Mengandung | Bola Kelahiran ~ The Birth Ball

I’m really talking about a birth ball.

You see, I got to know what is a birth ball during my HypnoBirthing classes with Wai Han, a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator.

Well, a birth ball is actually just a normal gym ball. But since it is widely used in Europe and America during pregnancy and labor, it is called as birth ball.

Having a birth ball at home from early pregnancy really helps me a lot. I’m using the ball to replace the chair while watching television and reading books. And, it’s a great tool for doing light exercises too.

How I really love to sway back and forth on the birth ball… ha.. ha.. ha.

You see, it helps ease my butt and back pain too!

Here are some the uses during pregnancy.

  1. In the last month of pregnancy pregnant women find it easier than a chair or couch to get up and down from.
  2. It encourages pelvic mobility.
  3. It allows the mother the freedom to rock her pelvis, change her position and shift her weight for comfort.
  4. It encourages baby descent as the mother remains sitting in an upright posture taking advantage of gravity.
  5. Sitting on the ball helps keep the baby well aligned in the pelvis.
  6. The ball encourages pelvic relaxation by conforming to the mother’s body similar to a water mattress as it provides perineal support without undue pressure.
  7. Sitting on the ball encourages rhythmic movement as the mother sways or rocks back and forth while sitting on the ball.
  8. Ball use is also helpful for strengthening lower back for those with chronic back pain.

During labor, a birth ball allows the mother to have the freedom to shift her weight and support her pelvic region for greater comfort during labor.

It also facilitate fetal (baby) descent in cases where labor may not otherwise be progressing.

So, get one now!

Oh… you can get a birth ball at Tesco, Carrefour or Giant. The price is only around RM30 – RM50 each and comes with a small hand-held pump.


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