LPPKN – Fertility Treatment

I’ve mentioned somewhere in my blog that I conceived through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). Yeap, after trying to have a baby through the natural way for 3 years, we decided it was time to get some help.

I’ll be re-writing back some posts from my old blog about fertility treatment at LPPKN. I hope this can be a good guide for couples who want to get help but don’t know what to do.

There are many ways to help you get pregnant. For example, massage by mak bidan to correct the location of your uterus (rahim), traditional herbs and roots, homeopathy medicines, fertilitily pills, IUI and lastly IVF.

I’ve tried the traditional massage, traditional herbs and roots, fertility pills and the last one, IUI.

So, what is LPPKN?

LPPKN stands for Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (National Population and Family Development Board). It is a government-run fertility centre located at Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur.

This is the place where childless couple can get help at a far cheaper cost than private hospitals.

Here are the procedures of getting fertility treatment at LPPKN.

  1. Call LPPKN at 603-2693 7555 and set an appointment for your first visit. I called LPPKN sometimes in December 2006 and got an appointment on 22nd February 2007! Such a long wait means a LOT of couples are having the same problem as us!!
  2. I heard some couple have to wait for 6-7 months for an appointment. So, be patience because obviously you’re not alone.
  3. During the first appointment, you’ll ask to register yourself. Then, your husband will be asked to produce some sperms for the Sperm Analysis. Cost is only RM25 for registration and RM10 for Sperm Analysis (SA). This process will take about half-a-day.
  4.  You’ll get the SA result within one hour. If the SA turns good (the sperms are healthy, no abnormality and good count), you’ll be set for another appointment for blood test. If SA is not OK, your husband will be ask to come again at a set date (three weeks later) for a repeat Sperm Analysis.
  5. If SA is ok, you’ll be ask to call for an appointment as soon as you have your period. You’ll need to go to LPPKN again for a blood test, any day from 1st day period to 5th day. This process will take only one hour and cost RM60.
  6. The nurse will give you an x-ray form and ask you to call Tawakal Hospital for an HSG appointment. I’ll talk about HSG later. The HSG need to be done on your 9th-10th day of period. The HSG cost RM180.
  7. Then, you’ll set another appointment with LPPKN for another blood test. This process will take only one hour and cost RM30. All the blood tests are done to monitor your hormone level in a month cycle.
  8. You will be asked to wait for your next period. The first day of your period, you must call LPPKN to set an appoinment with a doctor. Normally you’ll need to see the doctor on the 4th day of your period. You can request for a lady doctor if you wish. For appointment, please call them after 2.30pm.
  9. The doctor will explain what is your problem and ways to correct. If your tube is not block, the doctor will prescribed fertility drugs to you. You can choose whether to try for yourself first or direct do the IUI. Cost for doctor consultancy & drugs is only RM46.50.
  10. If you choose to do IUI, you will set another appoinment with your doctor on the 11th day of your period. This is to scan/ultra sound for checking the availability of your eggs! If there are more than 4 eggs available, the doctor will proceed with IUI on the 13th day of your period.

If you choose to do-it-yourself, the doctor will explain when is the best date & time to have sex.

Note: I tried two IUIs and suceeded in the second attempt.

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  • pyng says:

    Thanks for your guide… It is very informative 🙂
    My husband and I are both looking forward to our first appointment at LPPKN on next Monday (19/1/2009). We have been married for more than 4 years, I only managed conceived once but had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. My heart sank when I read about the miscarriage you recently encountered. Though it’s been almost a year since my miscarriage and I have healed physically but emotionally it never healed. I guess it’s because I still longing to have a child of my own.
    Wish me luck.

    little mama::
    hi pyng.. i understand what you feel… i’m happy that my writing is helping you.. so I wish you good luck.. chaiyok.. chayok

    • pyng says:

      Thanks little mama.. I’ve finally conceived 🙂 I’m 16 wks pregnant now under Dr Ghafar’s treatment… It probably wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t come across your blog early last year. I just want to thank u so much, muack!!

      • pyng, congrats dear!! take care of yourself and the little one..i’m very happy for you!

      • siti norarliza says:

        apa sebenar masalah yg tak dapt pregnant tu.. kak ni ada PCOS. ada tak org yang berjaya pregnant kalau ada PCOS

        • asmah says:

          @siti norarliza,

          saya PCOS alhamdulilah buat rawatan kat LPPKN guna suntikan menonys, tak sempat nak buat iUI dah pregnant alhamdulilah

  • Mel says:

    Just wondering how much is it to do the IUI treatment?

    little mama
    hi mel,
    saya ada buat summary total cost yg saya bayar untuk 4 kali percubaan (2 kali mkn/injek ubat + 2 kali IUI).. IUI ni yg mahal sikit ubat injection nak bagi telur banyak tu (depend berapa kali dr suruh injek ubat – satu ubat untuk satu suntikan masa tu RM106 (so 4 kali injek ubat = 4×106 = 424).. kos buat IUI hanya RM100… jadi jumlah kos sekali treatment IUI + ubat.. around RM500 la..

    sperm analysis, blood test & Hsg 315.00 in Apr 07 (kos permulaan checkup)
    self-done + medications (clomid only) 138.10 in May 07 (tak berjaya)
    self-done + medications (gonal-f + clomid) 544.10 in Jun 07 (tak berjaya)
    IUI + medications (gonal-f + clomid) 798.10 in July 07 (tak berjaya)
    IUI + medications (gonal-f + clomid) 571.10 in Aug 07 (sukses!!)

    TOTAl RM 2,366.40

  • Regine says:


    how long the whole process took, from the date you seek treatment until you successfully conceived?

    Actually would like to thank you for putting this in net, so that ppl like me able to know how the whole process is about. Really thank you!!


  • littlemama says:

    regine, I started in April 08 and got pregnant in Sept 08.. so about 5-6 months.

  • meyrina says:

    salam littlemama…
    thanks for the complete info about the treatment at lppkn..your success give me new hope to hv my own baby….
    i’ve just started the treatment…waiting to see the doctor..

    do you take any other medicine other than the doctor advice?? such as alpha lipid..biodex or maharani pills?? will such medicine affect our treatment with the doctor??? just need your opinion….

    thanks again… 😀 😀

  • littlemama says:

    no..i strictly took only as prescribed by doctor (no biodex or any other medicine).. i advised u not to take anything else because the drinks/pill with fertility medicine might cause imbalance to your hormone..

    if want to try biodex etc.. do it months before IUI or if no success in IUI..

    don’t mix coz it could be dangerous to your health.. u can your doctor for opinion okey..

  • meyrina says:

    thanks for your advice…

  • Nur Ivy says:

    I’m 38 and had gone thru 5 miscarriage in 10 years. the last was just las week. The foetus stop growing verytime at abt 6weeks. Hv not been thorougly investigated. Need some advice on the next course of action……help….

    Currently seeing Dr. Ummul in UMRA Clinic in Shah Alam. Thought of going to LPPKN, any suggestions?
    Time is running our for me.


    • littlemama says:

      nur ivy, if foetus stop growing that means your pregnancy hormon is not enough to support the growth of the foetus.. this normally happens for women with imbalance hormone.

      i think you should go to LPKKN because the monitor your hormon before and after period.. my case was also due imbalance hormon.. so after IUI and got pregnant, doctor gave me some Duphaston to sustain the pregancy until I was like 4 months..

      8 months after giving birth to my baby, i got pregnant naturally but miscarried at 11 weeks which i believe because of my pregnancy hormon not enough to keep the baby (i didn’t take any Duphaston in 2nd pregnancy).

      just go and see Dr Hamizah or Dr Komathy at LPPKN.

      • NOORRIZAH says:

        dr.hamizah di hospital likes?
        saya sudah pun dftar checking kesuburan sperm suami saya. dan temujanji 9-9-2013 ini..
        bagaimana proses iui ini berkesan atau tidak?
        umur saya mahu masuk 30 december ini..
        sekiranya kesuburan sperm suami saya tidak subur atau erti lain mandul apa ada peluang tidak saya mendapat bantuan rawatan lain untuk masalah kami untuk mendapatkan anak di hospital likas? tq.

  • Amanda says:

    Good day to u!

    I have been going thru follow ups and steps on getting pregrant.
    I have finally arranged for an appointment at LPPKN coming week.
    Im just married for 1 year and could ger pregnant due menstrual problem after my marriage. I had only 3 period for this year and that was in Jan, Mar and July 2009. Would this be helped at LPPKN?

    • littlemama says:

      amanda, yes! LPPKN is a complete facility for treating infertility.. seems like you’re having hormon problems.. so go get help please..

      • Amanda says:

        Littlemama, thank you for the support.
        How was your process went thru ?

        • littlemama says:

          amanda, well, they ask about your period history and to do HSG so can check any blockage in tube or not.. then get blood test to see hormone level etc..

          it was a smooth one actually.

          • Amanda says:

            Hi little mama,

            I went to LPPKN and gone thru the SA, which resulted as fine.
            They gave me the DUPHASTON pill for 7 days for period.
            On period duration, they have requested me and my husband to go for blood test and HSG X ray at Tawakal. They have given the form. Now as I have completed the pill and waiting for period.

          • littlemama says:

            amanda, that’s good! HSG will show if there is any problem with your uterus/fallopian tube.

  • lya says:

    time kasih sbb promote LPPKN yer litle mama,,,
    i’m one of LPPKN staff rasa bangga sgt,
    i’m lab staff in LPPKN, truskan usaha murni anda..
    caiyok little mama..

    • littlemama says:

      lya, thanks!

    • Fira Hazlina says:

      Hi PPLKN Staff & Little Mama,
      Saya tahun depan akan berusia 40thn. sekarang hanya mempunyai anak berusia 13tahun.
      Agak2nya PPLKN masih mahu melayan org yang berusia seperti saya ke jika saya cuba ke sana.
      Tentang Kos, berapa anggaran yang perlu saya standby untuk proses awal…. buat masa ni itu aje la soalannya.


  • Amanda says:

    Little mama,

    How long will it take for period after completing the pills

    • littlemama says:

      amanda, i’m not sure about taking duphaston to get a period as my period is regular, perhaps you can call LPPKN to ask (also better if ask about this when you see the doctor)

      If you still do not period after a week, do check back with them ya.

  • Amanda says:

    Hi little mama,

    good morning!
    I had my period a week later, and had gone in for the blood test.
    Tomorrow would be the HSG xray.
    Would that x ray be painful?

    • littlemama says:

      amanda, HSG is not painful but you would feel a bit uncomfortable as they will inject some blue liquid inside you for the x-ray… just don’t think about it and it will over in 10 minutes

  • Amanda says:

    Hi littlemama,

    good morning. i did went thru the HSG xray. It has completed.
    It was very uncomfortable. Doctors report says that everything is fine and healthy. But I was bleeding after the xray. But the pain was there until evening and now back to normal.

    • littlemama says:

      amanda, congrats! you’ve done the 1st step that is to check if anything wrong with your uterus.. now that everything looks fine and healthy you will have great chances to get a baby.

      seems it is confirmed that yours is about the hormon imbalance so don’t worry, LPPKN can handle that

  • Amanda says:

    littlemama, u made me 🙂
    thanks for the supportive words.
    I have got blood test on 14th september
    and then i guess i have to be on pills to get my period and then see doctor

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Littlemama,

    Advanced wishes for Hari Raya

    I went for my 2nd blood test to check on pregnancy.
    Doctors appointment should be next month.
    Is it a must to choose selfdone before IUI / can I just choose IUI?

    • littlemama says:

      amanda, the doctor will give you a choice – DIY or IUI. So, yes.. you can directly go for IUI

      • weina says:

        Thanks to littlemama.. your input is very useful for me. I have been trying to get baby for past 4 year but not successful. Heard about LPPKN, and have set appointment with them on 2/10. Oh ya.. I did went for Fibroid Operation a year ago… takut jugak because there is possible the fibroid to grow back

        I really in hurry to get the possible treatment to get pregnant

        Amanda, can you tell me the cost of your treatment

        • littlemama says:

          weina, glad that my little tips help .

          yes, don’t delay getting treatment ya.. wish you lots of luck!

        • Amanda says:

          Hello Ladies,

          Im back, My 1st IUI was not succesful as I had period just 1 day before my checkup with LPPKN.
          That was very sad…. Everything happens for a reason and also it depends on our individual hormone….
          Im not going to give up…
          Im planning for a second IUI..maybe next month… but before that I need to go and buy the period pills from LPPKN sumwhere this month.

          Total cost is about RM1k +++…. But you are going to pay a wholesum in a day…Every checkup u need to pay about RM100++, Medicine and injection are costly which could come up around RM 500++ depending on individuals…
          But the nurse will always advise on how much to bring along for every visit.
          You may start planning accordingly.
          Good luck to you!!!
          Don’t give up in any circumstances….

          • Little Mama™ says:

            amanda, sorry to hear that but please don’t give up dear.. you’re right.. everything happens for a reason.. perhaps God want us to appreciate our child much more when it’s hard to get it.. compare with those people who easily got pregnant and throw away/murder their babies *i hate them so much!*

            hu..hu sorry got a bit emotional about this stuff.

            anyway, good luck ya amanda!

  • malsya says:

    Thanks littlemama for publishing ur lppkn experiences on the net..it is very useful..in fact i just called lppkn today and they had set my first appointment next week..sgt pantas and the staff was very helpful even we just communicate on the phone..hopefully the treatment will be blessed with very good news for me and hubby..

    Trillion thanks to your dear!!

    • littlemama says:

      malsya, you’re very lucky to get an immediate appointment and that’s very good! wish you with lots of luck ok.

  • cilla says:

    I’m very excited to finally found an interesting detailed blog like yours about infertility and it’s treatment. I have been married for 3 years and trying to conceive. My hubby’s job require him to go outstation for 3 weeks every month and that leaves one week for us to be together. Chances of us being together at the right time every month is very less. He usually be around during my non-fertile period…But sometimes he will be away for 2 months straight.Now we are desperate to have a baby.Since Feb this year, we started seeing a specialist and found out that my hubby has low sperm count. so he started taking his medication for 2 months and then dr started giving me clomid. I was on clomid for 8 months now(actual is 6 month as I skipped 2 months without clomid and last 2 month the dr had increased my dose from 50mg to 100mg).And only last month did the dr do some tests on me like pap smear and transvaginal ultrasound. Each visit to the dr cost me more than rm200 and even TVS alone cost me about RM100!I think there are few tests that the dr has not done on me like HSG or checking for endometriosis. FYI, I have very regular period of 28 days cycle and blood test hormone seemed normal.
    This month my period was 3 days late (never happen before) and I was devastated when it finally came to show its ugly head today. I was hoping to get pregnant by this year. 🙁
    Anyway, my hubby and I was thinking to find another dr at cheaper cost. Currently my hubby is away outstation again for another 3 weeks. I recently quit my job just to be with him hoping that one of these months I will get lucky! BTW, I’m living in Sabah and I wish I can go to this LPPKN like you mentioned. I wonder if Sabah has one too?
    Now I’m thinking of finding a job again but then chances of being together with my hubby at the right time will be lesser (or diminished I guess..)…I wish he can find a job that requires him to stay. Well, we talked about it before but he really into his job now as the pay is overwhelming. But money can’t buy happiness!!
    Now i’m in dilemma whether to find a job now and wait for chances to come by(don’t know when…)or find a job later (until i have no more money left…)and keep on trying naturally and be with my hubby whenever possible. I missed my job…( I have a little regret for quitting but for BABY sake, someone has to sacrifice!)Now, I’m following my hubby outstation and even though I’m not ‘doing’ anything, but travelling from one place to another constantly really tiring.
    FYI again, before seeing doctor, I had traditional massage and had tried traditional product too (recommended by my mum in law).Any good plans from anyone?Frankly, I think I have lost patience now.We are also trying to adopt but the list is soooooooo looooooonnnggg…. 😯
    Anyway,i felt relief after pouring it all out and hopefully one of these days I have good news.I’m just envy at all my friends now because they don’t have any problem at all conceiving. Now most of them are having baby number 2! well, it’s GOD plan I guess. Babydust to all who are still trying!!

    • Little Mama™ says:

      hi cilla,

      i really do understand deeply how you feel.. sometimes we feel so depressed about this and need to pour out all our concerns and feelings to someone.

      it’s okay to be sad, angry, frustrated etc.. but please do not let all those negative feeling stop you from trying again and again.. let go the feeling and be positive as your emotional states could also affect your hormone… i know it’s hard not to think about it but please try.

      because of the nature of your husband’s job, i think you have made the best choice to quit working so can be with him at all time..forget about working for couple of months and focus on getting pregnant instead..

      here’s something you can do to increase your chances

      1. take Evening Primrose Oil capsules everyday
      2. take Folid Acid everyday (Folic Acid is requires to maintain a healthy baby but you need to have that in your body before your conceive)
      3. know when you’re fertile..easy to see from your cervical mucous (like egg whites during ovulation)
      4. take cough syrup containing Guaifenesin few days before you’re fertile (i know this sounds odd but Guaifenesin can help to thin cervical mucous so sperms can travel to your egg faster)

      anyway, Sabah also has LPPKN.. here is the address, perhaps you can try to call and ask about IUI treatment

      Pusat Pentadbiran LPPKN
      Business Suite Lot A-3-1 & A-3-2,
      Tingkat 3, Blok A
      Plaza Tg.Aru, Jalan Mat Salleh,
      88100 Likas,
      Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
      Tel: 088-261497

      and please don’t giveup!

      • cilla says:

        Wow! Thank you very much Little Mama…you are very helpful.I never heard of taking syrup cough also help. But its worth trying anyway. Thanks for the info about LPPKN…I guess you really have done thorough research about this. I’ll contact them as soon as possible and see how it goes.
        I’m glad you felt the same way too about concentrating on getting pregnant. I have to choose between resuming my career or focusing on baby making. It’s already been 3 months since I quit my job and still not conceived.LPPKN is my only hope I guess…the doctor that I’m visiting now cost us about RM22,000 for IUI treatment alone…unbelievable…
        Anyway, I think it’s good to have a forum like this that is so informative. It makes me realize that I am not alone after all. I just can’t wait to go through the check ups again (errggh…)and hope to get over it soonest possible. Time will wait for no man (and woman), biological clock is ticking fast…I’ll just keep my mind positive and open (I hope my yoga meditation helps…)
        😉 Did I tell you that I’m 33 y/o? Gosh…time is really short…I may not have high chance to conceive if I wait longer. Yes, I’ll keep that in mind – baby first! OMG, I’m driving myself nuts just keep thinking about it.Oh well,it’s never too late to try…thanks again for the comforting advice..I really need it…

        • Little Mama™ says:

          cilla, RM22,000 for an IUI treatment? Gosh, that is so very expensive.. are u sure it’s for IUI? For that price you can get two times IVF (bayi tabung uji) treatment at government hospital or LPPKN.

