LPPKN – Gonal-F (Follitropin alfa)

Since the fertility pills (Clomid) alone coulds help increase my egg counts, my doctor prescribed me with fertility injections (Gonal-F) together with the pills.

I searched the internet to learn more about the injection prescribed by my doctor.


Follitropin alfa is a synthetic form of the naturally-occurring follicle stimulating hormone produced by genetically-engineered Chinese hamster ovary cells. Follicle stimulating hormone is involved in the production and release of eggs from the ovary.

This medicine is used in the management of female infertility and assisted reproduction. It is also used, along with human chorionic gonadotrophin therapy, to increase sperm production in men.

The following are some of the side effects that are known to be associated with this medicine. Because a side effect is stated here, it does not mean that all people using this medicine will experience that or any side effect.

  1. Irritation in area of use
  2. Over stimulation of the ovaries causing production of many ova (eggs) in the woman.
  3. Blood clots in the blood vessels (thrombosis) that may detach and travel in the circulation to another area of the body (thromboembolism)
  4. Pregnancy with two or more foetuses

Waa… I’m going to be injected with Hamster’s hormone?

Gonal-f injections cost about RM100 per dose. The doctor may prescribed between 3 -5 injections per cycle, so be prepared with cash of at least RM500 (credit card is accepted).

You can choose whether to take the medicine to a clinic near your house so that the doctor/nurse will do the injection on you or else, your husband carry out the injection.

We decided to do self-injection because it’s not worth travel to the clinic every two nights. You see, the injections need to be done once in two nights at the exact same time. Let’s say you first injected at 9pm, then the following injections must also be done at the 9pm.


These are some of the Gonal-f that I took!

The nurse will teach how to prepare the Gonal for injections and how/which spot to inject. Usually, they’ll ask you to inject around 1 inch under the belly button. The medicine must be mix properly but don’t worry, once you do this, you’ll become an expert like my husband!

He really enjoys pricking the fine needle on my belly. Is it hurts? Yes, a little when the syringe is pushed to inject the medicine.

Hubby Preparing Gonal-f Mixture

Hubby Preparing The Gonal-f Mixture!

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  • leya says:

    salam…hi..banyak nyer baper cycle/kotak try nih….saya dari sebelum kawin pun amik treatment cause cycle menstrual tak betul then to prevent endermetreosis.say adah amik banyak cycle clomid..x jalan then dah buat hsg….latest amik 2 cycle/kotak Gonal-F…still 0…..frustrated gak….hasilnyer ovari membengkak je..dua kali ganda dari normal…normal..1.5cm ..saya 4cm..hmmm..that all to share…

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