Gaining Back Birth Weight

My hubby is on leave because we have an appointment with baby Izzah’s paed, Dr Ling at Selangor Medical Center.

We arrived at SMC around 9.15 am. While waiting for our turn, I went to the Breasfeeding Room and feed baby Izzah.

Before seeing Dr Ling, his nurse took my baby and weigh her. Her weight has increased from 1.98 kg to 2.25 kg. That was a 14% increase in 5 days! Go girl!!

I was so happy that I exclusively breastfeed her (and refused to give her the infant formula Enfalac A+) since she was discharged from the hospital.

I’ll consider giving her the special formula if or when:

  1. My milk is not enough
  2. We buy a proper steriliser equipment (Avent Electric Steam Steriliser)
  3. We can’t find a breastfeeding friendly baby sitter who can accept EBM for my baby
  4. I can’t express enough milk during office hours for storage

According to Dr Ling, baby Izzah is doing very well. But, he still a bit concern about her being below her birth weight of 2.47 kg.

So, he prescribed these supplements for my baby:

  1. Folid Acid Syrup
  2. Enersos MCT (medium chain triglycerides) Oil
  3. Appeton Multivitamin Plus Infant Drops

I hope with me exclusively breastfeeding her and the additional vitamins intake will help to boost her growth soon.

That afternoon, I have a look at my kitchen and was so shocked to see the kitchen in a great mess. The floor was so dirty and dusty.

Utensils and bits of sugar/salt/milo crust/dried vegie were scattered everywhere. And, there are unremovable oil stain on my White House Ceramic kitchen top’s tiles!

Uh! What an eyesore.

I quickly cleaned up all the mess before my hubby was back. He would have scold me if he sees me doing the kitchen cleaning as I’m still under confinement.

But hey, I couldn’t stand the mess.

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