          IUI at LPPKN only cost RM500+ per treatment. Read more about IUI


          Usually fertiliy treatment follow this step. If not successful then go to the next step

          1. clomid + natural sex
          2. clomid + gonal-f + natural sex
          3. clomid + gonal-f + IUI
          4. clomid + gonal-f + other meds + IVF

          IUI only take the sperms out and washed it (filter) before put in your womb

          IVF takes both sperms and egg out and put in test tube. Then, plant the embryo in your womb (most expensive).

          Good luck ya Cilla!

  • cilla says:

    Oh yes Little Mama..22K just for IUI treatment only…
    I did call LPPKN but unfortunately it’s only available in peninsular. But fortunately, the local hospital here also provide IUI service but with doctor’s referral of coz.
    I went to see our doctor again yesterday and guess what…He stopped my clomiphene for next 2 months and have me go for HSG in the hospital in these 2 months. Well, I’m kinda nervous with all these investigation going on especially when they need to ‘poke’ something up in your ‘business’….reading too much stuff on the internet …the doctor actually ask me whether to go for HSG or laparascopy…i chosed HSG…hope everything will be fine…
    This afternoon I was watching ellen degeneres show and all her audience were pregnant mommies!!!Gosh…baby bumps everywhere!!!Y everyone else is pregnant but not me….hahah..paranoia…
    well, I’ll just wait n see what happen next…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      cilla, yes.. i have enough of the ‘poking’ thing during HSG/IUI and when I was miscarried for 2nd baby…anyway.. just don’t think much and it will pass in minutes.

      ha ah.. baby bumps everywhere? i know how it feel! envy to the max.. I really do hope you’ll blessed with a baby soon.. let me know the progress ok?

    • rainie stewart says:

      Dear Cilla,
      Why LPPKN dont have any IUI treatment? What u mean abt get HSG At hospital where? Is it HSG and IUI is the same? can you call me 0168358140.. i want to share with you abt this couse i hav same problem like you. Of coz im 11 yrs married already and still dot have baby until now.. im more upset than you i think..
      But Plz call me okaay. Im in Sabah Inanam

      • cilla says:

        Hi rainie,

        IUI treatment is also available in Likas Hospital but first, you need to do thorough checkups to rule out infertility. Get the doctor’s letter first. HSG is something like xray of your reproduction system to see if there is any blockages or other abnormality. IUI is where they inject the sperm straight into your eggs. Well, that’s the picture. FYI Little Mama, I have not gone thru HSG because of lack of manpower in the hospital (unbelievable..)I have started calling the hospital since dec last year but no doctor is available until March. Well, since I have started working on a new job, I don’t think I have that much time to do the test. I’m almost losing hope too but I just want to keep an open mind. May be one day miracle will happen.

        Don’t worry rainie. We are not alone after all. It’s God’s will and try to accept whatever is happening. Just don’t stop trying and praying.

  • Sara says:

    I have just stumbled upon your blog today as i was doing some research on LPPKN. But at the moment their website is under maintenance so i checked out other websites. I found your website very informative. Thank you very much for sharing such detailed information, as it would make it easier for couples like me to find out about these things. It also set our expectations right. I know you have not gone for IVF as u got pregnant at IUI stage (Congrats!) but Would you have an idea of how much they would charge for IVF?

    • Little Mama™ says:

      sara, hi there! IVF at LPPKN or government hospital would be around RM10,000.. you may need to check with them to confirm as the exact price depends on your womb health

  • weina says:


    I have done with first blood test and next week 27/10 will be my HSG. Hope everything goes well… I really praying to GOD!

    Just wondering what happen to Amanda. 🙂

    Cilla, I gone through the same feeling/situation as you mentioned… we need just to be patience… but I knew that its not that simple as the advise…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      weina, that’s great! everything will be just fine! I will pray for you too

      I think Amanda is going through her first treatment. Hope she will come here and update

  • nad says:

    Hi, glad that I found this blog. i felt like crying to know that I’m not alone in this world – depressed from the situation which is unable to conceived. I’m married, but after 1 month of marriage, I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage 4. I do not know anything about this as I never felt any pain. my depression begins. I feel very sad, useless. I really feel useless to my hubby. Currently I’m on an infertility treatment at HKL. Done my first IUI, but it failed. My endometriosis grows again. I simply cannot focus in my life now. feel very depressed. Hope I can go to LPPKN to speed up the process and help me to conceive faster.
    .-= nad´s last blog post..SHAWL EKSKLUSIF =-.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      nad, i also got endometriosis (stage 3 i think) diagnosed during the birth of my baby.. i also didn’t feel any pain before.

      i know the feeling.. please don’t let the sadness stop your from trying again.. and try not to be so stressful coz it could affect your hormon.

  • honey says:

    Hi..honey here..I’m married for more thn 5 years..nw my age 29,slim figure,very active but…..still trying really hard to get conceive ..
    Last 2 years,I’v undergo operation to get rid cyst/endometeorosis in my right ovarian,few month after the operation, I got pregnant but it wz otopic pregnancy my left tube had been removed since then…me feel suffered of course,with lotz of marks on my tummy..Smtime I feel sad seeing ppl tht easily pregnant but never appreciate their child..
    Maybe this is God will but I still trying lotz of way to get pregnant such take medication for fertility treatment,massage,cupping,homeopathy treatment,accupuncture and name it all i’v tried..Now I undergo treatment at LPPKN for another try..till now I just prayed to God really hope that miracle happened…to all out there,you r not alone..dun give up..keep tryin and all the best

  • weina says:

    Thanks Honey!…. I’ll pray for you.. hopefully both us will be mom soon!

    Little mama.. i went trough HSG, my right tube, the liquid flows well but my left tube has slow flowing… this means my both tubes not blocked… waiting for next blood test on 9/11…

  • lynda says:

    Its good to know that I’m not alone. Its close to 5 yrs and I’m approaching 30. My sis dah ada anak 6 mths (conceived lps kawin). I’m very very depressed. Just got into an argument with my mom – I tak tao tukar lampin .. MMGLAH!!! I aunty yg sekali sekala jaga anak sedara. If I hv my own anak .. Sure lah dah pandai!!! Urghh I’m sooooo stressed. I’m going for my second IUI process tmrw. 1 miscarriage 2 yrs ago – blighted ovum, 1 failed IUI last year at DSH. Costed me close to 3k as I had to use 3 syrnge of gonalF. This time try kat UH and I’m also doing BBT charting. Wish me luck on this IUI..

    • Little Mama™ says:

      lynda, RM3k for IUI is very expensive.. i use 5 syringe of gonal-f but only pay RM500+… IUI procedure only RM100+.. at LPPKN.

      anyway, it’s good that you keep on trying.. i will pray for you… good luck and hope that this time around it is a success!

  • yolanda says:

    hi littlemama
    just found your website this morning…when i google for TAFF. I have been married for 3 years plus.

    I have been on clomid before, failed and give up on clomid already.
    Starting earlier this year…berurut with mak bidan for a few times and currently on tradisional pill, sendayu tinggi.

    My husband sperm count is low, and planning to seek for another doctor advise.

    I am also going through the same experiences with the rest of the senasib readers..when i read all the comments here….cant help it…tears just flow freely..

    I just check the LPPKN kuching…given is the pejabat pentadbiran address…will try to check it out…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      yolanda, have u tried IUI? it increase the chances of sperms getting to the egg.. i suggest you check with LPPKN or government hospital as these 2 are far cheaper than private… good luck!

      • yolanda says:

        little mama,
        i will try IUI for my next cycle. i will go for private clinic. The doctor told me before she charge rm500 for IUI.
        Can you share your experience after the IUI procedure, i mean after the sperms are injected into the uterus, we go back straight or have to stay for a while? any restriction of activity??

  • lynda says:

    Yeah.. Its expensive.. That was at a pte hospital. Tu yg kali ni try kay UH. Not badlah. But IVF kena bua kat HUKM. UH stopped its IVF process sbb not good environment, with all the construction going on.. Anyway, I’ve also called TAFF- the news on sundaynite tu tak betul. They hv not increased the eligibility from household income 4k to 10k

  • Liana says:

    Salam LitleMama,

    I stumbled to ur page while browsing for IUI procedure..coz me n hubby is planning to do so during my next cycle..been married 3 yrs..but no rezeki..yet..FYI, ive been seing a pte gynae n we both have done the tests..sperm count, HSG, clomid..etc..things seems normal..even with clomid pun it didnt seem to work..byk gak ler abis duit coz its pte..consult pun around rm200..tu belum all the test costs..huhu..so, Im wondering if I can switch to LPPKN..bring my results..skip the tests n perhaps go straight for IUI..btw, do u know if pte hospital can release my file to lppkn?

    thanks in advance littlemama! 🙂

    • Little Mama™ says:

      liana, yes.. you can switch to LPPKN.. just ask the doctor at private hospital for a copy of your record file and bring them to LPPKN.. LPPKN will want to see all your previous treatment records.

      since you already done all the preliminary checks, you can direct do IUI.. LPPKN only need to see all the record first.. let them know when you call for appointment and they will advise the necessary

  • lynda says:

    Liana, I had to pay the pte hospital to get them to release the results. The thing is, you hv to check the rpt, bcoz some key information that LPPKN/ other doc need are not written. I didn’t realize this until the doc pointed out.

  • Liana says:

    i c..thanks little mama for the info! lynda..how much that u hv to pay them?..ish..thats our info..tu pun kena byr ke?..btw, what sort of key info that i need to ensure properly written on the rpt?..i think this time around..im gonna proceed with pte hosp. dulu kot..coz my mens is due next week..heh..dah x sabar nak buat IUI 🙂 kalau x jd..then we’ll prob transfer to lppkn la kot..poket makin nipis tiap kali jumpa dr..huhu..

  • weina says:


    Ok done the last blood test. Now waiting for next period and then need to call LPPKN. I dont know which doctor to choose. i saw there were 3 doctors..? Will you able to advise? confuse too whether should go to IUI straight or self done with some medication.. puzzled!

    • Little Mama™ says:

      hi weina, i advise u to choose a lady doctor (2 out of 3 are ladies).. either Dr Komathi (my doctor) or Dr Hamizah.. or if you don’t know just mention you want a female doctor and the nurse will assign any lady doc to u (just like i did).

      i think better u do IUI straight away becoz possibility to get baby higher than self done with clomid.. i advised from experience (i tried twice self done but no success, then later do IUI).. i waste some months trying there

  • weina says:

    Little Mama,
    I did call LPPKN to set an appointment and now they said both lady doctor is not available and only Dr Ghafar is available. Moreover, they said that once we choose doctor, cannot change… I waited for this time and now ???!
    If still want female doctor, then must wait for next month..Again puzzled

    • Little Mama™ says:

      weina, it’s alright to go for a male gynae as well.. well, we could be feeling uncomfortable in the beginning but it’s worth to put aside and go on *just don’t think about it – i know how it feel because I was checked by male gynae couple of times when I miscarried*

  • weina says:

    I went and met Dr Ghafar. He explained in detail and the problem was on me – my progesterone hormone is very low. If I were to pregnant , high chances to have miscarriage. So next month doctor advise to go for IUI.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      weina, good luck with IUI! i also has low hormone level so they gave me some duphastons to keep the pregancy until 5 months.

  • Diya says:

    Little Mama,
    I’m just so glad that I’m not alone facing all this challenges in the effort of trying to get my own child. Little about me – After 1 year of marriage (2006), I was diagnosed with PCOS (2007) and there begin my journey of fighting infertility. May 2007, went for ovarian drilling operation which is believe to cure my PCOS syndrome, yup my period came quite consistent but still I was not pregnant. Dec 2008 – My first IUI treatment which cost me almost 3K, but it ended up with failure. Feb 2009 – I was confirmed pregnant by natural method with no drugs or wat so ever injection..but sadly I miscarriaged at close to 12 weeks..my lowest point of life ( I’m sure you know the feeling) in fact I will still cry when I think back all the pain that I’ve gone through..but I thank god at least I was given a chance to feel pregnant..Dec 2009-I’ve decided to go to LPPKN and in fact today when I call they have asked me to come this Monday for husband sperm check and maybe next appointment for my blood test ( exactly like what you mentioned in your writing).I know its a long wait but I’m ready for all this, I have so much hopes and dreams to be a mother that I’ll keep trying till all my dreams come true..God Willing. Sorry its a bit long but its kinda of nice to share with someone who understand : ) …thanks and do pray for me.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      Diya, yes, i know the feeling because i also miscarried at 11 week for 2nd baby… good for this monday and i will pray for u ya.

      • Little Mama™ says:

        i mean good luck!

        • Diya says:

          thank you : ), a’way i was at LPPKN this morning at for the first visit I’m rating all the staff there with 5 stars ***** rating compliment : ), mmg they’re all very helpful, I really hope this journey will be a successful one. I’ve done my blood test and scheduled for HSG on the 21st of Dec..can’t wait for my next step : )..wishing everyone all the best too!

    • Julie says:

      Hello, Diya.

      Thanks for your sharing about PCOS.I am in my mid thirties now. After 3 years of marriage, only last week that i knew i have PCOS like u. The doctor suggested to have drilling too but after the confirmation of the problem with my blood test and husband’s sperm check next. we knew the PCOS after the ultrasound scanning at the private clinic. I will follow up with the process to get pregnant. I have tried clomid for a few months but it doesn’t work. Can i continue with clomid again cos i don’t feel like to have drilling? Where did u do the drilling?Which clinic and doctor? U seem to be successful in the drilling process. How was the experience of drilling? After reading website information about drilling, i am scared. i wonder if the LPPKN will accept me to IUI if i have all the previous record and results from private clinics? I am a government servant too. I went to family planning clinic a few times but the process is too slow. Maybe LPPKN or Likas Hospital is faster. Any suggestions of doctor or private clinics in Kota Kinabalu? Hows your PCOS? is it fully cure after the drilling operation? Any side effects or pain?
      Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks and Bye.

      • Diya says:

        Hi Julie, sorry for such a late reply to you.

        A’way here’s my thought and experience.
        Ovarian Drilling ( OD) do help to a certain extend but its not a guarantee that we PCOS sufferer can fall pregnant easily. In my case after 7 months of trying naturally after the OD, all my attemps fail and finally went for my 1st IUI but still fail and only conceived naturally after 2 months post IUI.

        After the OD, my period cycle is between 30 -40 days, before the OD it was between 18 – 24 days. I guess its good becoz the cycle is more consistent and reasonable.

        I did mine at DAMANSARA FERTILITY CENTRE ( Ovarian Drilling and HSG x-tray) cost at around 7 K ( Insurance Cover). Its a 1 day procedure and you can go home the same day. I was given MC for 10 days to rest and have good food ( supaya luka cepat baik).
        Its actually depend on your doctor.

        Btw there a site http://www.soulcysters.net in the US that discuss about PCOS, its been a great help to read my PCOs sufferer issue.

        Julie, dun give up…I know its hard to deal with this PCOs and there is no remedy to it melainkan jg makan n kesihatan…

        I hope this info helps you ; )

  • Liana says:


    Remember I told u last mth that I was to proceed with IUI with my pte gynae? Well, alhamdulillah we did the procedure on 4th Dec..it was a Friday..hopefully leh amik berkat Friday kan? 😉 Eveything went well except maybe a bit of friction when my doc was inserting the speculum..(dont know what do I call that thing) hurt a bit but nothing to excrutiating…even my hubby’s sperms were abundant n most of them are Class 4..they all run on a straight line or sthg like that

    😉 i’ve been having sore breast n back ache since then..maybe coz the doc prescribed me with Crinone..to be taken on daily basis k..huhu..i’ve got a blood test scheduled on 19th n my only problem rite now..im getting to anxious n worried that things r not gonna work out..i dont want to be stressed out coz i know its not good..but I cant help it….HEEELLLLPP!!

  • boi says:

    bole x speak in malay..coz xbrape nk terrer in inglish…su kwen bru 1 1/2yrs..su da cek kt GP,my hubby sperm count low….su da mkn clomid for 3mnth..but nothinglaaa…bole ke su g kt lppkn nu…sbb su bru lg kwen…
    tx alot…little mama…

  • nii says:

    😥 saya dah lebih 8 tahun khawin
    tapi belum ada rezeki saya pernah mengalami
    keguguran sebanyak dua kali saya berasa
    sungguh dukacita !!!.saya ingin sangat menimbang
    cahayamata saya harap anda dapat tolong saya
    saya sangat keliru dan risau!!

  • wushuali says:

    salam lil mama….
    ive been married 4 3 years now..need ur opinion…
    im sufferd from endometrosis stage 4..its all over me..tiub sy telah di ikat pd tahun lepas…cos doc said if not my baby(if i got pregnan by ivf ) akan gugur disebabkan oleh air di dalam tiub.
    sy penah menjalani 1 injected ivf..n 1 natural cycle ivf…
    my 1st time ivf didnt feterlized ( which doc tak tahu kenapa ) coz i am young enough for that situation…28 tis year..
    my natural cycle plak dok tak jumpe any telur..just jumpa sis..

    a year sy releks n calm myself down…within tis month or next month sy akan ke hospital smula 4 ivf…

    now im konfius…perlukah sy buka tiup untuk rawatan alternatif ( cos the doc said imposible 4 me to get preg naturally ).

    3 years of married n 7 years endometrosis is makig me rel sick…..
    wat should i do……

    • Mimie says:


      During my 1st IVF, 7 follicle were retrieved but only 1 fertilized. Eggs quality not good. I hav endo stage 4 with ovarian cyst on both sides.

      In my 2nd attempt, I took royal jelly and susu kambing, 14 follicle aspired and they managed to retrieve 8. And alhamdulillah 6 were fertilized.

      So in your next attempt, do try Royal Jelly & susu kambing. Royal jelly is said to help in producing good quality eggs. Take 1 month before you start treatment and stop after egg pickup.

      Good Luck and don’t give up, you are still young.

      • wushuali says:


        thanks 4 sharing…now im taking alpha lipid.as my mum in law suggested.
        u amik royal jelly n susu kambng brand ape ye…
        i did ivf at lppkn on feb..many folicles found but empty.doc said it maybe coz of the cyst…frus sangat….tak tahu lagi ape yang saya perlu lakukan…2 have A baby seem imposible now…

        maybe kami akan do another ivf there after raye….

        di mane ye u wat ur ivf??tell me pls…..

  • Arni says:

    Hi LittleMama.

    Thank you very much for blogging about LPPKN. This is the most informative blog ever! :mrgreen:

    Thank God I found your blog, kalau tidak tak tahu what to expect bila pergi LPPKN.

    Currently, I tgh tunggu my monthly visitor untuk diaorg ambik darah, and then set appointment for HSG.

    p.s : Kelakar lah pulak ada org dok tanya your ‘medical opinion’. Haiyoo ppl, read everything yg LittleMama tulis and comments first la, baru tanya..

