosnya lebih kurang seribu stgh.kes saya ni mahal sikit sebab saya ada PCOS.ada member cuma kena rm6oo je sbb hormon dia ok

        good luck utk nuriman.saya rasa akan buat IUI lagi mgkin dlm bulan 7 ,insyaallah…

  • Dia says:

    Assalamualalaikum..lama xmencoret kt sini..actually tgh period ni..serba xkena rasa tambah2 hubby berjauhan sehari dua ni..sabarla wahai hati ;( 25/10 my first iui kt LPPKN..tp klau nk kira my record from previous hospital..dh kali ke 5 la..dh bnyk kali rupanya..skrg rehat dlu,sbb LPPKN pn tgh renovation until january..so lepas tu,br nk try my 2nd iui kt sana..nasib baik la jenis yg xsakit ms iui..klau tak,xtaula..klau xjadi jgk dgn iui,my husband n i dh sepakat nk proceed ivf..fuhhss..ngeri rasa..bkn sbb sakit je tp takut sgt kecewa lg ;(

  • Nuril says:

    Assalamualaikum….thanx lilmama…fyi 1stIUI masa 22/11 tu nampak gaya x berjaya….6/12 dh period…huhu…betul apa yg Dia ckp sakit kecewa sangat parah…terfikir juga i ni maybe ada endometriosis sbb period kadang2 sengugut saja…

    Maybe next Jan2011 nak try 2nd iui…..kepada semua yg nak try 2nd time mcm i- good luck….mcm lilmama pun berjaya dgn 2nd iui…bagi petua sikit lilmama tentang persediaan diri sebelum iui- tq

  • Aara says:

    kem >4-5 k kat private yeah. Same here in perak. LPPKN mungkin cheaper. Saya belum dapat anggaran harganya. Next stage kat lppkn baru nak buat HSG and SA
    syahnaz >first treatment untuk infertility kat LPPKN di sitiawan ni diaorang suruh i buat pap smear dulu. Cost around 35 + breast check + registration.

  • madamzie says:

    assalamualaikum all. i’ve been a sr for quite sometime now. been lurking around to gain knowledge abt IUI as much as possible. some history of our ttc journey:
    we’ve been married for 4 years. went to 2 gynes, hubby SA turned out normal. i on the other hand, was diagnosed w pcos.. 4x clomid n 1x iui. it didnt work. stop for a break beginning this year. started biodex (since i was pcos) since june. 2mons ago, we went to KL Fertility (dr.prashant) for another treatment. blood test and tvs came out normal! no sign of pcos. alhamdulillah Ya Allah. we proceed w IuI this mon. was given 200mg tamoxifen then on cd9, i was given 150mg follitism (got allergic reaction) followed by 150mg puregon on cd11. tvs on cd13 found 2 follies but hv not matured yet. so was given hcg injection n iui was done on cd15. now am officially in 2ww limbo. wish us luck all!
    for pcos-ers, dont lose hope. with more effort, Insyaallah we will b able to get what we truly desires! baby dust to all!

  • dee says:

    salam….saje nak share….dah buat appoiment ngan lppkn kl since december…dia janji nak buat iui tu bulan jan…tapi sampai skrg renovation tu masih tak siap lagi…ahhh tension2 bila la nak siap…menghitung hari…kena la tunggu bulan depan pulak, sabar je la…..harap2 kesabaran ini membuahkan hasil aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • ima says:

    sj nak syer..sy pon pernah buat iui di gov hospital..tp x berjaye..
    n pada bln ni..insyallah akan ulang lagi sekali…klu ade petue2 mntk2 syer la ek… =)

  • Solehah says:

    baru2 ni ader call LPPKN KL… Nurse tu kate lab iui still under construction sampai Mac 2011.. tu pun x kompem…. Then, sy pun bertukar ke Klinik Dr.Hamid Arshat… x sabar punye pasal… Next month, will proceed with iui after 2 months tried naturally… off course together with clomid la…

    • dee says:

      salam solehah…dee nak tanye la…dah buat ke iui kat dr hamid tu?so mcm skrg?berapa cost dia..kalau tidak keberatan boleh tak dee dapatkan no tel solehah?lppkn still not avaiable..huhu…tq

      • Solehah says:

        Sorry lambat… dh lamer x online… sy baru wat iui on 8/4/2011. cost IUI kat klinik Dr.Hamid RM 650. Tp sy kene injection Preggyl, RM75. Total RM725. Dapat MC 3 hari.. hehehehehe…. bleh email sy di solehah.baijuri@yahoo.com.my Nanti sy bg no.hp ye.

