Week 22 Updates!

Yes, I’m still here – in great shape!!

I was so busy with our new house renovation stuff and moving arrangement & packing that I don’t have the time to update this blog. And, we’re moving out from our little apartment to our new house this weekend, yeay!!

So, here are the updates of my pregnancy since week 17.

1) 13th December 2007

Appointment with Klinik Kesihatan @10 am. We reached the clinic too early at 8am and have to wait quite sometimes for our turn. The procedure of Klinik Kesihatan is fixed.

First, take a queue ticket at the first counter and clip your Buku Merah with the small slip. Put in the box according to your appointment time (8am, 9am, 10am, 11am etc).

Then, the nurse will call and give back the Buku Merah. Go to the lab for urine test.

After the urine test, weigh yourself and then wait for your ticket number to be displayed on the screen.

Then see the nurse for interview/advises, fundal length measurement, breast check, baby’s heart beat check and blood test for hemoglobin.

After all these, only then you can see the doctor for ultrasound and final checkup.


My hemoglobin level still low at 8.5. The nurse gave me Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Calcium Lactate and most importantly, Ferromed – to increase my red blood. My placenta is still lying low (seems it is completely blocking the cervic). Baby is growing well and healthy!!

2) 18th December 2007

Appointment with Hospital Sungai Buloh @9 am. Another cycle of urine test and ultrasound. Doctor said to wait until 28th weeks to see whether the placenta has move up. If it is still low, I need to be prepared to have bed rest in hospital for the rest of my pregnancy!!

Huwaaaa! I don’t want!!!!!

3) Appoinment with Klinik Kesihatan is now schedules once in two weeks. Better get the earliest appoinment at 8am LOL!

4) 28th December 2007

Appoinment with Klinik Kesihatan @9 am. Urine test – normal. Blood test showed my hemoglobin dropped a bit from 8.5 to 8.4 despite taking the Ferromed pills that cause me constipation!!

I was quite depressed because I’ve been forcing myself to eat a lot of high-iron food and iron pills that irritate my stomach BUT no improvement at all in my hemoglobin level. What was wrong?

The nurses (yes, nurses not doctor) debated on what to do. Alas, they took my blood again for further blood test to find if there is any abnomalities with my blood. The blood sample is sent to Hospital Tunku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang. Result will be known during next visit.


I believe the Ferromed pills that I took were not absorbed by my body because I consumed it with Calcium Lactate which is a Calcium supplement. Calcium is known to hinder iron absorption!!!

Now, I take Ferromed on empty stomach with Vitamin C in the morning. And, Ferromed with Ribena juice (contains lots of vitamin C)and eat oranges with dinner at night. And, take Calcium Lactate with milk at 3pm every day. Seems that my strategy is working because my stool no longer turns black due to non-absorption of iron. And, I no longer constipate.

I also eat a lot of high-iron food such as red meat, green vegetables, dried fruits, crab soup and kerang.

Hopefully, my hemoglobin level will rise to 12 during the next visit to Klinik Kesihatan!!!!

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