    • Little Mama™ says:

      arni, he..he.. they all ingat I’m a fertily consultant..

      anyway, good luck to you!!

  • Arni says:

    LittleMama and siapa2lah yg nak jawab,

    Just wondering. Have you ever tried :
    1) Biodex
    2) Berurut
    3) That mini-buah-kelapa-lookalike-thinggy from Mekah

    before you tried LPPKN?

    Ramai yg syorkan guna benda2 tu semua, but satu pun I tak try. I dunno, I feel more comfortable knowing EXACTLY the reason why I am unable to conceive (yet).

    Oh, my sister-in-law have the same problem as I am, then dia pergi berurut. The lady told her, she couldn’t conceive because ‘ada banyk angin’ 🙄 Ada ker medical term utk itu ye?

    One more thing, notice how lately Hollywood celebrities couple asyik beranak twin jer. 😉

    • Little Mama™ says:

      arni, i pernah berurut long before IUI tapi tak jadi apa pun.. yang lain2 tak pernah try.. i terus buat IUI je

      banyak angin.. setahu i in medical tak de la pulak

      ohh…holiwood celeb tu mostly terus buat IVF..bayi tabung uji

  • Arni says:

    Sorry LittleMama,

    Couldn’t help but comment again.

    Do they allow hubby to come in the room when they do HSG? I just Google bout HSG and some women actually describe HSG as ‘painful’. Takut lah!

    • Little Mama™ says:

      arni, HSG sorang diri je yang.. takde la painful sangat.. cuma rasa cramp perut bila dia inject the blue liquid.. tapi kalau u takut sakit boleh makan panadol before HSG

  • Julajuli73 says:

    Salam Little Mama and all,
    I’m 36 years old. Been married for 6 years. I have retroverted uterus which means my uterus is terbalik. Just wanna share my experience at LPPKN. My doctor is Dr Hamizah. Very pleasant lady. I went through all the procedures suggested by Dr Hamizah as u mentioned earlier. I went to berurut will all type of bidans (both male and female). I have done HSG at SJMC. Not painful, just a bit of stomach cramp when the radiologist inserted that thing. I have tried the following:

    1. clomid + natural sex
    2. clomid + gonal-f + natural sex
    3. clomid + gonal-f + IUI
    4. clomid + gonal-f (higher dosage) + IUI
    5. fertility injection (dont remember the name) + gonal-f (much higher dosage) + IUI

    I have tried IUI with 3 different treatments but failed. Every alternate days I have to inject my tummy with gonal-f and other injections. It’s stressful but I just did it because I want the baby badly. Just dont care. I spent more than 12K for the above treatments. Hubby paid of course. Never give up.

    The only treatment I haven’t tried is IVF. And I’ll do what it takes to get a baby. I’m waiting for my next menstrual and will call LPPKN for an appointment again. This time I will try IVF.

    Pray for me.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      jula, you’re exactly like me.. i mean 36, 6 years marriage and RETROVERTED uterus! i also got endometriosis as well. actually the gynae just discovered that i had retroverted uterus after i got severe stomach cramp end of last year.. he said it doesn’t affect the chances of getting baby though.

      ya.. i know how it feel.. it was stressful and painful to go through all the injections on our tummy.

      yes, please don’t give up.. go for the IVF.. i’ll pray for you

  • Darina says:


    first of all…i would like to say tqvm for such an informative and supportive blog especially for women like us…those who have been trying so hard to conceive…some pp out there they dont understand..sedih sbb mcm2 dgr org cakap…

    ive been married for 4 years..now im 30..dah buat iui for 2 times but unfortunately unsuccessful..

    now change gynae and my new gynae ask me to do hsg…which my first gynae tak pernah suruh buat…hopefully everything went well…pray for me…TQ

    • Diya says:

      I’m 30 and this year pun genap 4 tahun I kahwin…
      in fact today is our wedding anniversary..sedih sbb till now takde child of my own..I just hope sumday, I can deliver a beautiful baby gul or boy for my beloved hubby. Amin.

      • Darina says:

        salam diya…

        kita berdua ader huruf nama awal yg sama…hehehe…

        ader aper2 rawatan yg awak dah buat?if u can share some or ur story…tq

        • Diya says:

          Yes both begin with D,

          I dah buat macam2, sebut je apa yg boleh I buat semua I buat..

          From berurut, makan ubat subur i.e Clomid, Laparascopy Ovarian Drilling, IUI, Fertility injection, Biodex, Alpha Lipid, Serbuk Kurma Mekah,…name it..kadang macam nak give up tapi bila terfikir Allah tak nak dan tak suka hambanya berputus asa, I keep going and hoping…Alhamdulillah mengandung after 3 years..tapi gugur pulak…now smp dah dekat setahun ni tak gak lekat lagi…maybe lg 2 bulan I nak go for IUI lagi…
          Insyaallah 2010 ni kita jd mummy amin!

  • Darina says:

    memang mcm2 dah awk dah buat yer…

    saya buat iui pun dua kali…tapi gagal..at least u pernah merasa pregnant…but i nie tak pernah lekat pun…

    tapi i tak pernah buat lah ovarian drilling..belum lagi hehe…lagi dua bulan pun i baru nak buat hsg…

    sy pun berdoa agar kita berdua akan jadi mommy this year…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      diya and darina, i pray for u too.. i will also try for 2nd baby this year.. maybe buat IUI terus.

  • aira says:

    Hello all,

    I’m aira. I’ve been a silent reader for quite sometimes. I have the same problem like most of our frens are having here. Been married for 2+ yrs. Done IUI twice, private hptl. Both failed. Cost far more expensive as compared to LPPKN. Now nk try LPPKN plak. But nk tanya skit, on our first appointment at LPPKN tu, x blh ke buat sperm test, blood test, HSG all in one day? For sperm test tu i guess blh skip coz dh ade previous test result kn? Bkn ape, my annual leave makin skit ever since i concentrate on TTC nih..
    Nway, ade x club or ape2 perjumpaan utk mummy wanna be yg tgh TTC? Rasa lega bila dpt luahkan prsn sbnrnya, especially dgn org2 yg senasib. Org lain will never undrstnd our difficulties.. evn tho diorang ckp diorng faham.. no, they will never get it.. 😥

    • Little Mama™ says:

      aira, if you pernah buat IUI, I’m sure u have the record already for sperm test and HSG *HSG patut dah buat before IUI done*.. so u can get a copy of the records (your treatment kat private) and bawak that to LPPKN..

      that way u can skip sperm test and HSG already.. cuma blood test je to check hormon.

      anyway, call LPPKN first to confirm + do first appointment.

  • Diya says:

    Thank you Little Mama :), I hope all our wishes do come true this year.

    Darina, yup at least I pernah rasa pregnant tu macam mana..tp rasa jugak peritnya tu when it lost. Yelah when all ur hopes and dream tetiba berkecai macam tu saja. I berdoa sgt, if I ever become pregnant again, jauhkanlah dugaan itu lagi..
    OD tu I rasa u jgn buat lagi, tgk advise doc kat LPPKN tu macam mana kan..as i told before OD is not a cure for PCOS problem.

    Aira, I pun agree if ader club like what u suggest..mmg betul, org ckp fhm sebab nak calm us down, but we need more that dat kan..especially when we are all alone at home, no other thots than thinking about when will our time come and honestly saying it hurts so much 🙁

  • pipi says:

    Hi Littlemama,

    Glad to read your blog. It is very informative.

    I have a form from TAFF but I can’t full fill the criteria for join salary. It makes me struggle for a year to hold the form until today.

    After reading your blog, LPPKN is another ‘sunshine’ to me.

    Would to know :
    1) What are the criterias to register LPPKN?
    2) Besides IUI, is ICSI available in LPPKN?
    3) Is LPPKN similar to TAFF which is only assist those infertility family?

    Thank you in advanced for your reply.

    • Little Mama™ says:


      1. If you can’t pregnant the normal way then you can try LPPKN.. no other criteria given

      2. Please call LPPKN 603-2693 7555 to ask them direct

      3. LPPKN not same as TAFF.. TAFF is a foundation to help sponsor cost of doing IVF at private hospital. LPPKN is government organisation that carry fertility treatments(you need to pay your own but it’s cheaper than private).

  • syahnaz says:

    Hi Littlemama,

    I have been reading from your blog quite sometime. Been married two years and TTC. I have tried herbs and has been to private gynae for investigation but no luck. Though my gynae quite confident I am able to conceive. Slight possibility that my lining is not thck enough. From your guideline, I have gone to LPPKN on the 12th and since sperm count is ok I have done blood test the same day. I went for HSG last Saturday. Planning to proceed IUI during next cycle..wish me all the best..thanks for your info 🙂

    • Little Mama™ says:

      syahnaz, hi dear! good luck ya!

      • syahnaz says:

        Hi, I have met the dr at LPPKN and our results seems within range. I am now on clomid and menopur. The scan will be next week and the IUI is 2 days later if all’s well. Is it much painful/discomfort than HsG? Wish me luck!!!
        Yes, we should all not give up, only we can understand what we are going through. Take Care all.

  • shida says:

    littlemama dearie,

    i’m shida. i’ve been married for almost 3 years but still hoping that one day i’ll be pregnant and have my own kids. I’m so lucky when found your site on the net. At least your entry gave me infos and guidance as well. I havent seen a treatment yet in LPPKN. I’ll try to seek their services as soon as possible.Do pray for me. Thanks dear.

  • zura 28 says:

    little mama. saya zura. saya dh check darah kat lppknhubby dh sperm analysis , wat hsg ngan tawakal, tp blm dpt jumpe doktor lagi, tp melalui ape yg saya baca, tube kanan saya blocked because takde liquid yg spill.. hmm,,, mcm mana ek… risaula…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      zura, don’t worry ye.. jumpa docktor dulu dan tanya dia what are your alternatives.. i think still boleh buat IUI since the other tube tak block.. kalau nak increase chances boleh buat IVF terus

  • taz says:

    hi little mama…Assalamualaikum
    ur blog is very informative. Im been married for 3 yrs and now planning for IUI and reach ur blog when researching about it.
    And notice that im not all ALONE! and tears pour easily! only those who dont hv the baby will understand the how eager we are to hold that tiny little dot in our hand.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      tza, waalaikumussalam, yup.. only those who go through the same thing will understand how we feel.. you’re not alone ya.. don’t give up and keep on trying okay

  • lynda says:

    …Dear all…don’t lose hope.. Alhamdullillah, my gynae just confirmed that I’m pregnant (by hcg blood test smlm). I had my iui for the third time using puregon 150iu. After 5 yrs and 1 miscarriage (in 2007), I hope this will end with a beautiful baby. Lebih 10k hbs, berurut, IUI dkt Dsara and now IUI dkt UH. Insya Allah, ada rezeki masing2. cuba juga minum air doa ust harun din and amal doa dr darus syifa. Good luck

  • veena says:

    Dear Little Mama…

    ive been a silent reader for some time of your blog….and i feel really grateful that you have given so much of information for all the hopefuls out there including me. I have registered with LPPKN also. Been married for 1.5 years and found that i have PCOS and my hubby has low sperm count so its a double blow for us.

    I am now waiting to do my HSG and see Dr.Komathy. Hopefully she will be able to advise us the best possible treatment we can undergo. I often feel very sad and depressed that I am unable to conceive. But after reading your blog i find some comfort that there are support systems out there for people like me.

    thank you very much

    • Little Mama™ says:

      hi veena, don’t worry much okey *i know it’s hard but i must say it because worry and stress could affect the hormon*

      do your HSG first and I hope both tube are cleared of any blockage.. and get advise from the doctor.. for the time being.. prepare as many questions that you have in mind to ask the doctor

      list the questions down ya *most of the time we forgot*.. get as much information as possible.. good luck!!

  • Arni says:

    Zura28, jgn la risau sgt.

    Saya pun sama kes. Dah jumpa doctor. Dia kata it’s okay. Still boleh proceed with the treatment. In my case telur still keluar dr tube yg tak block. Doctor akan bg ubat utk ransang pengeluaran telur (so that boleh keluar 3-4 instead of just one).

    • Little Mama™ says:

      arni, that’s the spirit we want! be positive and keep on trying.. motivate each other ya

  • Sal says:

    hi.i’ve done my IUI yesterday at HUKM.it wasn’t painful at all tapi awkward la jugak having nurses and a male doctor looking at my vgg.i’ve been trying to conceive for about 5 years already and had my right fallopian tube removed due to ectopic pregnancy two years ago.
    if my first attempt of IUI failed,i’d like to consider LPPKN pulak.kat HUKM i’ve to pay RM550 for IUI procedure and almost RM1500 for medications.mahal la jugak for me.just want to share my experience and anxiety,i’ve to wait at least 2-3 weeks to know whether my IUI berjaya atau tidak..
    baby dust to everyone..

    • Little Mama™ says:

      sal, take good car of yourself okey.. i pray for you.. lots of baby dust to you and everyone else

  • Claudia says:

    Hi! I tried de clomid last mth, but found out that it over stimulated my ovaries, instead of 4 or 5 eggs, both my ovaries produced 20 eggs… is really painful and de doc adviced not to take de next step IUI. DR. Hamizah asked us to try natural way, but too bad tat my menses came yesterday, means tis time not successful and i feel very sad. me and my husband been married for 3 years and now im in de mid thirties…
    so im very curious what is happening to my ovaries and other remaining eggs. will cause any harm to my body? tis time my menses tend to be very little. what should i do?

    • Little Mama™ says:

      claudia, the produced eggs will will be disposed together with your menses *eggs are so tiny cell u see*

      i don’t think there is any harm of producing so many eggs in one cycle..but please ask the doctor’s opinion.. next time she may need to reduce the clomid prescription

  • mira says:

    salam little mama,
    tuvm sbb byk mklumt dr blog n..sy dh kwin 2 thn dh..dan tak pernah merasa mengandng even sekali pn..sedih sgt..so, dr bulan 6 thn lps sy dh mula wt treatment kt lppkn, bulan 6 register,bln 7 going to 1st treatment (blood test,hsg) n my husbnd buat sperm test.result sy normal,tp husbnd low sperm..after that,1st appoitment jumpe Dr. Ismail thamby, dia suruh my husbnd wt sperm test utk kali ke-2 plak..kali ni ade peningktan dlm sperm dia..so, Dr suruh dtg utk 3rd appoitmt lak pd 8hb4 2010 ni..mmg sepanjang wt treatment dr bln jun 2009 till mac 2010, sy tak pregnant lsg..kdg2 rs mcm dh tak nak teruskan wt treatment kt lppkn lg dh..sbb nk tgu untuk appoitmnt seterusnya ambil ms dan sy dh seksa menunggu untuk mengandung..dlm tempoh tu Dr sruh wt natural way to get baby..tp still tak berjaya jg..just nk mnta pandangan litlle mama or kwn2,boleh tak klu sy tak teruskan kt lppkn dan try to another way mcm wt iui kt hospital lain ke…klu wt iui kt hospital camne nk registre?call or terus pergike hospital tu?to ur info, i’ve a regular period every month.. help me…penantian satu penyeksaan!

    • Little Mama™ says:

      mira, LPPKN tu memang ikut procedur.. first thing part husband (sperms count) kena OKAY.. baru boleh proceed part wife pulak.. kalau wife got no problem tapi husband low count.. memang akan kurang berhasil buat IUI kat mana-mana pun.

      point sini ialah kena SABAR.. yes you can stop LPPKN dan pegi private hospital.. tapi i think doctor private pun still akan usaha pulihkan sperms count husband dulu.

      my advise, sabar ye..i know memang seksa nak sabar..tapi ada hikmahnya..

      in mean time, cuba cari ways to increase sperms counts (in addtion to makan ubat yg doctor bagi).. stop smoking (kalau smoking lah), food wise kena betul.. husband kena makan banyak protein/omega3.. ambik tablet fish oil ke.

      at same time, cuba natural way.. make love very early morning sebab sperms count biasanya paling tinggi waktu pagi 😉

      hope this helps.. good luck!

      • mira says:

        little mama, tuvm ya for ur info..sy akn cuba privte hosp plak lps ni..mybe klu sy pergi private hosp diorg akn proceed cpt skit..thanks a lot!

  • Weina says:

    Dear Littlemama,

    Just an update on my status. Doctor subscribed clomid + hormone injections in February before IUI to ensure the egg are more than 3 and also to monitor their sizes. Unfortunately, on 11th day doctor did ultrasound and found out that the egg sizes are very small.. well..could not able to proceed with IUI. Frustrated!

    After period, went back again in March and doctor subscribed clomid + double dosage of hormone injections. Again went back on 11th day, found that the egg is bigger than my previous month but still not enough big to do IUI… and so doctor added another 2 more injections and will do ultrasound again tomorrow. If everything goes well, IUI will be on this wednesday…

    As you said it is not easy to go through all the above… but still will keep on forward myself till I get the success…

    Do you have any idea to increase eggs fertility… Thanks mama!

    • Little Mama™ says:

      weina, good luck to u dear.. hope everything goes well..

      what i did to increase egg fertility was consumed evening primrose tablet.. eat omega-3 riched food

  • jane says:

    Hi Littlemama,

    I read your blog somewhere in nov 09 & decided to find a fetility treatment after 6 years of trying. Instead of LPPKN, I decided to other fertility center. The treatment is almost the same as yours. After trying clomid for 3 cycles but fail, our doctor advice us to try IUI and we agreed. But the only problem is I need to apply for 14 days leaves just to stay on bed for the idle result. Were yours the same too?

    • Little Mama™ says:

      jane, oh..I didn’t have to take leave after the IUI.. i only got one day MC 😉

      are u sure it’s IUI not IVF (test tube baby)? i know some friends who did IVF need to have bed rest but never heard for IUI.

      anyway, all the best to you

  • Kiki says:

    helo little mama/gurls:

    a newbie here. found this blog while i was searching for some IVF infos: Just a little b/ground on me:

    DH:32, ME:30 – married since June 2005
    TTC : 18 mths
    Diagnosed: mild PCOS
    2 failed HSG; did Lap & Dye – tubes are OK/not blocked
    (1) Clomid + Follitism – IUI, got a BFP but miscarried at 7 weeks
    (2) Clomid + Follitism – small follicles, natural, got a BFN
    (3) Clomid + Gonal-F – small follicles, natural, got a BFN
    (4) Clomid + Menopur – small follicles, natural, got a BFN
    (5) Clomid – 1 follicle, IUI got BFN
    (6) Clomid (higher dosage) – 1 follicle, IUI got BFN
    (7) Tamoxifen + Dexalone + Pubergen – 3 follies (good sizes), IUI – got a BFN
    (8) Clomid + Saw Palmetto + metformin – having a TVS on 8 April,2010

    So, thats a summary of my fertility treatment so far…am a patient at LPPKN since 2008,but also went to private practice… still no rezeki yet to conceive and prego till end of term.