  • Puvanes says:

    Hi Little Mama,

    How much do a iui cost at LPPKN now? Tq.

    • dee says:

      hi…cost at lppkn about rm 600-800…excluding any injection cost and depend on the patient problems…

  • shima says:

    hye sy nak cari sape2 yg penah buat iui die area ipoh atau perak

    • megat says:

      salam, cuba pergi ke LPPKN ipoh atau terus ke hospital besar ipoh(Raja permaisuri bainun)minta kt depa nk jumpa dgn dr.tham.insyaallah dia dpt membantu.

  • BaaYah says:

    Salam 1 Malaysia.. just nk cari org Melaka yg buat rawatan keseburan dgn lppkn n nk tanya mcm mana nk baat rawatan kesuburan di hospital kerajaan… prosedur2nyer

  • Malati says:

    hai mama,
    i dah buat iui 5 kali tapi tak berjaya. Doktor meminta saya membuat IVF tetapi saya tidak mempunyai wang..bolehkah saya dapatkan sebarang bantuan kewangan? Terima Kasih

  • asma says:


    Bulan ni 1st IUI saya..hepi sgt..asyik tertangguh je..sy dah nk masuk 3 taun kahwin n belum diberikan Allah rezeki. 1st year kawen hubby duk jauh.PJJ..2nd year kawen suami posting KL terus wt appointment kt LPPKN dgn Dr. K n the resultnya saya ok tp sperm suami sikit so jumpa Dr. ismail makan tongkat ali then skrg dah ok.

    igt lepas raya aji taun lepas nk buat iui sbb dah try normal for 2-3 months pun belum ada tanda2 lg. Tapi tu la..lab lppkn tu under renovation la pulak..takpe sabar dear…bila period bulan ni terus kol dan alhamdulillah lab dah ok.

    hari ni day 2 sy mkn clomid. Friday next week saya u/sound kalau cukup telur dn saiznya besar InsyaAllah the next monday to buat iui.

    Entahla, dalam hati ni hepi..harap2 tk stress..harap2 Allah permudahkan…amin

    Kadang2 terfikir like kalau ada rezeki we will be mami n dedi..=)

    Tapi..semua tu urusan Allah..amin..kalau gagal kali ni pun saya dah tekad akan teruskan lg..x mau give up..=)

  • 1st IUI tomorrow! sgt takut!

  • yani says:


    Apakah penjagaan yang sesuai selepas menjalani iui, ada pantang larang x?

  • Nur-A-Wahid says:

    As salam.. Sy salah seorang yg mjalani IUI dalam usaha sy utk dapatkan baby setelah 8 tahun bkahwin dan 4 kali keguguran. Sy buat treatment itu di Mahkota Medical Centre, Melaka. It costed me a lot, sbb sy diberikan dos yg tinggi untuk rawatan hormon. Sy buat injection hormon untuk diri sendiri selama 10 hari. It resulted 3 ‘developed’ eggs. Alhamdulillah. Dr. suntikkan sperm kepada ke3-3 telur.. lepas seminggu, check semula, memang saya mengandung.. alhamdulillah.. ke3-3-nya bercantum. After a few weeks.. hanya satu sja yg survive. Alhamdulillah.. sekarang anak sulong saya sudah berusia 8 tahun. Kegembiraan berganda sbb selepas melahirkan anak sulong 2 1/2 bulan, sy disahkan mengandung lagi (secara normal). Dapat la sepasang.. yg kedua sudah 7 tahun…

  • Qamariah says:

    As Salam Little Mama n all…
    Just nak tya, i just done my IUI last friday 8/7/11…this week rasa perut buncit sangat..++rasa ngilu and so much uncomfortable di bhgn abdomen bawah…Is it normal? doc pun ada prescribed me with duphaston..i just wonder maybe bcoz of that pil make me feel all sorts of symptom..Hope to share ur opinion regardg ths..

