Updates: Third Trimester

Wow! I’m already in the third trimester of pregnancy. I’m in my 32nd week already!!

So far, everything is progressing well. Not much pregnancy complications except for the low hemoglobin count and the low-lying placenta.

Here’s my update!

  1. My hemoglobin count has increased from 9.3 to 10.5!!! Yes! It almost reach the minimum level of 11. In addition to the prescribed ferromed pills, I also eat lots and lots of steamed cockles (kerang) and crab soup. I’m almost no longer anemic, yeay!
  2. How about the low-lying placenta? Erh.. bad news – it has become Placenta Previa Major. Notice the word “major”? It means, the placenta is completely covering the cervic opening. And, which means, I can’t birth my baby through the birth path. And, 95% chances of me having a Cesarean surgery to deliver my baby. Sigh *****

I still have more or less 1 and a half months to go. Hopefully, the placenta will move up, away from the cervic.

I’m praying for a miracle – because I want to give birth to my baby naturally, drugs-free.

You see, I want apply what I learned during my Hypnobirthing course so that my baby can have the best during his/her birth. I want him/her to be a happy baby!

But, with surgery:

  • My baby will be forced to come out when he/she is not yet ready! My baby will not be happy!!
  • Me (and indirectly the baby) will be drugged prior to the surgery (epidural or general anaesthetic. Ouch! Epidural is painful – they inject the pain-killer into the spine!)
  • They will cut open my belly layer by layer!
  • The surgery might cause severe pelvic adhesion to my uterus (part of the healing process). Thus, it makes it harder for me to conceive my next baby.
  • If I do conceive in the future, most probably they’ll do Cesarean on my future babies too.
  • The pain from the surgery can makes it impossible (if not harder) for me to breastfeed my baby right after birth.
  • It will take me longer to recover from the Cesarean birthing compared to the natural birth.
  • I can’t use the traditional methods of recovery from birthing such as whole body massage from traditional midwife (including a massage to get the uterus back into pre-pregnancy position), hot stone massage, herbs binding etc. Huh!
  • I will be most likely be 100% dependant on my old mother and my hubby during the first 3 weeks of confinement.
  • Lots of other unforeseen negative effects.
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