Flashback: Week 8

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I’m 8 weeks + now and starting to feel nauseous. And, it feels… yikes!

It started with an upset stomach (kind of acidic feeling) and it goes up to my mouth. Then, I feel like some metalic taste which is so not tasty. I really (really) hate this weird taste in my mouth.

It’s yikes… and yikes… and yikes some more!

But, I’ve found my morning sickness remedy!!

It’s not the cracker or the ginger beverage. It’s APPLE – the fruit!Apple

I don’t know how and why but chewing apples really (really) help a lot. The weird metallic taste in my mouth is gone immediately and so does the nausea. And, the headache too.

I tried ginger drink (fresh bits of ginger mix with hot water and some sugar), but it only makes my nausea worsen. The horrid taste got worsen.

But, after I ate two slices of apple (any kind – green or red), I feel better in an instance!

And, I actually feel much (much) better and healthier.

I mean, since the last few days I didn’t have any appetite for any kind of food (due to the horrid taste in my mouth). But, within minutes after eaten the apple, I could actually consumed two packet of Banana cakes!

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