    Currently, me and DH are planning to proceed with IVF as we’ve failed most of the treatments. Have to admit,its been a long and rough journey for both of us, but we are content to have each other’s support in this trying times. Kita mesti sentiasa yakin pada Allah, rezeki kita pasti akan sampai suatu hari nanti.

    Glad found this blog, where all of us experiencing infertility issues can support each other.

    Little mama, tq.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      hi kiki, you have a long list of history.. i really hope others will follow your steps of keep on TRYING..

      coz once you give up, no more chances already..

      good luck and hope God bless you with a baby soon.. cheers

  • Nury says:

    Married on last Dec and was dignost with endometrosis at my left ovary on 17 Feb 2010. I had an operation to remove it on 22 Feb. After the operation doctor told me that it impossible for me to get pregnent naturally. IVF the only option for me to get pregnent. As a newly wed couple it quite sad to hear that.

    Currently i’m still undergoing treatment for my endometrosis.Doctor give me injection to stop my period for 6 months, when is the best time for me to see doctor for IVF treatment?

    • Little Mama™ says:

      nury, i think you should wait until the current treatment is completed before you see a gynae for opinion on IVF

  • zuera says:

    Salam little mama,

    i stumbled on this site as i search for the lppkn at jalan raja laut. Thank you !! your site is very very informative. i’m having the same prob. Infertility i guess.. never been to any doctor for check up, but i just called lppkn yesterday.

    So, when my hubby came back home, i discuss with him. Sadly, my hubby say not yet, he said to wait for me finishing my master degree. I really hope to know if there’s anything wrong as my period is irregular. I’ve been charting my bbt for a month. my bbt is only 35.9 to 36.3 for a month (in Celsius).

    I do some research on bbt, they said that after ovulate, body temperature should increase (due to progesterone hormone). Progesterone is important for conceiving. As mine is not, so i know there’s a problem. But i am so sad, as my hubby didn’t understand this. I know that i cant really writing up my thesis because i’m emotionally distracted.

    i just need support from him.. thats all. Too many things to do i guess, i’m stuck.. wish me luck in putting things back together. trying to finish. May Allah always bless me in finishing my thesis and baby making. Feel down.. and need to see my supervisor.. double down.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      zuera, i understand your feeling right now.. it’s hard if we don’t have someone to support.. especially the other half

      if your period is not regular, most probably your hormon is not balance which affect the mense cycle.. this could be due also to other problem such as PCOS etc.

      but you wouldn’t know for sure unless you see a gynae to check

      maybe you can talk with your husband about seeing a gynae for check up only.. perhaps your husband worry that you might not be able to handle both the master degree and being pregnant at the same time *it’s gona be hard u see* .. so he want to delay any fertiliy treatment

      but you can tell him that seeing a gynae doesn’t mean you will do fertility treatment to get a baby.. it’s just to make sure your body is fine and any problems can be treated early

      good luck and God bless you

  • Julajuli73 says:

    Salam little mama and all,
    I’m back. Been away for a while. Just to update all of you that I have started IVF treatment at LPPKN after failing 3 IUIS. IVF cycle is 2 months. Below is the summary of the procedure. Day is referring to day of your period :

    1) Any days between day 1 to 3 – Call LPPKN for appointment
    2) Any days between day 2 to 5 (based on appointment)
    a) See the doc. Doc will explain the procedure. It’s advisable to bring the husband along so that both of you can understand the procedure. You have to be mentally, physically and financially prepared.
    b) Then do a vaginal check. Quite painful. Doc inserted something to measure the length from vagina to endometrium (dinding rahim). This will give an estimation of how long the embryo transfer will be.
    c) Blood sample is taken from husband for HIV test. Husband will need to set an appointment for Sperm Survival Test(SST) at his convenient time.
    d) Doc gives Buserelin to be injected for 14 consecutive days starting from day 21 period. Our hormone is stimulated by our brain. Buserelin will stop the brain from stimulating the ovary. It costs me RM484
    3) Any day – Husband does SST. Cost RM200. HIV test cost RM80
    4) Day 21 – Start Buserelin injection
    5) After 14 days of injection on tummy, will need to do blood test to check the hormone and aslo HIV test
    6) Day 8 of second period – If everything’s ok, doc will give Puregon to force ovary to produce good quality eggs. Another 14 days of Puregon injection. Puregon is quite expensive. Can cost a few thousands depending on the dosage. Need to do frequent ultrasound to check the eggs during this 14 days. Once the eggs are matured, doc will give another injection utk pecahkan the folicles. Normally 36 hours before ovum pickup.
    7) Day 21 – Ovum pickup & sperm retrieval. A small needle will be inserted to pickup your eggs with ultrasound guide thru vagina. Masa ni you kena GA (general anesthetic) so you totally pengsan. Husband kena bagi sperm.
    8) IVF procedure – doc akan senyawakan your eggs with the sperm dalam lab sampai terbentuk embryo.
    9) Day 24 – Embryo transfer thru vagina. Lebih kurang procedure IUI. My embryo transfer will be done on May 1st. It’s a public holiday but the doc will come and do the procedure. According to Dr Hamizah, she can’t take leave during the IVF cycle. Bagus kan. Who knows LPPKN is so committed.
    10) Two weeks after that kalau tak period, buat another blood test to check the pregnancy. Blood test will give faster and accurate result.

    Estimated cost is 10K to 15K. Those with high cost are the Puregon, ovum pickup, IVF procedure utk senyawakan telur and embryo transfer.

    I have created an excel spreadsheet for the above activities according to calendar date and my period cycle. If any of you is interested to get a copy of the spreadsheet, please email me at julajuli73@yahoo.com. You’ll have a better idea. It’s FOC because I just wanna share my experience and it feels good if I can help others at the same time.

    Well, too much information I guess. I will update all you after May 1st. Wish me luck. Muah muah.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      hi jula, nice to hear from you again.. and thank you very much for the detailed info on IVF.. i’m sure it will be very helpful for those going for IVF..

      i think i’m going to start a TTC Forum here in my blog as a support group for everyone trying to conceive.. that way easier to see all the info in one place

      all the best to you jula!!

  • Kiki says:

    Dear Jula,

    Aprreciate ur info sharing on IVF…Both of us (me and DH) is planning to have one and thus these input do come handy to us.

    wow…2 months and consecutive injections, wonder how im gonna deal with that….mesti hubby yang jap, coz i ni penakut.

    we are currently considering hysteroscopy before we proceed with IVF, this is our last trial before we shift to the next level…huhu

    anyway, good luck and sending baby dust all the way to u….


  • Alice says:

    Dear Littlemama,

    My brother’s wife has just given birth last night and my husband and I are so happy for them. However, we were thinking too much that both of us did not have a good sleep last night, I got up at 5am and like previous nights surfing the net hoping to find an answer and option that we could afford.

    I have a 7 years old son from my previous marriage. My current husband and I got married about 4 years ago and have been trying since then, we had 2 miscarriages. It was devastating and painful to see both of us crying when doctor confirmed that the feotus was not successful at week 5. That was about 2 years ago.

    We read about infertility treatments online and couldn’t believe the costs, very expensive! I agree with you, I “hate” people who simply threw baby into the bin, drain…etc. We always feel sad and angry when reading such news articles, and wish that they could just leave the baby safely in front of our door step.

    Thanks very much for the LPPKN info, I did not know much about government fertility service until I read your diary. I’m planning to tell my husband about this when he is awake, and will defenitely call LPPKN to make an appointment.

    I read about the STAFF treatment as well before I read your diary, unfortunately we do not qualify for TAFF, as they require both the couple should be Malaysians. I am, but my husband is not. I hope LPPKN do not have such criteria.

    Please wish us luck!

  • Alice says:

    Dear Littlemama,

    Any idea the cost of HSG at LPPKN? Thanks!

  • syahnaz says:

    Hi all…just to share my down moment..new cycle has begin once again..the heartbroken is as painful as the cramps! Anybody feeling the same? Any motivational words for me to gather my will for next cycle treatment with LPPKN?..failed the first try with Clomid and Menopur and Pregnyl and Duphaston..wish me all the strength in the world!

  • eyta says:

    hi littlemama,
    I have to go for HSG next monday. Is that painful?. I’m so worried.

  • sue says:

    Hi littlemama,

    i already check up all kind of test from a-z. everything was fine, both of us. have went for 3rd time for IUI, also fail, thingking of IVF, but also thing of operation for my retroverted Uterus (RU). whats your opinion? it is hurt doing operation? how many % will getting pragnant if im proceed with operation? or, is there any other way?

    • Little Mama™ says:

      sue, operation for retroverted uterus? did your gynae suggest that?
      as far as I know, retroverted uterus doesn’t stop your from getting pregnant.. get second opinion from another gynae okey

      • sue says:

        my doc didnt say anything about operation.. he suggested on IVF because the chances is still ok (30-40%) because of everything is ok and im still below 30 of age. hmm… i dont know.. 🙁 😥

        • Julajuli73 says:

          Dear Sue,
          Yes, retroverted uterus is not the cause of not getting pregnant. There are many women with retroverted uterus who are able to get pregnant. If you go to Hamid Arshat, he will immediately ask you to do the operation if you have RU. If you are below 30, i’ll say give it a try. I have a friend who has RU and did the operation. 3 months after that, she was pregnant. And pregnant again after 2 years.

          Another friend who went for the same operation but nothing happened. So it’s 50-50 chances. For women above 35, just go for IVF straight away. Don’t waste time.

  • zuera says:

    salam, little mama.

    thank you for your support ! very much appreciated it.. still going on my master degree..really hope to finish very soon..still having trouble to concentrate.. hehe..but i’ve been trying to think positive starting this week..hope it’ll last..(even though sadness is still in the heart) smile gals!

    about the gynea.. i’ve talked to my hubby. he really ask me to wait. so guess waiting is the best now. i know he has something going on in his mind.. work, extra work.. home and so on.. so i try my best to support him..maybe true what u said… both master and baby treatment maybe hard on me..Allah knows the best for His servant.

    i read that you are going TTC again !!.. may Allah bless you wish beautiful baby and soleh. Watch out, maybe you’ll get twins..!! (actually i’m the one longing for twins )..

    hope to hear good news. pray the best for me..

    take care.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      zuera, yes.. maybe it’s best to focus on your master first and when both of you’re ready.. then go for treatment 😉

      actually I started both the TTC forum as well as TTC myself again.. try to get adik for Izzah

  • zuera says:

    uhh my mistake.. you starting TTC forums..not starting TTC again..
    anyway..gud luck for the forums !.. i’ll join it !

  • Julajuli73 says:

    Salam all,
    A little updates from me on my IVF treatment. I went for blood test on April 15th, it was sent to the lab immediately and I got the result 30 minutes after that. The estrogen hormone is 5 which is normal. Dr Hamizah gave me another 2 types of injection (Folliova and Menonys).

    MENONYS Inj. has the equal activity of FSH & LH. It helps in the maturation as well as rupturing of follicle, hence it helps for Ovulation

    Folliova Inj triggers egg maturation in follicle

    I have to continue with Buserelin injection and also Folliova and Menonys at the same time. So starting April 15th, I am taking 3 injections every night until April 22nd. Folliova and Menonys sometimes cause stomach cramp. My emotion is not stable. I can easily get angry and sad. Lucky to have hubby who understands that.

    April 23rd, will do another blood test to check my LH hormone and ultrasound to check the eggs. If LH and progesteron hormone is ok, and there are eggs then I can proceed with oocyte (eggs) retrieval.

    Will update again after April 23rd. Bye all. Muah muah.

    • Little Mama™ says:


      thank u very much for sharing.. hope it help to ease the curiousity of those trying IVF as well

  • Alys says:

    hi..i found out ur wbsite today when i googled 4 IVF..looking at all those comments in this blog makes my chest felt lighter than before…i realise that i’m not alone. Your site is so informative..i’ll try to call the LPPKN in kota kinabalu this week to set my appointment…i married for 3 years now and there still no +ve sign of getting pregnant… i’ve tried clomid before but my blood pressure become too high and it’s no safe says the doctor..so i hve to try another way to conceive…

  • Ita says:

    Salaam Little Mama, JulaJuli73 and all,

    I’ve been following this site for months. Thank u so much for all the info, it’s been very useful indeed. In fact, based on your input, I’ve contacted LPPKN on 21 Sept 09 and got an appointment on 24 Sept, just 3 days after the call! I went for the appointment and lucky me, it was my 2nd day period and I did my blood test that day itself. Then went for HSG and all. I was normal, alhamdulillah..

    However, my hubby was not that lucky. He did his SA. He has severe problem with his very low sperm count, its mortility and all… it was very sad indeed. He was taken aback and very upset.

    Dr Hamizah advised us to go for IVF, considering the condition of my husband and the age factor (we’re already late 30s). She referred us to a urologist to look at my husband.

    We went to see urologist in Jan 10. My husband was prescribed with clomid. I thought clomid was meant for ladies, but it does wonders to men, too. After 3 months of prescription, we went to do another SA last week.

    Alhamdulillah, the result was encouraging. The percentage has gone up a bit. Although just a bit, but it makes a whole lot different. We could now proceed with IVF.

    I’m now waiting for my 1st day period to call in for an appointment with Dr Hamizah.

    JulaJuli, your detailed explanation on IVF procedure has indeed taken a lot of pressure and anticipation on my part. I feel more relax and ready now to face it. Thank you so much for that..

    I wish you all the best in your IVF treatment… and so are for all of us in here.

    Little Mama, it is very noble of you to do this forum. It provides a support group, which is much needed to us who are facing dilemma in having zuriat of our own.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      ita, ya, sometimes people only think that the problem comes from ladies.. but it a bitter fact that man also is the source of the problems..

      be strong and i hope the IVF will be successful

  • Julajuli73 says:

    Dear all,
    Good to know that you find the IVF information is useful. I received many emails asking for the spreadsheet which I am happy to forward it. Believe me, you are not alone. What important is we don’t give up.

    Another updates on my IVF treatment. I had 2nd blood test on Apr 23rd and ultrasound. The hormone is satisfactory but the response is slow. I only have 3 small eggs on my left ovary. No response from my right ovary. So Dr Hamizah increased the folliova dosage to 225 iu from 150 iu while maintaining Menonys 150 iu and Buserelin 0.3 cc.

    This morning I had another ultrasound. There are 4 big eggs and 2 small eggs. But not big enough for oocyte retrieval. So she asked me to continue with the same injections for another 2 days. My next appointment is on Apr 30th for ultrasound and blood test. I’m a slow responder according to her.

    Ladies, please take note that the treatment is based on our response. My treatment is not necessarily the same as yours ok. Cost also varies based on the medication. I dont want the reader to get confused. I’m sharing the info so that you get an idea of how IVF is done.

    Last but not least, just to motivate all of you with a successful story. I introduced my sister in-law to Dr Hamizah last 2 years. She’s 29 and has been married for 4 years. She did her 3rd IUI last 2 weeks. She did her pregnancy test this morning at LPPPKN and her result is positive. She is 5 weeks pregnant. Just imagine how happy she is. We were hugging each others with tears. I’m so happy for her. Just hope and pray my time will come.

    That’s all for today my beloved friends. Muah muah.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      julajuli, big hugs to your sister!! send my regards and congratulation.. so happy to hear such a good news..

      so friends, don’t give up.. she tried the 3rd time for IUI and blessed with a baby now.

      good luck to julajuli as well.. i hope your eggs get big enough for the oocyte retrieva.. amin!!

      the key is to keep on trying

  • Ita says:

    JulaJuli, thank you so much for the spreadsheet. It’s very useful indeed.

    I tumpang happy for your sister-in-law. I can imagine how happy you guys are with such great news.

    julaJuli, I hope you’ll succeed in your treatment, insya’allah. Will doa for you.

    Btw, one question: are you working while undergoing this treatment? Do you reckon that it’s better for us to take leave when we are going through this treatment? please advise, as I will be going for my IVF treatment soon.

    Thanks in advance!

  • syahnaz says:

    Hi JulaJuli, so happy to hear about your sister in law’s good news!
    I wish all of us will have the same news soon. True, the key is not to give up!Best of luck for your scan tomorrow and the coming IVF. I had my IUI just a week ago and trying hard to relax and ignore the nervousness to face end of next week..whether it is going to show up as usual!Imagining me at you sister in law’s shoes is good enough ahhh how wonderful!!!Wish me luck!Take Care everyone.

  • julles14 says:

    Hi little mama,

    I’m nervous but yet so excited to go for our 1st appointment next week, 4th May at LPPKN. I’m 34,married for one year and aware of my hormone imbalance issue. Hopefully, LPPKN and by izin Allah I can have my own baby..Insyallah…Wish me luck…

    To all..be positive,usaha and doa…if we failed at least we’ve tried…

    • Little Mama™ says:

      julles, this is the first step and hope you stay strong to go through all the process ya.. good luck.. i’ll pray for you

  • zuera says:

    salam little mama..julles and all..

    congrates for julajuli sis in law!.. i’m overwhelmed with happiness and sad at the same time.

    anyway, i’ve managed to wheedle my hubby (more to pillow talk actually hehe.. along with doa pelembut hati) to go lppkn for our first checkup next month. and maybe Allah has opened his heart for this.
    hopefully Allah bless us in many ways and i’ll be having more good news after this.
    i’m struggling myself to finish writing up !!.. it was my last part of master. gambatte ! i’ve my dateline .. end of may (our first anniversary !).. hehe

    I pray for all.. may Allah bless us with babies and happiness. Only Allah knows what’s the best for His servant.
    bye all

  • Julajuli73 says:

    Salam Little Mama and friends,
    I know everybody wants to hear my good news as a motivation. Here is an update. But before that, would like to correct my previous typo error. My sister in law did IUI not last 2 weeks from the date I wrote. It was in early April. How come she’s 5 weeks pregnant if her IUI was 2 weeks ago. Hehehe. Getting old.

    Ok. Back to my IVF. My ultrasound on April 30th shows 6 eggs. 3 are good based on the size. Uterus lining is also good. So my oocyte retrieval was scheduled on May 3rd. As early as 7.30 in the morning, we were at LPPKN. To ensure the smoothness, we overnight at Quality Hotel.

    My surgery was at 9.30am. After the surgery, Dr Hamizah came to me with sad news. Retrieved 6 eggs but none is good for fertilisation. So couldn’t proceed further. Only Allah knows my feeling at that time. Tried to be strong but couldn’t stop the tears.

    Anyway, I have accepted it. I believe there is a hikmah. As a Muslim, I know Allah knows what’s best for me so I redha. I’m taking a little break and will try again.

    For those who are trying, just go for it. Dont giveup and dont be afraid of negative result. If I dont do IVF, I wouldn’t know the actual problem. Now I know the problem is the quality of the eggs.

    There is no need to take leave during the treatment. If your work is hectic, you may want to consider taking leave after the procedure.

