Rawatan Kesuburan | Kesan Pengambilan Pil Subur Clomid

Hari kedua setelah mengambil pil subur Clomid – badan saya rasa sangat sakit. Penat. Sakit kepala. Lenguh-lenguh badan. Semua pada masa yang sama.

Simptom yang sama seperti sebelum period!

Hari ke 4 saya menjadi senang marah. Total mood swing akibat makan pil Clomid.

Clomid or Sereophene, both brand names for clomiphene citrate, are commonly prescribed oral medications to enhance your chances of getting pregnant. This fertility medication can be prescribed for certain women who are having difficulty with getting pregnant, usually because of ovulation issues, such as infrequent or poor ovulation.

After a proper medical screening to ensure that you are a candidate your regular OB/GYN, reproductive endocrinologist and sometimes nurse midwife or nurse practitioner can prescribe this medication for you. It is usually taken for five (5) days during your menstrual cycle, starting at the dose of 50 mg. This dosage can be increased, if a need is found.

There are, as with any fertility treatments, side effects associated with the use of Clomid/Serophene:

  • Mood Issues
    Fertility medications and hormones in general are often blamed for the foul mood of any woman of childbearing age. That said, increasing hormones can be a recipe for altered moods or mood swings. Most women find these to be temporary, usually lasting just during the actual days that you take the medication or a day or two later.
  • Headaches
    Headaches are a problem also associated with hormones. You need to consult your doctor if you experience severe headaches or if you have any complications like visual disturbances with your headaches. If you are prone to headaches try to talk to your doctor beforehand about the treatment that is most appropriate.
  • Multiple Pregnancy (Twins, Triplets, etc.)
    The multiple pregnancy rate associated with the use of Clomid and its companions is about 10%. Talk to your practitioner to find out what your personal risks are, because these may not all be related to the medication.
  • Hot Flashes
    Hot flashes are annoying, but also a part of the hormone game. You may experience them at any time during therapy but many women find they strike often at night. Cool showers, fans and sleeping in the nude (also good for getting pregnant) can all help you maintain a sense of calm during this period.
  • Ovarian Enlargement
    Ovarian enlargement or hyperstimulation is possible with this medication. This is why your doctor will follow you and watch you for signs of hyperstimulation. It is fairly uncommon but one of the main reasons that good follow up and screening are needed when using medication to induce or increase ovarian function.
  • Hostile Mucous
    Hostile cervical mucous can prevent pregnancy. Your doctor may screen you or ask that you watch your signs of ovulation via your cervical mucous. Some physicians may prescribe aids for issues with cervical mucous, but you should not self-medicate.

Amaran! Pil subur Clomid TIDAK boleh diambil sebarangan. Ia perlu diberi di bawah pengawasan doktor.


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