LPPKN – HSG (Hysterosalpingography)

If the husband’s sperms are in good conditions, it’s time to have a check on the wife.

HSG is primarily used to examine women who have difficulty becoming pregnant by allowing the radiologist to evaluate the shape and structure of the uterus, the openness of the fallopian tubes, and any scarring within the peritoneal cavity.

I went to Tawakal Hospital on 11th April 2007 for my HSG session. My appointment was at 11.30am. But I reached the hospital at 10.15am.

At 10.30am… The nurse called my name and told me that I need to wait because the set of equipment for my HSG procedure is still being “cooked”. Huh…cook? What a scary word! I think they’re just heating the equipment to sterilize them….

Anxiety made me visited the ladies a few times to ease myself…ha..ha..ha

Then…my time finally came!

The radiographer assistant ask me to remove my pant and wear a gown. I didn’t have to remove all my clothes for this procedure. Just the pant & panty.

Thank God… the doctor carrying the HSG is a lady!

The lady doctor was very kind and gentle. She understood my fear and concerns. Who will not fear when somebody is inserting some kind of instruments into your vagina?

I saw the stainless stell instruments on the table. It looks..huh… shiny.

The assistant mixed up some kind of liquid for the HSG. Then, she asked me to held my feet up. The doctor explained what is the procedure and why it is carried out. She assured that it is a painless procedure but I might experience a mild discomfort.

Then.. it started ……

I was placed on an x-ray table and the physician proceeded to place a speculum inside my vagina and insert a catheter with a tiny balloon past my cervix directly into my uterus. I was then placed under an x-ray machine where I could actually see my internal organs on the monitor.

A dye (contrast material) was then inserted via the catheter directly into my fallopian tubes. Doest it hurts? Not really. I only felt some sharp cramps when the contrast liquid began to fill my uterus.

A few x-rays were taken and then it’s over… at least I thought so. But… I was asked to lay down for another 20 minutes on the x-tray table. Alone.

The doctor took another x-rays and then, the HSG was completed.

I got dress and waited for the result.

After paying for the HSG test (RM180), I can claimed my x-tray photo and HSG result.

The following is the written result, signed by the doctor performing the HSG.

No plain film abnormality is seen

The uterus appears normal in size and shape

Both tubes are normal in calibre and peritoneal spill is seen on both sides

The delayed film shows loculated contrast around the tubes and left hemipelvis

Appearances suggest the presence of pelvic adhesions

I’m not a doctor but the first three points seem like a good news. When the peritoneal spill is seen on both sides, it means that there’s no blockage in both of my tubes.

But the word pelvic adhesions got me worried. What is pelvic adhesions? Can it cause infertility? I need to find that out soon!

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  • mzn says:

    I’ve been reading your blog since last year while searching for LPPKN, yet this is my first time to comment.thanks sbb byk bagi info about LPPKN…now i dah buat HSG and the result for uterus and tube semuanya ok..but the last statement made me worried…”the delayed film shows loculated contrast in the pelvis suggestive of the presence of pelvic adhesions”…i dah baca from internet pasal adhesions tu…benda tu mcm scar tissue kan?so from ur experience, ada masalah ke nak pregnant klu ada adhesions tu?i xpenah buat apa2 surgery pun sblm ni…so any info, let me know ya…thanks a lot…

    • littlemama says:

      hi mzn, yep.. usually adhesion pasal scar after operation.. but I also never did any operation before the HSG.. so I think maybe because I was so active in sports during my school/uni days (marathon, lumba lari lompat pagar, hockey, tae kwon do)..

      perhaps that affected my womb in a way la kot… by my doctor said nothing to be worried.. and true enough I still got pregnant after second IUI..

      so, please don’t think about it too much, be relax and continue your treatment… good luck!

  • mzn says:

    thanks ye littlemama…

  • dee says:

    Salam, thanks for the post.
    I did my hsg and unfortunately it’s been done by a male radiologist. what a humiliation!

    both my tubes are blocked. when i read the report, i felt very frightened. I’m waiting for my next appt with the doctor next week. wish me luck.

  • Arni says:

    Hi LittleMama,

    I baru semlm gi HSG kt Tawakal. I thought it’s gonna be painful, tapi tak da la sakit sgt. Just minor cramp macam period pain sekejap.

    My left tube okay, but my I got “Right tubal adhesion” whatever that means..

    Tak sabar pulak jumpa doktor pasni nak tanya mcm2.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      arni, jangan lupa tanya doktor pasal adhesion tu ye.. should not impact much your chances anyway..good luck

  • belle says:

    slm..its gud 2 hv frens in a same boat..hsg..dulu xprnh dgr psl ni..tp da buat appmt ngn lppn..this thursday gonna go 4 hsg test..wish me luck..

  • mtz says:

    nk tanya… after the hsg…
    leh gi kerja tak? my appointment kul 11.30… so im thinking not to take leave …

    hope you can advice

  • mtz says:

    ooh ok…
    thanks for the advice 😀
    esok my appointment for HSG

  • mtz says:

    thanks belle,
    just back from the hsg… the result looks normal to me.

    “No plain film abnormality is seen.
    Water soluble contrast is introduced into the genital tract via a cannula.
    The uterus appears normal in size and shape.
    Both tubes are normal in caliber and free peritoneal spill is seen on both sides.”

    Normal uterus and tubes.