    Good luck and wish all of you the best. Muah Muah.

    • Little Mama™ says:

      julajuli, sorry to hear that.. maybe belum rezeki lagi.. don’t give up ya

    • Ita says:

      JulaJuli, I’m so sorry to hear that. Just be strong and hang in there. God works in miraculous ways. We never know what’s install for us. I pray for you and hope something good will turn out soon.

      I’ve just met Dr Hamizah this morning. After a long discussion on IVF and ICSI, and after taking into consideration the our health conditions, we’ve finally decided to proceed with the procedure in June (my next menstrual cycle). So, insya’allah, once we’ve started the procedure nanti, I’ll keep you guys updated in here.

      Till then, take care, and all the best!

  • amy1120 says:

    Hi litte mama,

    First and foremost thanks for giving a lot information about infertility. This is the most informative blog tat I saw.

    I had done HSG and was diagnosed Bilateral Hydrosalpinx. It means “kedua-dua tubes pun kena sumbat”. Now I feel crying and helpness. I am so sorry to my hubby. All my dreams are destroyed.

    I wonder whether I should go for further treatment on infertility issue or just quit? If further IVF, also cannot help me watelse can I do.

    • Julajuli73 says:

      If both of your tubes are blocked, you have to do IVF. You can’t do IUI. Have u tried IVF? Before that, you can try get an advice from Hamid Arshat. He can flush your tubes or do tubal surgery. Please dont quit.

      • amy1120 says:


        Thank you for your early reply and encurage. These few days I everyday crying until no more tears now. Afraid to face my family.

        I found that many relevant research regarding to this disease, even IVF also useless, because the “fluid” will kill the embryo and also increase abortion. Some of my friends told me that in my case would like to do ivf = wasting money…..

        By the way can I know where Dr. Hamid Arshat located?

  • DiAna says:

    Thanks for sharing.

    Can I just ask for Dr Hamizah’s contact details please and which hospital is she with?


    • Ita says:

      Dr Hamizah is a gynecologist at LPPKN. You can call at 603-2693 7555 ext 3604 for an appointment.

  • Ein says:

    Salam little mama and all

    Thanks for the vey very informative blog. I went to LPPKN yesterday and the staffs was so friendly and helpful. Next week insyallah i will do my HSG at Tawakkal..Feel like soo takut laa..Hopefully it will not so painful..Ya Allah Permudahkanlah Urusanku..Aminn
    Wish me luck! 🙂

  • iza says:

    Salam Little Mama,

    Thanks to you and all reader’s comments..it was a very good information. 😉

    One question here..HSG x-ray is x-ray rahim ke? ❓ coz my rahim x-ray appointment with Ampang Hospital is on 28 july so i need some clarification from you..
    i’ve done blood test at Poliklinik Tangling and my blood test shows i’m lacking of progesterone.. 😥 meaning no ‘telur’ was produced..now they’r referring me to Hospital Ampang..(Alhamdulillah my gynie doctor is a women and she’s very good in motivating me n husband)

    ##FYI..This way can saved me RM30 (coz i’m not gov servant) if you guys was referred by private klinik, Rm30 will be charge during registration and for a next treatment they’ll charge RM5/treatment (even with or without poliklinik letter) 😉

  • aidaz says:

    Sy ingin berkongsi cerita dgn rakan2 yg senasib.Sjk zmn remaja,sy ada masalah period yg tak tetap & slalu missed prd for 2-3 mths.Sy khwin tahun 2002.Slps penat berubat cara tradisional,so thn 2005 sy berjumpa doc pakar& buat drilling utk remove cysts.HJg thn 2006 sy buat IVF di HUKM tp failed.2007,sy tak buat apa2 treatment ttpi selalu stress n menangis berhari2. 2008, sy bertukar tmpt kerja dan berazam tk mahu fikir sgt ttg zuriat.

    7 okt 2008, sy sakit perut teramat sgt dan hubby bw sy ke PPUM, Doc bgtau sy sdh prgnant 22wks, rahim sdh terbuka 5cm dan akn deliver baby anytime soon!Sy sungguh terkejut dan bingung. Pkl 4pg, sy lahirkan baby boy, berat 545gm tp tk boleh survivsb tk cukup bulan. Sy rasa sgt mnyesal dan sgt bodoh kerana tak sdr sy mngdung.

    sy tk pernah muntah,pening mlhan 2 bln pertama sy msh dtg prd.Mcm2 sy buat ms mgandung tu sb tak tau,angkat tong gas & periuk besar,usung sofa(masa kenduri di kg)dan yg paling menyedihkn sy ada gn U-zap slimming belt Osim yg mengeluarkan haba panas utk kempiskan prut.

    Ms dlm pantang, sy mcm org gila,menangis siang dan mlm. Sekarang, alhamdulillah, sy redha dan percaya Allah ada perancanganNya sendiri. Pun begitu,wajah baby yg diberi nama Adam masih kekal dlm ingatan

    • aidaz, ohh..sedihnya.. i feel for you..*hugs*..

    • syahnaz says:

      Aidaz..tabahkan hati ye..pasti ada hikmah. Selalu terjadi bila dah tak fikir sangat tu barulah mengandung, tapi tak bermaksud tak perlu ikhtiar kan..kena terus berusaha tapi tak stress up diri k..mungkin walaupun kita tak period regularly, kena jugak buat UPT every month..just in case kan..sbb ada my friend mula2 tu tak datang 2 bulan negatif, then on time, then tak datang 40 hari n cek positif! Kuatkan semangat ye Aidaz!

  • aidaz says:

    Thx littlemama & syahnaz.It makes me more semangat. Insya Allah, sy plan utk buat IUI di LPPKN on Oct.

  • wushuali says:

    aidaz…feel 4 ur pain….tabahkan hati….

    dr hamizah n lppkn are the best….after failed 4 2nd ivf last march sy akan cuba lg after raye nanti…dr hamizah said my telur are big enough.tp kosong……heart breaking…tak dek setitik air mate pun yg boleh keluar after that treatment…i mcm dreaming…until now br effect my life n hubby….i feel uselees n sori 4 him….slalu gado2..da sebulan not talking to him…feel very down…

    before my 3rd ivf ni i nak ambil baby boy.anyone know macam mane nak amik baby angkat tak?sy nak sangat ade baby…..moge allah beri saya kekuatan…sebab kadang2 da tak tetahan….

    • syahnaz says:


      Can you share your journey doing ivf kat lppkn x?
      Like the steps and costs each steps..how did you experience.
      Sy dah get used to IUI but planning for more advance technique like IVF and ICSI if needed, need to plan financially and prepare
      what to expect physically and emotionally. TQ

  • lily says:

    Salam little mama,

    Been reading the previous posts & yes, I have to agree that your blog really helps in giving info about infertility issue that we’re dealing with & how LPPKN can help.

    I’m 27 & been married for 19 months. I know, compared to our dear friends above, I’m less younger in age & in marriage years. But I guess I’m being a bit paranoid of not being able to be preggers. Yup, we did plan to have some time for ourselves during early of our marriage (1 year, to be exact). But then, we’ve decided to give it a go. Well, it turned out it was not as easy as we thought it’s gonna be.

    We tried, & tried & lastly we’ve decided to check what’s wrong. On May 2010, I gave a call to LPPKN to arrange for an appointment. To my surprise, I got an appointment & I got to choose the date! But of course the nurse advised that hubby reserved his sperm for 3-5 days for sperm test.

    After going through all the tests & whatnots (yup, i think HSG hurts!) I got my first appointment with Dr. Komathy last Friday. Her diagnose : I was having hormonal imbalance which caused my eggs to “tak matang”. Sperm counts, OK. Uterus & fallopian tube all OK.

    Dr. Komathy explained to us all of our options & we chose to DIY first. So I’m on Clomid right now. Next Monday, I’ll be meeting Dr. again to “teropong” my eggs so that she could tell when is the right time to have intercourse.

    My concern right now is, I’m sooo paranoid! I couldnt get the negative thoughts out of my head! Especially after reading to the previous posts from every walks of life.

    Hope this will go away as I need to prepare myself emotionally, meaning I have to feel more relaxed for the timed intercourse.

    It helps when knowing that I’m not alone, & would really appreciate if there anybody who has any tips on how to reduce the anxiety? Risau xtentu pasal je when it comes to baby-making.. HELP me, pls… 😥

    • dear lily, your problem is same as mine.. hormonal imbalance.

      anxiety tu memang tak leh nak elak la kan especially kalau kita tengah berusaha.. all kind of bad thinking comes into the head..

      TAPII.. try not to think about that so much.. do something else untuk mengalihkan perhatian.. kalau rasa nak menangis ke meraung ke..JUST DO IT.. jangan tahan-tahan

      jangan lupa juga ingat Tuhan..kena berdoa banyak-banyak..dan bertawakkal

      kalau perlu take a day off for the time intercourse..so tak de la terfikir nak rush or anything

  • lucy says:


    Hai Littlemama,
    First of all, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. It is very informative and useful. So many advices, do’s & don’t. ANd it feels good that you are not alone. Well, I’m 36 & been married for 5 years now. I have done HSG & found out i have Bilateral Hydrosalpinx which means both my fallopian tubes are occluded. My husband has a low sperm count. The only way to get pregnant is via IVF & it costs roughly RM18-20k @ private hospital in Sabah. LPPKN in Sabah do not offer IVF.LPPKN sounds promising & for me to do IVF in KL gonna cost a lot coz it will incurred so many expenses.

    Just wondering, if i ever feel like doing it in KL, how many days should I take leave ya?

    Going to children area @ any shopping complex is an emotional moment for me….. 🙁

  • Ita says:

    Dear Little Mama and all,

    It’s been two months since I last posted in here. I’ve started the IVF treatment last month.
    Doc prescribed me with Buserelin (0.5 cc). Took it for 2 weeks from 28 June.

    Did the blood test and ultrasound on 12 July. Everything was normal. Then Doc gave me Menonys injection (300 iu). I still have to continue with Buserelin injection (0.3 cc). So, from 14 July onwards, I’m taking 3 injections every night.

    Btw, we tried to combine 300 iu of Menonys in one stringe (to make it about 80 cc), but it proved to be sooo painful! The solution was so thick that it hurt so bad when we administered the injection. I cried throughout the entire injection. We then had to resort to having 2 separate injections of Menonys and one injection of Buserelin.

    This morning, we did another ultrasound. The result was not so encouraging. I only have 3 eggs on the left and 1 on the right ovary. All the eggs are very small. Doc said my body is slow at responding to the medicine. Plus, I have minor allergy to Menonys, which irritates my skin and makes it itchy.

    I need to continue with the same injections (Buserelin and Menonys) for another 5 days. Next appointment to do ultrasound and blood test will be on 26 July.

    We’re praying hard that my body will respond fast to the medication and that the procedure will be a success. Then again, I’m also preparing myself to be strong with whatever result that we may get…

    • lucy says:

      Dear Ita,

      Wishing you a success in your IVF. May I ask where did you do it? I am planning to do it and has done a lot of research regarding IVF, the situations that we will encounter and many more … it scares though but i believe if we put our mind to it, having a BABY, i know we can get through all the medications etc.

      Again, all the best dear and keep us posted …..

  • simmi says:

    hai……i read all the comments…i am marid 1 and half years and still cannot conceive…i have done blood test,they say my uterus is thick and hormon low…my husband sperm count also low…i plan to go plkkn next week….do u think i will get any good solution.. 😐

    • syahnaz says:

      Hi Simmi,

      Did you do all the tests at LPPKN? At LPPKN the DR will advise you on the solution based on you and your husband’s result. Madication will also be given to help out..dont worry k..keep up the good effort!

  • nely says:

    kak..saya plan nak pegi ke lppkn slpas hari raya niie… anggaran kos yg akak wat tu pada tahun 2007..agaknyer kos nie meningkat ker pada tahun nie…? saya ada call lppkn dia soh saya standby rm 200 semasa pendaftaran makna nya x termasuk consultation,ubatan dan kos2 yg lain ye?

    • nely, kos treatment kat LPPKN dah meningkat dik.. RM200 tu rasanya masuk consultation on that day dan sperm analysis je kot.. tapi rasanya tak sampai banyak tu

      maybe nurse suruh prepare kot doctor nak bagi ubat kat suami jika ada masalah..

      kos ubatan lain akan ikut peringkat..

      dulu masa akak kos prosedur IUI tu RM100 je (tak masuk ubat.. ubat mahal..ikut berapa dose..dulu RM100 satu dose..kena 4-6 dose per cycle).. tapi dengar khabar kos IUI tu dah naik RM300+ tak silap.. ubat maybe naik jugalah.

      nanti dah pergi tanya docktor berapa harga ubat supaya senang sediakan untuk next appoinment..doktor akan bagitau ubat apa dia akan bagi dan untuk apa..

  • FL says:

    Hi All

    My first time reading this blog & got alot of information from you all.

    I have been married for 3 years but still cant conceived because hubby got low sperm count problem.

    Am still waiting for my this month period to come and only will make appointment to LPPKN.

    Does anyone knows that how much is the cost for IUI treatment?
    reading from the blog that seems like the charges in LPPKN is getting expensive.

    • syahnaz says:


      Latest charges, IUI will be rm350, drugs will be ranging from rm600-800 depending on your individual needs. In total about 1,100-1,200 to spare.

      • FL says:


        It’s for 1 cycle charges or the whole treatment?

        Coz with that price i can go private hospital oladi..


        • syahnaz says:


          1 cycle..is whole treatment..if you succeed..IUI only requires one cycle for one treatment..unlike IVF, 2 cycles per treatment.I heard private can charge up to 3,000 for IUI. Some can also offer below 2K.Hope this helps..

  • lynda says:

    Salam All,

    In Feb, I’ve mentioned that I’ve conceived after 4 IUIs attempts @ PPUM.

    Anyway, I just found that the fertility center that I went in PPUM is also a LPPKN, but in Selangor. So, now, you have an option to go at LPPKN Jalan Raja Laut or LPPKN at PPUM. I’ve not been to LPPKN Jln Raja Laut, but I would like to also share my experience @ PPUM. Mungkin ramai tak tahu kot, tapi everytime I go to PPUM, queue ada dlm 5-6 orang je utk jumpa doctor.

    The first few cycles when the IUI x jadi, the nurses and doctors there were very kind, dan mendoakan we continue and don’t give-up. Tu yang sanggup buat bercycle-cycle, because you can really feel that they care. Macam2 pesan yang diaorang bagi everytime jumpa. Maklumlah every month pergi sana (yang each month pergi selang dua-tiga hari utk monitor development telur), so dah kenal semua orang kat center tuh.

    Tapi, yang paling terharu, bila dapat tahu saya pregnant, they are the one yang paling excited. Usually I have to call to check the status of my HCg count, tapi hari tu diorang call. Macam2 advise diaorang bagi, just to make sure that the pregnancy is successful.

    Nak dijadikan cerita, dahlah diuji 5 thn utk mengandung, mengandung pun diuji lagi. Masuk 2nd trimester, I had bleeding yg potentially lead to miscarriage for nearly a month. Sepatutnya, I dah kena transfer kena Klinik Ibu Mengandung, tapi they are very concerned abt me, I continue to go to the LPPKN. The nurse and doctors sana prihatin, that I can just call them for advice and only go to the hospital based on over the phone diagnos (fyi, movement can further aggravate the situation).

    After the bleeding episode, I decided to resign from the hectic work and get a lighter workload. So, skrg ni I’m 7mths pregnant and continue going to PPUM utk check-ups. Bukan kerana nak jimat, tapi rasa sangat2 terjaga oleh doktor dan nurse yang prihatin.

    So, to all dear friends here –> Yes, please continue to try conceive and never lose hope, but, it is equally important that you find a good hospital to take care of your precious pregnancy.

    Insya Allah, I mengandung dengan selamatnya and dapat merasa zuriat sendiri..

    • syahnaz says:

      lynda..so inspired dgr kisah you..wish you all the best..do you mind sharing pesanan2 yang you dapat for iui?Like dos and donts..

  • yun says:

    Salam & Hi to all,

    I’ve been married for almost 4 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my 2nd year of marriage.

    Drilling was done, my tubes are fine and hubby’s sperm count is superb.

    We’ve been trying to conceive since then.

    I’ve undergone IUI procedure for 4 times & intend to give it another try after this raya. if result remains the same, will definitely persuade hubby to go for IVF @ LPPKN..

    Btw, I’m 31 y.o this year…biological is rapidly ticking.. consider myself lucky that i didn’t have the pressure frm my family & the in-laws.. but deep down inside it is still not comforting knowing the fact that I’m over 30 & childless (there I say it).. there is also the thoughts that what if i’me never gonna get pregnant? to aggravate the matter further, my baby sister got married this year in Feb & almost immediately got pregnant. she’s now 7 months pregnant…i’m happy for her but sad for myself.. she even did her pregnancy test at my place cuz her hubby was outstation… it was an awkward moment for me.. reality can be really harsh.. but i to keep my sanity intact.. i always remind myself that there could be blessings in disguise..

    hope littlemama & everyone don;t mind me pouring my heart out in this forum..

    • hi yun, you’re welcome to share your feeling, thoughts.. anything here.. it’s one of the best way to make you feel better

    • syahnaz says:

      Hi Yun,

      Interesting to know about you coz lebih kurang sama like me..well same age, hubby no problem, no pressure from families, and dah few times IUI..also planning to proceed IVF@LPPKN, now waiting for financial possibility..also feeling that the clock is ticking and that what if I will never get one..and sometimes like losing my mind..but then lately I feel like forgetting about time..just enjoy the moment but never stop trying…trying but not too much hoping cos it will easily be d reason for heartbreaking each time…you are so true that there must be blessing in disguise that we will be thanking in future..all the best,hope can share the IVF journey soon. 😉

      • jenny says:

        yun & syahnaz,

        good to hear there are souls going through the same feelings….sometimes its just hard to pour out to our opposite gender specially to our husband, as they dont really see the problem as how we see them…and they easily convince themself to relax and forget about the problem and move on….but we the woman are haunted day and night and minutes and even seconds….but kita kena jugak sabar and kuatkan semangat. do not let any negative thoughts to haunt you. Be positve….do not give any rooms to say ‘i wont get pregnant’.if anyone ask me, got anything ahh ? ‘instead of saying ‘NO’….i will say ‘SOON TO COME’. at the begining it feels odd but it healed me later on. have some changes to take place in your daily life, swift your thought…i started reading novels, every 3 months once we travel to places like Sea side / water falls / island tour. Go out every weekend to parks/ movie/ visit friends / etc – to get ourself relaxed and kuatkan ikatan as husband and wife, get a pet maybe puppy or cat – some thing you could play with. ( like myself i have a puppy ) – she cheers our day, cam kami saling bergantung untuk kasih sayang… i started exercising did ofthen have changes on my look – to add spices and momentum when we make love ( without bothering about ovulation.) So we are all in the same boat, whatever religion we may be – but it all teaches one thing ‘TO NOT GIVE UP, TRUST GOD, AND HIS MERCY AND BLESSINGS WILL BE SHOWERED’. Good Luck to all.

