Mengandung | Masalah Sakit Punggung ~ Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)

Beberapa hari lepas saya mendapat sakit PUNGGUNG yang teruk pada sebelah kanan. Terutama jika saya bangun dari duduk, bangun dari katil atau berjalan. Memang sangat-sangat menyakitkan!

Bila sapu tiger balm baru kurang sikit rasa sakit di bahagian punggung *pelvic*. Apa sedang berlaku sebenarnya?

Rupa-rupanya sakit pada punggung sebegini dikenali sebagai Pelvic Girlde Pain yang biasa berlaku semasa mengandung. Lega rasanya. Ingatkan masalah teruk tadi.

Sakit bahagian punggung atau pelvic memang terasa menyucuk. Maklumat yang saya dapat dari internet.

What is the pelvis?

The pelvis consists of two iliac or ‘hip’ bones joined to a wedge shaped bone, called the sacrum, at the back. The two ‘hip’ bones are connected at the front by a stiff joint called the symphysis pubis. The joints between the sacrum and the ‘hip’ bones at the back are called sacro-iliac joints. All of these joints are stablilised by a dense network of ligaments, which means that under normal conditions, very little movement occurs.

What happens to these joints during pregnancy?

In order to make your baby’s passage through your pelvis as easy as possible, your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which softens the ligaments in your pelvis. As a result, these joints move more during and just after pregnancy.

What causes Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)?

It is thought that this softening, along with postural changes, muscle weakness and differences in the movement occurring between the left and right pelvic joints can cause too much stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the pelvis. Normally when you lie down, stand up or walk, your pelvis is in a ‘locked’ or stable position. Women who suffer from PGP are thought to perform these activities with a less stable or ‘unlocked’ pelvis. The result is inflammation or pain.

What are the symptoms of PGP?

The pain is often one sided and may be concentrated in the buttock area. It may appear to jump from side to side or be accompanied by a general back pain or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). It can send shooting pains into your buttocks or down the back of your legs.

What makes the pain worse?

The pain is usually made worse by lying on your back, turning over in bed, walking and standing from a sitting position. It is often worse at night and the degree of night pain you may experience will probably be related to how active you are during the day.

At what stage in the pregnancy does it occur?

PGP can begin as early as 8-12 weeks or as late as the last few days before delivery.

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  • sammy says:

    Sy amy…sy mengalami mslh skit di bhgn punggung…skrg kndungan sy sudh msuk 4 buln 7 hr..skit ini sy rasa sjk dr awal kndungan lg..shingga skrg msih tidak hilang,malah btmbh skit shingga membataskn pergerakn..mse tdur juga tganggu krana sukar bgerak sma ada utk mngiring ke kanan & kiri…bagaimana nk hilangkn rasa skit tu…ataupun cara2 utk mengurangkn rasa skit….terima kasih

  • fae says:

    im hving the same prob too. tp bile jumpe gynae dia ckp ligament strain..n its on 6 mth pregnancy (almost). terase sakit yg amat dr tulang punggung smpi ke buku lali…i had slipped disc surgery in 2010, mgkin itu menambh lg kesakitan yg dialami skrg. kn intak tlg hubby ltk minyak pns or consume tramadol klau x thn sgt2. mula2 rs takut nk sapu, tp gynae ckp its ok. selalu nanges2 esp lps mand walaun mand air suam.mkn mnum sume kna org hidang dpn mata. nk jln,sakit..duduk pun sakit. solat pun kna baring. mmg terase ilang kudrat. moga2 allah permudahkn proses bersalin n pinjamkn semula kudrat kaki kanan,insyaallah.

    tx ros for sharing such info dat benefitted many of us out there,n to amy sama2 kite doa k.t care.

    love 🙂 fae

  • nanak6 says:

    I’m heaving the same problem too especially night time, luckily the ice pack reduce the pain, but when the ice ain’t colder any longer I can feel the pain and it makes me hard to sleep. Day time on and off pain, but night time it has been 4-5days now. Usually I will have similar pain during 1st day of menstruation only.

    My upt test that I did on th 16th June n today still faint line so I’m waiting still for confirmation.

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