  • mtz says:

    tp still dok having bleeding (spotting) till today… is it normal? dh 4 hari dh since my hsg

    • Little Mama™ says:

      mtz, see a doctor kalau terus bleeding..usually..after HSG little bleeding on the day itself only

  • mimi says:

    sy nk tanya, sblm kte bt HSG tp dh bersama dgn suami, nti ada effect x kt result HSG?

  • belle says:

    slm..hi,nk tnye sape prnh buat scan ovum?
    sakit x?
    prosedur die cmne?

    • belle, scan ovum tu nak check size telur.. usually scan melalui vagina (bukan scan perut).. tak sakit at all dear 😉

      scan ovum ni biasa doctor buat kalau you’re under fertility treatment.. lepas dah makan ubat subur clomid atau injek ubat gonal-f.. so doctor akan check ada berapa telur matang.. dan ukur saiz telur juga

      • mira says:

        salam,biasanye nk check saiz telur period hari yg ke berapa ek?tq

        • missza says:

          saya pernah buat ultrasound tu..slalu hari ke 12-13 telur dah keluar..Dalam hari ke 14-16 doc akan suruh dtg ukt cek saiz telurr..ade jugak telur matang lmbat dalm hari ke 18-20..saiz telur matang 18mm-20mm dan ke atas.

      • belle says:

        oo..tq little mama..feeling much better now..risau sbnrnye..1st time nk buat ultrasound tue..

  • Mazz says:

    u bru je bg idea utk i utk buat test HSG tu…
    tp rs takut la…
    brape byk u spending till succeed?

    • mazz, test HSG ni first step nak check apa yang tak kena dengan rahim kita.. the most important steps.

      kalau tak buat yang ni..tak guna buat treatment seterusnya.

      i think i spent dekat RM2,000 kot baru success (HSG, ubatan, 2 kali IUI etc)..now kos dah naik.. makin lama u tunggu makin mahal

  • yun says:

    Saya ade appointment wat HSG kat spital Putrajaya this coming 20th. tapi menjadi kemusykilan adalah appointment tuh dibuat in my mid-cycle which means time I nk ovulate (i normally ovulate on CD17-Cd19). The reason gave by the nurse “takde doktor dlm 13-17 Sept nih”..aiyoo..i felt was-was nk g sbb if i ter’ovulate’ 1-2 days before, does it affect telur yg kuo tuh. Boleh x bagi pandangan, should i cancel/proceed?tq

    • yun,

      HSG biasa buat right after period..not sure whether affect your eggs or not.. could be.. because the liquid and x-ray is going to be done..

      I think better get another date for HSG appointment.

  • asmaniza says:

    mama, thanks for the HSG info..
    erm..mcm mana nk buat appointment kt tawakal? kena walk in ke atau bule trus call??

  • marina says:

    I tengok u punya blog dah lama but this my 1st comment.I dah 3 kali gugur and my last baby deliver at 20/3/2010 tp meninggal tak cukup bulan 6 month baby keluar a live only for 4 days kat hospital sg buluh I been waiting for that baby after my 9 years i kahwin itu pun dengan secara tidak disangka-sangka. Baby keluar ok cuba baby tak boleh nak bernafas sendiri because to small. Now this I buat treatment kat DEMC dengan doktor Zamri cause Hospital Sg Buloh kata I boleh consive sendiri without any treatment tp tak kan I tunggu sampai bila umur pun makin lanjut.Based dgn apa yg u dah lalui u rasa patut I ke terus buat iui coz kat DEMC the cost very high………tp I tgh mkn ubat doktor yg diberi. On 1/11/2010 i have scan again to check my egg cause previous scan D12 paling besar 11mm.

    • marina, sorry to hear about your baby dear..

      pasal IUI tu.. actually u boleh jugak try sendiri dulu..kalau LPPKN pun dia bagi choices ini juga.. lepas scan telur can either proceed IUI atau try sendiri.. kalau nak try sendiri doctor akan bagi injection untuk release the egg and will advise you when (time) to have sex.

      kalau after scan telur you ada beberapa biji yang besar (cukup saiz).. maybe 3-4.. kemungkinan untuk berjaya IUI tu agak tinggi juga.. tapi kalau satu je tu I think better try sendiri dulu.

      anything.. please discuss with the doctor ye.

      kalau nak jimat kos maybe boleh cuba LPPKN.. good luck ye!

  • macherz says:

    salam..boleh ker kalo kite xpnah buat ape2 rawatan kesuburan pastu gi klinik trus cakap nak buat hcg?kalo buat hcg je bape yer?kalo hcg kat lppkn bpe yer?tq

  • diana_dina says:

    salam…nk mnt advice n oppunion..sy da sthn 2 bln kahwin n now not yet pregnent…sy x tahu cara utk bt pemeriksaan…bnyk sngt klinik pakar kt seremban ni tp takut nk pg cz x smua klinik yg btl2 pakar…..

  • sueaira says:

    nak tanye sesiapa yg tau, lepas HSG tu, kena berpuasa tak utk bersama suami?

  • Diana says:

    just to share my experience with HSG. it was a short procedure but my reaction to the treatment was not a good one. I felt pain during the insertion of dye. I took the advise of many and went back to work after the procedure, unfortunately I could only work for 2 hours after that and was on 2 days MC. I had severe cramps around the abdomen area and later had high fever. But my gyne mentioned it was normal for some people to react such.

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