  • ambia says:

    hi guys,

    this cmg Dec my marriage genaplah 3 tahun and masih belum dapat conceived naturally.. Masa mula2 kahwin dulu, dah ghi jumpa gynea kat SJMC…Dr Lee confirm that I’m having PCOS.. hormon mmg tak balance..my period pun setahun hanya sekali..itu pun kalau teruk sgt..klu tak datanglah setahun 2 kali…

    I took clomid utk a few cycles..mmg telur membesar dgn banyak tp masih gagal untuk conceived natural… so sekarang bila dah almost 3 tahun, me and MH nak jumpa skali lagi Dr Lee tu..tak tahulah apa cadangan yang akan dia kasi untuk kali ini…

    Confius juga, MH friend suggest suruh ghi jumpa Dr Zamri from DEMC, tp after raya ni appointment dgn dia fully booked…cuma ada during weekdays..which susah sikit nak apply cuti…anyway, tomorrow my appointment with Dr Lee..Hopefully, ada good news yang dia boleh kasi tahu lah..

    It is a time to check on MH side too..

    wish me luck..and I’m afraid too..

  • Lily says:


    Thanks for sharing this informations…macam orang selalu cakap sharing is caring…

    Kat cni Lily teringin skali berkongsi pengalaman dengan kamu2 semua…skarang umur lily dah 26 tahun,kahwin dah masuk 9 bulan…lily nak tanya,boleh ke lily nak buat appointment dengan LPPKN dalam masa terdekat ni? sebab ade dengar2 cakap LPPKN tak terima kes yang kawen bawah dari 1 tahun..betulke?

  • joanne says:

    kat jahor bahru ada lppkn x ,ada alamat?atau blh call?

  • icha says:

    Lepas icha baca this forum, icha ada call LPPKN, ok diorg tu…
    Icha bgtau problem icha d mana problem pd kitaran period… prnh dk 6 bln x dtg… ni las period july pastu smpi skrg xde dh…
    cek pregnancy kit dh bpuluh2 kali, tp sume negatif…
    baru2 ni ada g jumpa pakar, dia bg ubat hormon, dh seminggu mkn, tp x period gk (kata doc, pas amik seminggu, akan period)… riso rasanye… tp sjk 2-3 arini, bdn panas sgt, moody, sakit perut, runsing je…
    nasihat LPPKN td, utk perbetulkan period dulu, memandangkan icha pun br kawen bln 4 aritu.. tp another problem, icha ni jauh dgn hubby…~~ ssh nk bersama pd waktu btol2 subur… adoi penin…
    nasihat LPPKN mnta icha g klinik sana dulu berbincang dgn doc dulu…

  • ana says:


    penuh dengan maklumat blog ni!!tahniah little mama.ana skang 1thn 2bulan kawen. pernah gugur 10bulan yang lalu 2hr sebelum raya korban tahun lepas.smpi skarang mencuba masih belum berjaya.nak try g lppkn tp nk mtk bantuan kepada sesiapa yang dapat menjelaskan dengan terperinci prosedur yang dijalankan dan anggaran kos..(kalo dpt sedetail yang julajuli berikan berkaitan IVF,alhamdulilah).nak tanya jugak harus ke set appmnt masa kte tengah/dekat2 period or anytime can?

    • jenny says:

      Little mama,
      I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 year since the day I got married. But failed. My menses after marriage has gone totally disaster. I have to take norculat every cycle to get my period out and to monitor for ovulation which doesn’t seems to be happening. I have referred to one of the medical centre or treatment.
      1.Clomid of 50mg + natural method = failed ( no matured follicle)
      2.Clomid of 100mg + Metformin + Dexalone +Natural method = failed ( one matured follicle but too big)
      3.Clomid of 150mg + Metformin + Dexalone +Natural method = failed ( no matured follicle)

      Pap smear result – all okay no cycts or fibroids. Ultrasounds –no blockage / everything normal. I’m diagnosed with more of male hormone thats the reason there isn’t any matured eggs to be ovulated ( though i have about 8-10 eggs each month). Doc referred me to 6 months of birth control pills (diane25) in order to reduce the male hormone and to balance it with the female hormone equally. My husband’s SA analysis revealed low sperm count there fore he is has been given vitamins to increase the sperm count.
      We did ask about IUI, but doc claim it’s no point spending so much money on IUI which is not a certain answer to get me pregnant. and requested us to go on the birth control pills first.
      But of course it’s about the cost right. So far I already spent more than 1.5K only on clomid and metformin. Now for the next 6 months I will have to bear a cost of approximately RM300 per month for the next 6 months and not giving me a chance at all to ovulate (because birth control pills stops production of eggs).
      Reading all the comments on this topic, I don’t seem to hear anyone talking about usage of contraceptive pills to cure infertility.
      Anyone wants to share…

      • hi jenny, seems like you doctor giving you birth control pills to treat PCOS (ovulation problems)..if you have problem with ovulation then the doctor is right to make it priority to treat that first

        IUI will only have a greater chance of success if you have a regular ovulation in place.. most of people doing IUI have another problem which is the size of eggs (ovulation happens but eggs do not mature big enough for fertilisation).. for this drugs like Pregnyl and Clomid are given

        • jenny says:

          Thanks for the info little mama. Anyway i have not started on the birth control pills yet since i have not got my menses this months. Any way, we decided to go for a second opinion. Since no blood check was carried out by the previous doc – im not sure how she would have concluded on my hormonone imbalances. My hubee sis is also a doc and said it is ok to get second opinion. Looking at the cost of treatment at current place i dont think can i afford to continue treatment there. Im going for my 1st appointment to LPPKN tommorow. by the way how much does each IUI cost ?

          • jenny says:

            my 1st appointment ( which was on my 30th birthday )…wow little mama….you are actualy my big mama, the staff’s were really really friendly and cheerful. i walked in nervous, not wanting to hear any futher bad new about my health but the staff’s really changed my mind set and got me relaxed. The nurse sat down and took our indivudual and family health information and was very informative in explaining to us…which was not done at ROOPI Medical Centre. They are just to busy to ask or even answer your question. at lppkn i have gone through my urine test to confirm i wasnt pregnant at that moment and hubee had his semen analysis done as well, i was given duphaston 10mg for 7 days to get my next pperiod and was advice to go tawakal for an x-ray on between 2-5day of my period….and i will have to go back to lppkn to do a blood test…the first trip cost us RM90 only.

  • yun says:

    Salam little mama,

    i’ve been maaried for 3 years. pregnant once but misscarried @ 7weeks, that happened 1 year after we married. until now (2 years) never conceived(though consume clomid). i’d like to ask as b4 this i went thru treatment @ Gov. hosp.(since misscarried) Do I have to ask for the report or just tell LPPKN about what kind of treatment that i’ve gone through?I’ve done HSG(result ok), clomid for 2 years++, still no iui as everytime i want to do it my egg seems don’t response on that prescribed clomid dose (currently 150mg). ohh and i’m PCOS’er as well. no injection prescribe(gonal-f & etc), very irregular cycle, btw,gov hosp doctor doesn’t care much to regulate my period. i’d like to give a shot at LPPKN but since i work far from kl caused me delay in going for treatment. Desperately need ur views..

  • Cat says:

    How much does it cost for IVF in LPPKN? I have been married for 5 yrs now no luck by normal or IUI. Husband SA was low then have increased but still no success. Thot of trying for IVF @ LPPKN if affordable.

    • cat, IVY maybe 10,000+.. you can call LPPKN anytime to confirm 🙂

    • Hanie says:

      Terima kasih untuk info yang diberikan…
      Saya mmg dah lama berniat nak g LPPKN cuma x tau mcm mn caranya..
      Malu dan segan semuanya ada…
      Untuk pengetahuan little mama, saya sudah berkahwin almost 7 years..still xde anak dan x pernah mengandung…
      So mohon nasihat dan pendapat dari little mama

  • adik says:

    littlemama, saya buat iui 27/9 aritu. arini dah hari ke 18 lepas iui dan saya belum period lagi,,hari ke 14 aritu saya test tapi bfn,, takut nk test lagi..doc masa iui tu suh dtg selasa (19/10 )jika masih tak period,,, tapi saya tak tau la mcm mana nk hadapi 5hari ni…


  • cassandra says:

    Dear Lil Mama
    I have been through IVF 7 years ago and not successful. I didnt had any hesterogram done as it is not required for IVF and my husband’s SA is normal. After the unsuccessful of 1st IVF, i did not try again as it is very costly. So i decided to let nature takes place but over the 7 years, it is still unsuccessful. I have never taken any OCP or traditional herbs before. Every month i calculate my most fertile period and have SI but it’s still unsuccessful. I am 38yrs old now and i wonder if i still can get pregnant. My period is always on time and it will last for 5 days. Could it due to my imbalance of hormone or blockage of my tubes? Please help.

    Kota Kinabalu

  • lisha says:

    Hi all, just 3 days ago, i had my right fallopion tube removed due to ectopic pregnancy. The Dr told me that my left tube is blocked as well. Now i am wondering if i can get pregnant in future? Any advise on this? Thank you. 😐

  • deqja says:

    dear lil mama
    firstly nak ucapkan terima kasih sbb dgn ade nya blog ni saya dpt lots of info 🙂 saya br nak registere kat lppkn since married alomost 3years but still xde ape2…just nak tanye bole ke kite mintak utk doktor perempuan? and which doktor is the best?

  • lisha says:

    Dear deqja,
    From what i read kat blog ni, at LPPK, u can ask for Dr Komathy. Apparently, from the review, she is good.

  • mrs love says:

    hai mama,

    alhamdulilah jumpe blog u..saya dah 1 year berkahwin,umur 25 tahun, berfikir untuk wat cek up di KPJ puchong, tp setelah read details LPPKN rasa berminat untuk buat rawatan di LPPKN. saya terus kol LPPKN dan mereka suruh dtg isnin petang atau rabu pagi untuk berjumpa doktor bagi khidmat nasihat. apakah proses seterusnya akan saya ikuti ye mama?
    saya tidak ada mencuba ape2 cara sebelum ini. ada berfikir untuk mengurut tetapi masih di tangguhkan.
    mohon nasihat dan pendapat mama. moga ada harapan buat kami.

  • mrs love says:

    lupa nak share i kol LPPKN shah alam coz i stay area subang.
    i nak kol to set up appoinment and mereka suruh dtg shj pd rabu atau isnin untuk berjumpa doktor dan register.
    adakah sama dengan step yang mama pernah hadapi?
    maaf jika byk tanya, saya kurang paham step ni sume.

  • lisha says:

    mama, thanks for your advice. doctor pun cakap the only way is throught IVF. i baru sahaja after operation, maybe i wait for 1 month to heal, then go seek help. maybe at lppk. do u know how much for ivf at lppk? thanks mama. ur blog really useful

  • lisha says:

    dear mama,

    another update. i just called lppkn KL. they advised me bahawa tarikh to register will be after january 15 2011. because they r having renovation. the cost will be anggaran 10 to 14k. wow…..

  • mar says:

    terima kasih atas maklumat berguna dalam blog ni, ia sgt memudahkan bila berkunjung ke LPPKN.

    bulan Oct lalu, saya dan suami telah melalui ujian2 saringan ie SA, blood test dan HSG.

    last week (Nov),saya mmg dah excited nak jumpa dr. for the first time bila saya period (period saya regular) tapi bila nak buat appointment, doktor takde, so kena tunggu next period, next month. saya ada beberapa persoalan:-

    1) kenapa bila nak jumpa doktor first time kena time period sahaja? is it to make sure tak pregnnt? tapi bukan ke boleh check thru pregnancy test?

    2) bila jumpa dr. first time, terus buat treatment ke? bukan dr. akan bagi advice, then kita jumpa lagi bila dah decide nak proceed dgn treatment ape ikut mengikut masalah masing2?

    3) jika kena jumpa dr. time period sahaja,kalau every month time period asyik2 dr. xde ie pegi kursus ke, meeting ke, dh tu sampai bila nak dpt jumpa?

    4) kalau akhirnya saya berjaya jumpa dr. selepas 3-4 bulan menunggu dr. ada time saya period, adakah saya terpaksa buat semula blood test etc? sampai bila ujian2 yg telah dilakukan itu valid?

    thanks in advance kepada littlemama dan sesiapa yang sudi berkongsi maklumat:)

    • mar,

      1&2. kena jumpa doktor time period sebab dia akan bagi advise dan boleh start treatment on the spot

      ubat mcm clomic atau injection gonal-f tu mesti diambik dari start habis period kalau nak buat treatment IUI sebelum next period

      3. itu patut tanya nurse 🙂 maybe kebetulan masa you call dr memang tak ada so memang takleh buat apa lah.. tapi takkan lah doktor tu sepanjang masa pergi kursus.. please think positive ya

      lagipun masa you call time period tu belum set which doctor lagi kan..kebetulan la tu semua doktor tak de time tu.. ada 3 doktor kat situ.. boleh request doktor wanita kalau nak masa call tu

      4. blood test check hormone tu sekali saja..validity dia biasa 1 year la..

      nak buat treatment ni kena sabar..dan kena fikir positive


    • syahnaz says:


      Jumpa DR masa period sebab for fertility treatment, bermula dari awal cycle ie Day 1 period..sebab DR monitor hormon and ubat-ubat ikut peredaran hari dalam cycle. Maybe jugak to avoid treatment time pregnant sbb ubat yang diambil mungkin tak sesuai..so better confirm dah dapat period.

      Masa first jumpa memang bincang result test, and DR explain expected solution and whether kita nak proceed ke tak..kalau tak proceed masa tu pun (DR bekalkan ubat hormon), next period datang lagi to start..dah lupa masa I pergi that day whether I start immediately..

      Hmm maybe sekarang time DR busy..cos ms I dulu most of the time ada..cuma sekali je xde..then take a break that month,tunggu period lagi sekali..Dont give up k..

      Rasanya tak perlu ulang balik semua ujian..especially kalau within setahun tu rasanya masih valid..saya buat treatment dalam 5-6 bulan tak pernah ulang ujian..result awal tu kira dh boleh intro kita punye basic condition..

      Harap dapat membantu..


  • mar says:

    Dear littlemama and syahnaz thank you so much for your informative reply!really appreciated it:) this blog provides a good support group!btw i was assigned with dr hamizah:)

    initially, i was frustrated bcoz when i took the blood test for the 2nd time (D21) the nurse informed me that i will see the doctor next month during my period.so mmg expectation dh high time tu to unveil the root of the prob and ways to rectify it or even if there’s no prob, cuma belum rezeki 😉

    when we decided its time to seek help, we were not sure where to go, gov or private? then my mom asked her friends on this matter. the verdict was gov : long queue and it would be some time before you could see the doctor. while in private, cuma sediakan ongkosnya:) but later i stumbled upon this blog, and later called lppkn, it seems after one month, you can see the doctor. so we thought xdela lama sgt tunggu, so we decided to try lppkn first. besides,its semi-gov and some of the cost incurred can be claimed later from the gov:)

    anyways, if the nurse took the time to explain the reality of the situation ie your appointment depends on ur period AND doctor’s schedule, if shes not available you may need to wait for next month during ur next period. then i would be more than satisifed, at least dh bole expect tak semestinya jumpa dr. the next month:) i guess these things not all nurses know kot and are based on experience, thats why this blog is good for us to share our experience going thru the treatment:)

    i did called lppkn twice, but they didnt manage to answer my Q, kept repeating the same thing ‘puan dtg next period ye’ then giving me the pep talk ‘ benda ni kena sabar etc’ i truly understand that,bertahun2 ni pun bersabar la kan, i dont expect to get pregnant straight away,kalau ade rezeki, adelah kan,must keep on trying dan jgn putus asa.i just want the explaination, apa yg akan dibuat. why this why that. last2 nurse ckp ‘puan dtg sini, nnt kita bincang ye’ hehe tapi mmg salute la staff lppkn, sabar je melayan,walaupun tak jawab soalan

    now that littlemama n syahnaz has explained the procedure and shared their experience, baru senang hati:) thank you so much! may littlemama conceive again and syahnaz succeeded with IVF!:) and everyones wishes will come true! 😉

    p/s i couldnt see the dr. last week bcoz she was away attending a meeting the whole week, hopefully next month she wouldnt be on leave or attending meeting/courses, if not we will have to wait again for the next month:) and enjoy life as it is, counting our blessings ❓

  • Mommy says:

    salam all.

    I just found this blog and feel very honoured to share that my first son is by the third round of IUI performed by Dr. Hamizah.. then i got pregnant again after my little one is just 4 months! Unfortunately, the second one got miscarriage when it’s 6 weeks. I strongly believed that my body cannot sustain any pregnancy naturally like others. so, i start to eat well, take EPO and a lot of fruits and pray hard. exactly when my first one is 8 months, i got pregnant again (DIY)! this time i really have to take care of myself just like how the LPPKN staff did. I told my history to my doctor and he gave me special treatment in order to eliminate any posibilities of miscarriage again.. with Duphaston until 4 months, Alhamdulillah i manage to sustain my pregnancy and gave birth to a very healthy 3.85 boy. Since both of my babies are born via ceaserean, i need to wait for another 6 months to get pregnant again..

    to those who are still waiting for the good news, please, please and please do not lost hope! yes LPPKN is a gov center but believed me, they are fully equipped with the latest technology and you have to pay less compared to swasta punya. make use of your citizenship for this!

    • mommy, tahniah!! agreed with you pasal eat right tu.. most women nowadays makan tak betul.. in terms of time dan jugak jenis food.. i think itu salah satu faktor penyumbang infertility in Malaysia ni..

      maybe kena jauhkan junk food and fast food ni

      • amy david says:

        i ada seorang anak,berumur 8 thn.tetapi saya nak cuba dapat anak kedua,i tak boleh dapat.dah banyak kali dr cuba dengan ubat tapi tak berkesan.sekarang dr cakap cuba dengan test tube baby di lppkn.saya takut kosnya tinggi.saya cuma ada satu buah ovari saja,sebab last time i ada orian cyst kena operation.tolong bagi i some advise

  • Puvanes says:

    Hi Lil Mama,

    I am 27 & DH 33 married for 15 months & been ttc for almost a year without success. My periods are regular and according to OPK(Ovulation Predictor Kit) i do ovulate. I have done HSG at gov hospital for FOC(my sis is a DR there)on june 2010 & the tubes were clear. My last period was on 26/10/10 & i ovulate around 11-13 Nov. My sis recommended me to take clomid to increase my changes to conceive. I took 50mg on 5-9 on my last cycle. If this month fails then i probably will get an appointment at LPPKN coz it is so frustrating when TTC. 3 of my cousins who got married the same time just delivered their first child & i am the youngest among all. All of them in their 30’s. Right after my ovulation i felt abit crampy. My symptoms are as below:

    Period : 26/10/10
    Ovulation : 11-13/11/10
    3-5 DPO(date post ovulation) : mild cramp, Increased Cervical Fluid, Bloating, Pulling/Pinching pain at abdomen, Ovary Pain, Headache
    6-9 DPO – same as above but no pinching/pulling pain or ovary pain…felt Increased Appetite, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Gassy (burping whole day)and also nausea
    today 10 DPO – feel abit crampy since morning, backache, nausea, some cervical fluid, emotional,very Tender Breasts, sore throat, flu (sneezing), fewerish abit…

    With feeling mild cramps, do you thing i still can get BFP?
    Anyone else have success stories going through IUI? Please share..