  • Shahrul says:

    Salam semua,
    Saya seorang suami dah 2 tahun berkahwin, sebelum ini isteri pernah mengandung setelah 8 bulan kahwin tapi keguguran setelah 3 bulan.
    Sejak itu, wife tak pernah pregnant lagi. ada kah urutan untuk rahim wanita akan membantu dan di mana saya boleh buat pemeriksaan kesuburan air mani?

  • tini says:

    Salam pada semua,

    Saya baru kahwin bulan jan 2011, setakat ni tak pernah pregnant and doctor sahkan ada endo di kedua-dua ovari. nak tanya littlemama apa prospek untuk pregnant? saya 30thn dan ada cuba makan traditional med, tapi tak berkesan. hubby tak tau lagi pasal ni. risau betul. mesti kena operate ke dan apa cara terbaik utk pregnant lepas tu? IUI atau IVF? sedih tengok semua orang di sekeliling pregnant macam tu je, tapi diri ni susah. Maybe tuhan nak uji dulu…

    neway, a very gud website for all TTC…Saya rasa lifted up lepas baca komen rakan-rakan seperjuangan. Doakan untuk semua!!!


  • emily says:

    Saya nak tanya, kalau telur membesar sehingga 25mm adakah sudah cukup besar?
    Doktor ada cucuk untuk pecahkan telur dan minta saya bersama suami selepas 32 jam…
    Nak confirmation, telur yang dah pecah boleh bertahan berapa lama untuk disenyawakan?


  • athlea says:

    salam all,
    saye baru lps wat iui pada 27/10/11 aritu……tpi,unfortunately saye n hubby tak berjaya utk dpt baby kali ni….sedih yg amat sgt becos we alll sgt mengharap….keluar lak ‘bendera merah” kat kg plak tu time raye haji ni…sedihnye ALLAH sahaja yg tau..tpi apekan daya KUASA ALLAH mengatasi segala-galanya…blom tibe lgi rezeki sye utk dptkn baby kali ni..
    kak littlemama,
    nk tanye la,mmg after kite wat iui if failed,darah akan byk kuar ke eh?saye rasa mcm kali ni byk sgt….ke sbb telur2 saye aritu byk ye…rase mcm berketul2 kuar…rase bdn pon penat n letih…

    one more thing,brp lame ye jarak utk wat iui ke-2?


    • @athlea, kalau darah banyak tu biasa sebab masa IUI kan kita diberi ubat untuk kuatkan rahim sebagai persediaan untuk mengandung… kena teruskan makan folik asid dan juga makan zat besi & vitamin B untuk ganti darah dan bagi tenaga pada badan..

      boleh buat IUI kali kedua dalam cycle seterusnya..

      just call LPPKN untuk set appointment secepat mungkin.

  • eswari says:

    saya dah kahwain 3 tahun..belum dapat anak..selepas kahwin kena makan ubat baru datang bulan ..saya teringin nak buat iui dekat hostital kerajaan klang ..saya nak tahu cara daftar.

  • qqq says:

    Hi Little Mama,

    I married almost 1 year but still didn’t get pregnant. After checking,doctor said my husband with low sperm count and low mobility.Just want to know if this is the case, is it possible to do IUI?or only can do IVF? Hope can get some info from u cos i really dunno what 2 do now.thx

  • Sarinamary says:

    Me & husband went to LPPKN Ipoh, went through all the test, soc say no prob at all. Just i m with 1 side tiub fillopian, another side removed on my 2nd miscariage (etopic pregnancy). So the doc suggest IUI. I did my IUI on 26/9. After did lots of side effect, sembelit, lower abdomen pain, kaki bengkak & etc. Doc s give duphaston day 1 & nite 1. It is normal? I m so worried, hubby 100% confident yg i mengandung. My appoinment next week 17/10/2012.

  • VIVI says:

    hi…i did my IUI on 7/8/2013 and until today 11/9/2013, i didnt get my period…i did UPT at home but doesnt positive… im worried..confious if im pregnant but cant detect coz very small? doctor ask me to wait… wht to do? tq

  • Rin says:

    Hai… Berapa kos u buat kt mmc? Sbb i esok nk pegi sana…;)

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