  • anna says:

    Salam little mama,
    Rasa terharu dapat ruang berkongsi dengan yang lain tentang semua ini..saya pun nak masuk 4 tahun kawin,still have no baby..pernah miscarriage at my 2nd year of wedding,sampai sekarang..xde rezeki lagi. Rasa sedih,bila tahu ade cyst pulak after miscarriage tuh..cyst tu pulak kejap ada,kejap x de. i decide xnak operate.my husband pula sperm count low..

    Teruja ngan cadangan utk ke LPPKN ni.Doktor akan bagi cadangan ke utk kita? kalau cam kita nak go for IVF terus cane,bole ker?


  • miera says:

    salam little mama,

    seronok saya jumpe blog ni. saya suri rmh spenuh masa.sudah stahun brkahwin tapi masih blom ada anak..rasa sedih bila tgk adik bradik n ipar saya yg baru je kwin dah hamil..

    3bln lps kwin saya mula mencuba mcm2 cara untuk hamil,..mengurut, petua2, rawatan islam,mkn supplement, biodek dan mcm2 lg..pnghujung bln ke5 sy keguguran(5mggu).hingga skrg sy masih meneruskan pengambilan suplement dan mengamalkan tip2 mudah hamil..
    teruja pula bila baca ruangan ni..blh ke saya cuba dptkan rawatan di lppkn walaupun usia pkhwinan sy baru stahun?? bukan apa bila saya menyatakan hasrat untuk dptkan rawatan ramai yg ckp “ala..baru stahun kwen, org lain btahun2 kwen xde anak” saya bkn apa klau blh xnak la jd smpai mcm tu, btahun2 kwen masih xde anak..saya hanya brusaha untuk dptkan zuriat..

    persoalan saya, adakah saya layat untuk dptkan rawatan di lppkn??

  • asmahlaili says:

    saya baru buat iui 29hb november 2010..sekarang saya sakit pinggang dan breast pun sakit bila sentuh…adakah itu tanda2 iui berjaya…apa pengelaman mama dulu.

  • Enoi says:

    saya pun buat iui tapi awal skit dari asmahlaili(26/11/2010).kiranya hari ni hari ke-7 slps iui.saya pun rase sama mcm asmahlaili,rasa senak,sakit breast &sakit pinggang.tertanya2 gak ini simptom ovulasi@ apa?
    Apa little mama rase lepas wat iui dulu,ek?

  • violetta says:

    saya menjalani proses IUI kali pertama pada 18/11 lepas…dan setelah 16 hari, hari ni saya period 😥 sedih sangat..nak keje pon terus hilang mood.

    saya dah 4 thn lebih berkahwin dan tak pernah mengandung.jumpa pakar semua test dr kata saya sihat, suami pon sihat.pernah juga cuba cara tradisional dan islamik, alhamdulillah…semuanya ok.tp nampaknya rezeki zuriat blm smpai pada saya dan suami.

    saya buat IUI di klinik swasta recommendation dari pakar yg saya jumpa. kos boleh tahan jugak…dalam 17++.so dah gagal kali pertama ni, saya rasa mcm nak cuba di LPPKN.bila google, jmpa blog ni.tadi bila period, takde la rasa nak nangis, tapi bila baca cerita2 kat sini yang saya rasa nangis 😛

    ramai lagi yang masih menanti mcm saya.mcm2 cerita.mcm2 versi.thanx littlemama sbb banyak beri info di blog ni dan menyatukan ramai lagi org mcm saya

  • Enoi says:

    sabar ye violetta,mudah2an ada rezeki kita nanti.yang penting kita kena usaha,doa dan berserah pada tuhan.

  • nazuhar says:

    saya baru setahun setengah kawin n belum lagi dikurniakan anak..boleh ke saya pergi mendapatkan rawatan di LPPKN.. saya dah try berurut tapi x berhasil juga..saya ingin tahu brapakah kos yg dikenakan untuk rawatan pertama.

  • yu ki says:

    i had inevitable miscarriage after 4 mths of pregnancy which is very rare. my previous doctor advice me to do some common 3 virus check, thyroid etc to determine the reason of miscarriage whether the problem is on me. i
    You think this LPPKN has this check available? because last time not only the hospital is dirty it also cost me 5k plus to remove the baby. i personallly think my previous doctor didnt’ give me good advice n very $$ face. i don’t want to go there anymore.

  • KASS says:

    hi sis…..i’ve been tryin 2 get pregnant 4 a very long time. It’s been 3 years and 5 months since i got married….but still childless……wnt through lots of follow up check ups and even took clomid 4 about a year. Is there any nearest clinic i can go to around klang area??? Is iui treatment worth tryin???

  • anne says:

    salam kak…
    Saya ada dgr yg kalo dh 2thun bkahwin,bru leyh g lppkn..tol ke??
    Atau dh leyh set appointmet skang??agak2,brape ek total cost utk sume tu..
    Ade yg kte around rm800…saya nak baby sgt… 🙁

  • anna says:

    saya dah try buat appointment. Few note to all;

    1. Usia perkahwinan anda sekurang-kurangnya 30 – 36 bulan
    2. Pada hari pertama, datang dengan suami.
    3. 3-5 hari sebelum datang, do not have intercourse. (utk test sperm count si suami)
    4. Bawa duit RM 200 untuk pendaftaran
    5. SEMUA APPOINTMENT hanya selepas 15 JANUARY 2011.

    akak..tolong doa untuk saya yea..bulan 6 ni genap le 4 tahun kite kawin..once saya dapat appointment tu, saya akan try share lagi ngan kawan2 semua yang senasib ngan saya di sini dan blog saya okies!! 🙂
    *sebab,LPPKN KL sedang dalam renovation*

    can’t wait!! 🙂 😀

    • MoMmY_MatE says:

      salam anna, thanx for the useful info!
      pls share the link to ur blog. wud love to read ’em :mrgreen:

  • Salam Little Mama,

    Nak tanya, did u face any difficulties untuk claim utk treatment?


    • salam dear, i keje swasta so memang tak leh claim.. semua kena tanggung sendiri..

      • walaikumsalam….

        oh ok. i thought u kerja government that day 🙂

        anyway… thanks 🙂

        • syahnaz says:

          My husband kerja govt and after 3 attempts of IUI that day, alhamdulillah dapat balik semua claim within 1-2 months per claim. Kalau form, receipts and surat DR complete, insya Allah it is just a matter of govt processing period je yg makan masa sikit..no worries

          • sebenarnya mmg semua simpan dan document smua mmg lengkap… tp kan… the big boss @ Ketua Jabatan tak mo sign! huhuhuhu

          • syahnaz says:

            Hmm? Tak sepatutnya dia tak sign sbb syaratnya cukup lengkap lampiran je..hak anda sebagai
            staf kerajaan for that claim sara ubat..boleh
            buat aduan ni..

          • wushuali says:

            ermmmm….kejam nye ur boss tu…itu hak kita..sy rase perkara tu boleh diadukan ke JPA.keje di bahagian ape?saye rase bos mcam tu cool hearted kot.die tak faham…sy alhamdulillah…br jek dapt claim rm6k tuk rawatan ivf ari tu..insya allah nak guna duit tu tuk another ivf…

  • ieda says:

    Salam semua..
    semoga kt semua bersabar menempuh dugaan yang amat hebat darinya…. Walau kadang2 hati ini terdetik kenape aku yg diuji dengan dugaan ini, tp percayalah Allah maha Mengetahui dan Maha Pemberi, kt berusaha sebaiknya selebihnya Hanya Dialah penentu.

  • Mama wanna be says:

    Teruja bila baca pengalaman kawan2… saya thn depan genap 4thn berkahwin…. siapa yang tak rasa kecil hati bila rakan2 dah masuk 2 anak…. tp saya redha dan berdoa agar 1 hari ALLAH mengizinkan saya untuk memiliki seorang insan kecil bernama ANAK…..
    Last week my hubby try 2 call LPPKN KL untuk prosedur check up…. so dorang suh call next year to make appointment.. hope ada rezeki kami nak dapat advice doc…. at least dapat sorang baby pun xpe… sian hubby… yealah dia sayangkan budak2…. also masih ada harapan utk kami berdua memandangkan usia hubby 42th and me 29th… hope 2011 ni memberikan saya semangat utk buat check up and treatment kalau diizinkan… semua ini kerana sokongan yang tak berbelah bahagi hubby….

    • InsyaAllah… jgn putus asa and sentiasa berdoa…. just ingat… kita adalah insan2 terpilih!

    • nana says:

      sama la kita,sya dh 3 thn lbh kawin suami sya pn dh memasuki usia 40-an dan sya 29 thn …hati sya cepat tersentuh bila bercakap pasal anak… sama-samalah kita berdoa semoga doa kita di makbulkan… insyaallah…

  • Yani says:

    Lppkn ada IVF x?berapa % berjaya? i tgh carik kat mana nak buat IVF ni as doktor yg rawat endo ckp peluang utk i mengandung normal sgt tipis.

    Hope someone can answer my question..

    • MoMmY_MatE says:

      saya tak pasti % berjaya, tapi LPPKN mmg ada buat IVF
      sesiapa nak tau fees and charges
      under subfertility treatment procedure/tatacara rawatan sub kesuburan

    • Nisa says:

      Salam Yani,
      Sya ada kwn yg penah dpt endo wp dia x prnah rsa skit msa period. Bla bt rwtan lporskpi dktor ckp dia mgkn ssah nk pregnt. Tp 2 thn lps tu dia blh pla pregnt n skrg dpt 2 anak. So, tht means x yg msthil klu Allah nk bgi rzki. even ada kwn yg dh buang 1 rhim pn blh dpt anak jg… Yani cba je bt yg tbaik asal kta rsa puas dgn usaha kta & x rsa trkilan klu msh x de rzki. Mcm sya ni dh pringkt brserah kpdNya krn mcm2 dh sya bt tp msh x de bby wp we both normal.

  • linahamdi sentul, kl says:

    salam n hai, selamat berkenalan kita.. so nice ur blog. enjoy bila saya membacanya. so juz nak kongsi info ngan little mama. saya dah setahun kawin tapi masih belum dapa anak lagi. berat badan saya 130 kg dan tinggi saya 152cm. so how n macam mana saya nak dapatkan zuriat dengan cepat? saya dah amik asid folik tp x berjaya juga. period saya memang terganggu sejak anak dara lagi. little mama leh add blog saya lovelinahamdi.blogspot.com. tq little mama, assalammualaikum.

    • lina, faktor berat badan pun boleh juga jadi salah satu sebab sukar mengandung.. sebab hormon terganggu so period pun tak tetap..

      dah jumoa doktor belum? biasa kalau jumpa doktor dia akan suggest turunkan berat badan dulu..

      asik folik ni cuma persediaan dalaman untuk mengandung.. tapi kalau badan you tak ready tak akan jadi.

      please check dulu ye.. tengok doktor cakap apa.. rasanya maybe you ada PCOS + horman tak stabil.. nanti doktor akan bagi ubat sepatutnya

      alternative way, you boleh cuba makan Herba Maharani for a few months.. insyaallah.. this herba boleh stabilkan balik hormon dan regularkan period.. kandungan utama ialah ayam selasih (digunakan dalam perubatan cina dan melayu bagi mengubati masalah wanita).

      i ada cerita pasal herba ni kat blog ni.. u boleh tengok entri tu ada listed kat sidebar tepi..

      kalau nak beli, boleh order kat sini


  • jenny says:

    Little mama,

    i know its been sometimes since i updated this blog on my update.

    From the last update which was OCT 2011 – i had my first appointment at LPPKN on 15 Oct.
    Husband have SA test taken, and myself was on Duphaston. First day period was on 27th October – did my first blood test on 29.10.2010 (day3). Then on the 4th November Tawakal for HSG Xray. Next was my day 21 blood test.

    But unfortunately after 11 days from the HSG x-ray i got my period again. So staff said come back for blood test again which i did on 16.11.2010, took the 2nd blood check. Then I went again for the Day 21 – blood test on 06.12.2010. Staff advice for my next appointment with Doctor – I must come back on my 1st day of my next period.

    Since my period irregular she said wait till early of January , kalo still no period then i must go back to take Duphaston to induce my period. Since middle December I have this period cramps, body started to heat up, has pimples pop up, leg muscles started to ache, and breast was so hard and painful. I ingat kan symptom nak ber period….but tak keluar keluar.

    i also waited till 03.01.2010. Tak de period.Bila I call LPPKN minta appointment, staff advice cannot see doctor without having period. So she advice to go nearest clinic to do urine test and then take duphaston to induce my period. On 4th January – I went to clinic, explain the situation to the doctor who agreed to give Duphaston ( ubat terkawal maklumla kena banyak soal )….

    but bila I masuk bilik doc after give my urine sampel, doctor said the magic word which I wanted to hear for the past 2 years : ‘’Jenny you are pregnant. Your urine test came out positive for pregnancy’’. I was totally blank as it took me few minutes to digest the news that I was pregnant. This is the most memorable day of my life and I am so blessed.

    The only things i did differently this last 3 months compared to the last 1 ½ of trying for a baby is as below:

    1) I prayed and Trusted God that I will become a Mother.
    2) Exercise – I bought a tread mill and walked 25-30min alternate days.
    3) Eat healthy food – I have lotsa green vege ( Subway has it all).
    4) Stopped Nescafe, Tea, Milo – I have lotsa soya bean, air masak
    5) When making love – I completely stopped thinking about having a baby.
    6) I made sure we made love every 3 day ( last time we make love only during ovulation time sahaja) 😛

    Im now on my 8week and will be going for the ultrasound somewhere next week. I was told that I have to be really taking care of myself as the first 3 months are very crucial month.

    I wish and pray for all women’s out there, tak kisah la whether you orang melayu ke, india ke, cina ke apa apa la…We all are women and we understand how we feel about being a mother. I will continue praying for everyone for you to meet your Joy very soon. Be courage and patient…

    With Love & Care

    • dear jenny, it’s a miracle!!

      i feel like giving you a big hug right now!!! HUG HUG HUG!!

      oh.. and congrats dear!!

      take a really good care of yourself and the little one.

      i think maybe the HSG cleared the path inside *you know how they inject that blue stuff inside throughout the tube and all*..

      so.. be happy and enjoy your pregnancy!

    • MoMmY_MatE says:

      whao, congrats! thats must the happiest news in your life. i hope all of us still TTC will go through the same kind of joy!

      i havent had the chance to do HSG yet.. still seeing own gynae.. probably soon when im going to lppkn..

    • wanna be mama says:

      congrats dear!!

  • amieza says:

    saya dah 5 thn kawin namun masih lum dpt zuriat,saya ade jalani rawatan kat hosp namun tiada apa2 jg.saya jg ade wat rawatan kanmpung seperti berurut serta minum akar kayu namun tiada hasilnya jg.apa yg harus saya lakukan lagi

  • wans80 says:


    i’m 30 years old working woman. already married about 4 years…. never pregnant yet…..hu…hu…. i already try iui at LPPKN for 3 times but fail…..belum rezeki… this year i think i want to try IVF…. i wish i will be a mother this year…. amin…..

  • Mai1972 says:

    Dear All…

    Just want some info. I already have 2 kids naturally concieve with my first husband. On July 2009 I married with a single guy 5 yrs younger than me. Since then I’ve tried clomid cycle,all kinds of product,massage…etc. My period is regular. Ive got no prob to concieve before. Maybe at 39 yrs old of age now…my fertility rate has drop down… Am I eligible to seek help from LPPKN as the private hosp cost so much and I can’t afford..Pls..I really want baby . Tq for all the reply 😐

    • mai, i suggest both you and husband see a doctor for checkup..

      the problem could come from the husband (not you) so it is wise to check and found out the real problem so proper action can be done.

      anyone having problem to conceive (not matter if already have kids before) can go to LPPKN..

  • lina says:

    saya kini berusia 40thn. telah mempunyai seorang anak berusia 14 tahun. untuk mendapatkan anak yang kedua amat sukar. saya telah melalui proses iui 2 kali tetapi tidak berjaya lagi. Pada 12 Januari 2011 saya telah menjalani proses iui kali ketiga. Berharap kali ini berjaya. hari ini adalah hari yang ke-12 selepas menjalani iui. saya mengalami simptom payudara rasa tak selesa. bilakah kita boleh menggunakan pregnant test selepas proses iui? seawal bilakah kita boleh ketahui kita hamil-melalui proses iui ini?TQVM

    • nuarindah says:

      lina, i pun pernah dpt false alarm camtu.. after several days IUI. At the beginning memang rasa cramp in abdominal area, then breasts pun membengkak. oleh sebab i tak sabar, i pun beli pregnancy test, test pun @ ofis. Hasilnya -ve, buatkan hati lagi sedih.. period pun dah delay masa tu
      Tapi, mungkin juga u punya bukan false alarm..(with hope it is)
      This is my 2nd attempt on IUI.
      Pregnancy kit tu pun ada yg sensitive n ada yg tak. it depends kepada kit.

      dont loose hope.. T_______T

  • fuzzy-ra says:

    ada yg pernah cuba TMC (tropicana medical centre)? atau it’s branch in puchong (Puchong Fertility Clinic) i was thinking of giving it a try after 3 years. i can’t afford to wait long list in LPPKN.

    anyway, it feels great to have such support group as right i m in “pain” seeing my close friends are getting pregnant one after another. My turn? maybe i have to wait a little longer. sigh

    • fuzzy-ra, LPPKN now under renovation..i think by the time renovation completed memang berderet orang nak buat apoinment..

      i know deeply and feel your pain.. i was in your shoes for 3 years before finally conceived through IUI in 2008..

      it is hard when people around us including those close to us don’t understand..

      be strong and keep on trying.. seek the appropriate treatment and check up.. all the best to you and everyone ttc

  • SOH BEE DIN says:

    littlemama, i call LPPKN(KL) few months( Dec 2010- Feb 2011), but them always say renovation. When i can book appointmant.I already check everything is normal , I have been through IUI few months ago and not successful. so i have to try IUI again ? Or i can try IVF ?

    • bee din, yes.. LPPKN is now under renovation and i’m not sure when it will be completed.. guess you need to call to check again

      if you have the budget you can proceed with IVF.. do discuss with your doctor

  • rose says:

    salam… little mama

    sya sdh berkhwin hmpir stahun dlm bln may. period sya x teratur.
    spanjang sya berkahwin, hya dtg 2 kali shaja. bln sept & dec.
    sya nk pg chek doc. apakah saranan utk sya kembali period normal.

    • rose,

      period tak regular ni biasanya disebabkan PCOS.. i suggest u pergi check dengan doktor to confirm..

      biasanya kalau ada PCOS doctor akan bagi a kind of medicine untuk make your period regular again (not sure apa nama ubat)..

      alternative way, you boleh cuba makan Herba Maharani for a few months.. insyaallah.. this herba boleh stabilkan balik hormon dan regularkan period.. kandungan utama ialah ayam selasih (digunakan dalam perubatan cina dan melayu bagi mengubati masalah wanita).

      i ada cerita pasal herba ni kat blog ni.. u boleh tengok entri tu ada listed kat sidebar tepi..

      kalau nak beli, boleh order kat sini


  • fuzzy-ra says:

    yalah. mmg kena sabar. bulan depan saya akan mula treatment di one of the TMC branch. saya akan kongsi di sini pengalaman nya 🙂

    keep trying and chin up!

  • rabaahrazak says:

    Salam semua,

    I was looking through the internet on IVF today and bumped into this blog/forum. Just to share with all of you, I did a Laparoscopy on 14th Feb 2011 and was discharged yesterday, I’m at home resting now.

    I’m 40 years old, I have 2 sons, 11 ( previous marriage) and 4( current marriage), and we have been trying to have another baby in the last 1 and a half years.
    I had C-Sect on both pregnancies.

    Done HSG 2 months ago, and there was blockage on both tubes, but the doctor said can do Laparoscopy maybe can help to unblock with the dye.

    They found a cyst on my right ovary and had it removed, but they cant do nothing much with the blocked tubes. Doc’s advise is to do IVF, my next appointment in 3 weeks time to discuss the possibility of the procedure.

    I was devastated to the fact that I cannot conceive the natural way anymore, but I believe in Allah’s Will, and I pray that He will give me the strength to go through this test.

    My husband is adamant about having more children and he agrees for me to do IVF, even if it is costly ( we opt for government hospital). Dia kata, duit boleh di cari.. InsyaAllah.. Allah swt itu maha Pencipta dan Maha Pemberi…

    Anyway, its now for us to decide to do it at LPPKN, or HUKM or UH ( UH still need to use HUKM lab, as UH doesnt have full fledge facilities for this procedure )

    I have friends who were positive about IVF; one lady said her sister inlaw did IVF for the first time at 40 yrs old and was successful; others did IVF and have twins and all of them were successful the first time around.

    Yes, there is no doubt that the doctor will say that for women who is 40 yrs above the success rate is between 15-25 percent.
    I also hear from some people that their friends or relatives was not able to conceive through IVF…

    However, I think the best thing for all of us who is trying to conceive is to have a positive mind in going through the process. Each and everyone of us have different experiences and its good that we can share.

    For our Muslim friends, banyak berdoa dan berzikir kepada Allah swt, mohon petunjuk dan pertolongan dari Nya. Segala yang berlaku adalah ketentuanNya dan Dia lah yang Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk kita. Kita tak oleh putus asa dan putus harapan, terus mencuba , berserah dan tawakal kepadaNYa. Insyaallah..

    I wish all of you the very best in having your wishes and dreams come true!


  • Aiza says:

    Hi Little Mama,

    Just wondering when you decided to seek infertility treatment at LPPKN, was there any consent form to the treatment that you and your husband needed to fill in? Thanks for your response.

    • aiza, when we register there was a form to fill and sign.. i can’t really remember the content of the form.. but from there only then we can proceed.

      • Aiza says:

        Dear Little Mama,

        Many thanks for this and I really appreciate your response. Thanks again and take care.

  • sugi says:

    hi…glad to have found this blog..i called lppkn 2 days ago to register for the first time…but sadly, its still under renovation..been trying to go since dec 2010…but nurse there told me, march shud be ready!!..im keeping my fingers crossed and till then..to all the ladies waiting..be patient and be positive..and keep on fighting this battle..victory will eventually be ours!!!

  • papaYA says:


    I’ve set my appointment next Monday at LPPKN..
    Mixed feelings; anxious and nervous

  • nana says:

    salam little mama,
    sya pernah pergi check up kt hospital doktor ckp sya dan suami normal tak de masalah cuma tube fallopion sya sebelah kiri tersumbat dan doktor ckp sya masih blh hamil secara normal… sya dh buat semua test dan last sekali doktor cadangkan sya utk buat iui tp masa tu sya dan suami masih ragu2… jadi sya nak tahu brp anggaran kos utk buat iui,dan boleh ke sya terus minta doktor utk terus buat iui tanpa buat ujian kesuburan sekali lg?

    • Nisa says:

      Salam Nana,
      Sya nk kngsi pglaman bt IUI thn lalu d hsptl swasta. Kosnya x la mhal sgt +- rm 700 tmsuk ubt2 yg prlu d mkn suami & istri. Sblm bt tu dia check jg sama ada kta subur n ada telur yg dhasilkan nnti. Ini suma perlu spy sprma suami dpt bcntum dgn telur td. Awl thn ni bt IVF… kosnya +- 6 k.Utk pgthn, sya n suami d sahkan normal. Tp kta hy mampu brusaha yg mnentuknnya Allah.

      • kem says:

        salam nana,
        saya nak tanya berkenaan IVF tu kos +-6k tu di mana ye?

        • Nisa says:

          Salam kem..
          Saya bt IVF di Sabah (Hsptl krjaan). Kos tak sampai 7 ribu ( 6 ribu lbih je). kira murah jg. Sblm tu pernah plan nk bt di KL tp kos RM+-17 rbu.

          • lana says:

            saya pun buat follow up di hospital kerajaan Sabah, tapi procedure mo sampai IUI pun ambil masa 1tahun, berapa lama nisa follow up and IUI utk sampai IVF ni?sy ingin mendapatkan nasihat dr nisa, mcmana nak berhubung dngan nisa?

  • noor says:

    salam….sy tengah search tentang isu ni..terjumpe blog ni…rupanya ramai yg senasib…
    sy dh 2 thn setengah kahwin..blom ade anak lagi…
    sy mula buat treatment di hospital swasta mulai jan 2011…
    kalo saya ingin buat rawatan di LPPKN, sy boleh sambung trus treatment atau kena mula dr awal?
    di hosptal swsta, sy dh try clonid 2x,dh buat blood test, dan suami dh buat sperm test…blood test ok…cuma sperm suami agak kurang dr segi keaktifan…dr just kasi ubat herb untuk meningkatkan lagi kualiti sperm suami…
    skarang sy disarankan untuk buat HSG …
    Boleh x sy nak sambung rawatan d LPPKN ataupon kena start dr awal pula kalo nak truskan d LPPKN?
    boleh tak bagi no contact LPPKN d Shah Alam?
    trima kasih…

    • kem says:

      salam noor,

      kalau di lppkn kena start dari mula. saya pon dah buat IUI 2x di private. kemudian rasa mcm nak tukar doc lain then saya buat apoinment dgn LPPKN KL. di sana mmg kita kena mula dari awal sbb mereka treat every patient as new patient.

      saya pernah juga cuba buat apoinment dgn lppkn shah alam tp dimaklumkan mereka hanya terima kes yang peringkat awal saja cth mcm kalau nak dapatkan ubat kesuburan. kalau mcm saya dah pegi jauh i.e IUI 2x mereka suruh saya terus pergi ke lppkn kl saja.

      lagipun kalau di s.alam doc bukan hari2 datang. seminggu mcm 2-3x sahaja. so lama kalau nak tunggu. saya rasa better buat di kl coz doc pon perempuan n layanan lagi baik dari private. saya mmg puas hati di lppkn kl ni cuma 1 je tak larat nak ulang alik kl-s.alam utk procedure yg mmg kerap kena dtg. tp nak buat mcm mana, kena la usaha.

      harap jawapan ni dapat membantu noor. gud luk

  • syahnaz says:

    salam semua..
    dah lama saya tak comment di sini..just nak share tentang recent news about govt mengusulkan akaun 2 epf untuk rawatan kesuburan..kalau ada sesiapa boleh bagi info lebih tentang ni..silalah kongsi ye…berharap sangat usul ni diluluskan
    Semoga kita semua terus tabah berusaha dan berdoa..dan Allah permudahkan..

  • Axeman says:

    Dimanakah hendak mendaptkan rawatan ini di Labuan atau di Sarawak?

  • Thila says:

    Hai… I dah 5 tahun berkahwin ttp blm ada anak lagi. i cuba banyak treatment kat swasta, makan ubat tradisional tetapi tak success. I spend beratus-ratus kat ke klinik swasta.I begtu kcwa& sedih apabilaasyik ditanya oleh saudara-mara dan rakan-rakan.
    Setelah skian lama, i berjumpa dgn collegemate saya. Dia juga mengalami masalah kesuburan dan tiada cahaya mata selama hampir 5 tahun. Dia telah membuat iui 2x di lppkn. kali kedua tu dia dpt hamil. Kini dia mempunyai 2 cahaya mata kembar 1 lelaki 1 perempuan. Dialah yang mencadangkan saya untuk mengambil rawatan di lppkn.
    i daftar kat lppkn ipoh pd 18/5/2011. i dah buat 1st blood test dan hsg. 1/6/11 nak buat 2nd blood test dan suami i pun nak buat sperm test . Harap semuanya berjaya… 😛

  • liza says:

    hai,rupanya ramai yang senasib dengan saya. saya hampir 5 tahun kahwin masih blum dikurniakan zuriat. baru-baru ni, 4 jun saya baru lepas menjalani iui ke2 di lppkn kl. jika ada rezeki saya berharap iui kali ini dapat hasil yang positif.. saya bharap rakan2 yang lain terus berikhtiar dan jgn putus asa.

  • applebug says:

    Salam Semua

    Saya antara yg dah buat rawatan IUI di LPPKN..Masa buat u/s belah kira ada 3 biji telur, 2 yg sedang besar elok, on the right ada 1, tp doc.mcm x sure yg tu tlr or cyst cost ada bintik2..so doc. suruh sambung utk amik suntikan Gonal utk bagi telur matang..secondly checked, ada 2 je telur :(..yg on my right tu confirm cyst around 2 cm..so kalo 2 biji telur je x leh wat IUI, kena SI je.Masuk ni hari ke 14, start dr smlm asyik sakit perut je..rasa cramp, breast rasa cam bengkak..bila byk berjln or move..mesti akan sakit..hari ni berehat di rumah je..x da lak sakit, cuma kalo byk berjln mesti akan sakit.Ada kawan2 kat sini rasa sakit mcm ni after IUI or SI?

  • KC says:

    Dear Mama,
    First at all, i will would to wish thanks to u for creating such a good blog. After i had read all the story in ur blog, i decided to do a treatment at LPPKN after married for almost 4 yrs. So could u pls recommend to me a dr at LPPKN ?

  • raffana ruhaiya says:

    Dear LPPKN
    I’m foreigner married women from Pakistan, my husband is studying here. we got married 3 years before but don’t have any baby, i heard about LPPKN with my friend for fertility process, so in her instruction i went to LPPKN on 13th july 2011. LPPKN members were very nice & cooperative with me. I m so much satisfied with their services n hospitality. They took an hour for consultation.They ask my husband to bring sperm for analysis. Report was normal. And us to come again on my 2nd day of miens. but i am little disappointed with the bills which they charged me out. for consultation they charge me RM80 , for sperm analysis RM 50 & sperm scan for RM50. Total we paid RM 180. why its too high & just double for we foreigners? can u please help me to know how much will be the cost for total fertility treatment for we foreigners ? Because i m full satisfy by the team members of LPPKN n wants to do my treatment in LPPKN?

  • Mommy says:

    Dear Mama,

    I am married for 3 years now. Age of 29 & next year will be 30. trying for baby since day 1. Did HSG on the 1st year, no blocks but still no child. Took clomid after 1 year 50mg 5-9 days, pregnant that month & miscarried. After 2 month saw a fertility dr & was put on clomid 100mg 2-6 days. Doctor told not to take day 5 change to day 2. Tried sendiri & still tak jadi. Increase to 150mg 2-6days followed by 1st iui, failed jugak..Now took clomid 200mg 2-6days & second IUI done last week. No symptom. Dr put me on duphaston after the IUI. Praying hard this month. All the best to the ladies here. Will share my experience end of the month kalu sukses…

  • norhazrah says:

    saya da 3 thun khwin tp xad zuriat lg..kdg2 segan nk lik kmpug belh suami 🙁

  • iezah says:

    hii.. saya dah lebih 4 tahun berkahwin , tapi masih belm ada rezeki lagi..

  • Nana says:

    Mama, please help me..do you have any doa or zikir untuk diamalkan for stregthen my sprit…….almost 3 years married..never pregy..now,treatment at hkl..

  • Rina says:

    Im jz married i wanted to know what is procedure to get get baby
    pls advise me…thank you ❗ ❓

  • Helen says:

    Hi littlemama,

    I’m married for 1 year and yet to conceive….. I’m stress out and sad…. I have tried many natural ways to try to conceive…. I even tried traditional massage, chinese medicine and other fertility product… then I thought of getting a fertility check-up in hospital… The problem is my husband disagree and I’m very frustrated ….. he doesn’t wanna go for the check-up. What should i do?

    I am very depress……….

    help me

  • aishah says:

    Salam kak little mama..wow saya baru terbaca blog awak….saya sebenarnya carik idea untuk wat persembahan construction site utk anak2 murid saya..tibe2 terjumpa entry ttg anak akk g kidzania….then suddenly terbaca lak ttg tips akk bg mereka yg susah mengandung..

    saya kawen 26feb 2012 and sampai skg 17 oct 2012 tak mengandung lagi…saya sebenarnya tak sure keadaan saya mcam mana…bulan 12 2011 and bulan 1 2012 saya period pada 17hb ke 18hb mcm tu la lebih kurang..kire belas2..suddenly bulan 2 saya period 8hb..tp after kawin 26hb 2…

    bulan 3 8hb saya tak period…so tak sure ngandung ke tak..sy just tgu kalau ada tanda2 mabuk ngandung dtg…tp tgu punyer tgu dan tungu tibe2 period 8hb 4 dan agak lame dkat 14 hr….tp keluar sikit2.. then sy period mcm biasa 8hb setiap bulan cume ada lari2 date la..kejap 5hb kejap 8hb kejap 9hb kejap 10hb..tp dekat2 situ juga hingga last minggu lps 9hb 10…..

    saya tak tahu ape masalah…..nak jumpe dr tak tau mana nak rujuk..tp ni dah baca blog ni tau dah sikit….cume ada org suggest ngurut..tak tahu nak wat ke tak..ada juga org suggest amek pil asid folik…tak sure nak buat yg mana…ada sebarang cadangan tak akk?

    yg benar aishah…

    • Ros Ibrahim says:

      @aishah, period before kahwin regular tak? kalau lepas kahwin period ting tong sikit biasa je tu..

      cuba makan evening primrose oil (epo).. insyaallah boleh regularkan period..

      kalau plan nak mengandung, asid folik kena makan bermula dari sekarang..

      boleh juga baca blog i yg khas untuk ttc dan kehamilan..


      • aishah says:

        @Ros Ibrahim, salam saya pon tak sure nak ckp mcmana regular ke tak..setiap bulan still period…tapi cume date nya tak tetap..katelah bulan 1 period dlm 1hb bulan ke 2 and ke 3 akan period pada 1@2hb gak cume die akan berganjak ke pertengahan bulan lak tibe2 setelah 3-4 bulan maintain date yg sama..then tibe2 date jadi hujung bulan…mcm tahun lpas before kawen bulan 5-bulan 8 saya period dlm belas2 haribulan camtu..then time puasa bulan 8 tahun lepas period saya tibe2 berganjak ke 20hb ke atas cmtu..then bulan seterusnya iaitu bulan 9- bulan 1 tahun ni maintain dlm 20hb ke atas cmtu..n bulan 2 hari tu je stat jadi 8hb-10hb camtu…saya tak tau nak kate regular tu camana..kalau ekot setiap bulan period mmg setiap bulan period…..cume kitaranya tak tetap..kdg2 28hari..kadang 29hari kadang2 30 hari kadang 31 hari kadang2 32 hari..mcm tu la…tu kire period normal ke tak ya….saya confius..ktner nak dapatkan (EPO) tu ek?nak beli katner ek?n asid folik tu leh beli katner?

  • aishah says:

    salam saya pon tak sure nak ckp mcmana regular ke tak..setiap bulan still period…tapi cume date nya tak tetap..katelah bulan 1 period dlm 1hb bulan ke 2 and ke 3 akan period pada 1@2hb gak cume die akan berganjak ke pertengahan bulan lak tibe2 setelah 3-4 bulan maintain date yg sama..then tibe2 date jadi hujung bulan…mcm tahun lpas before kawen bulan 5-bulan 8 saya period dlm belas2 haribulan camtu..then time puasa bulan 8 tahun lepas period saya tibe2 berganjak ke 20hb ke atas cmtu..then bulan seterusnya iaitu bulan 9- bulan 1 tahun ni maintain dlm 20hb ke atas cmtu..n bulan 2 hari tu je stat jadi 8hb-10hb camtu…saya tak tau nak kate regular tu camana..kalau ekot setiap bulan period mmg setiap bulan period…..cume kitaranya tak tetap..kdg2 28hari..kadang 29hari kadang2 30 hari kadang 31 hari kadang2 32 hari..mcm tu la…tu kire period normal ke tak ya….saya confius..ktner nak dapatkan (EPO) tu ek?nak beli katner ek?n asid folik tu leh beli katner?

  • Diana says:

    Lil Mama, thank you so much for sharing your experience. Mmg betul I came across your page while searching on IUI. Just to let you know that Im currently undergoing the fertility treatment at LPPKN. I had completed all the test and tomorrow is my 1st appointment with the Doctor. The wait is stressing me in a way. But hope to get good option feedback from the Doc. I have been very down and disappointed but THANK YOU for giving so much hope and encouragement. Hope to come back with some good news in a couple of months time

  • charmaine evelyn danker says:

    hi ther,im charmaine,btw i have 2 girls aready so i wana try to complete my family with a baby boy.. here i have been trying for a baby boy since year 2011 till 2012,i have used the shelter method n following the recommended diet in conjunction with the choice method…but nothing came true after all this..so i gave up…is the any recommendation that i can try IVF FOR THIS..can someone please help,Can someone introduce me to LPPKN JOHOR BAHRU for this…

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